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It Happened One Night Shift It had a pretty abrupt ending that wrapped things up too perfectly I thought the bulk of the story was great though Wish an epilogue would have been included Amy Andrews tells a moving story with some of the most best medical details integrated in this story The hero Gareth is an ex military triage nurse who has secluded himself from everyone since the death of his beloved wife This is the first time I have read about a nurse as a hero but believe me it did not make a mountable difference as some people might thinkGareth was a tough hero in his own right and his being a nurse was not an issue I rather liked it in this case Billie is a young doctor who is struggling to do her job when the story starts Her struggle continues for a while as she is clearly not suited in the emergency room I loved how Gareth showed her that she needed to take her life in her own hands and ignore what others wanted her to do Billie too was the right person to make Gareth live again and move forward in lifeOverall It Happened One Night Shift by Amy Andrews is a well written romance with awesome medical detailsRead More It Happened One Night Shift is a medical romance by Amy Andrews It is a delightful easy read Nurse Gareth Stapleton former military medic was headed home after a hard night shift at St Luke’s ER when he saw a taxi going over the lane lines and back He had a premonition that something bad would happen so he slowed down hoping the car would get off the road Instead just as a car came towards them the taxi swerved into the lane of the other car put on the brakes and swerved to avoid the taxi The taxi went across the lane and hit a tree Now however the second car was headed for him; but miraculously swerved back into the other lane in time to avoid an accident Gareth jumped out of his car and ran to the second car to see if the driver was alright She was He then ran to the taxi to see if anything could be done for the driver What a night Dr Willamina Billie Ashworth Keyes was on her way home from a society function with her illustrious family She would start a new rotation on her way to getting her specialization in medicine She was going into ER medicine instead of being s surgeon as her family wanted her to be In actuality she wanted to be a GP She got sick at the sight of congealed blood Now after telling the man who came to her car that she was OK she uickly got out and got her briefcase of emergency medicines out of her trunk and hurried over to help with the taxi driver She managed to keep hold of herself until the emergency personnel arrived and relieved her of her patient Then she promptly vomited in front of this gorgeous man How embarrassing However the chances of seeing this man again were slim right? Wrong when he introduced himself he also told her he was an ER nurse at St Luke’s Yikes that meant she would not only see him but be working with him Chance throws Gareth who not only works at St Luke’s but is a widower with a 20 year old step daughter and Billie daughter of famous surgeons and wanting to be a GP but settling for ER together How will this resolve itself? What will her socially conscious surgeon parents think of her seeing a male nurse? Will she ever tell her parents she wants to be a GP? Billie was on her way home after a disastrous dinner with her family member where she involved in a minor accident Being a doctor she rushed to help a taxi driver and upon seeing the gory image of blood Billie managed to keep hold of herself until the paramedic arrived before she vomited It was an embarrassing situation for her especially when someone is watching the whole situation being unfold She just hope that she will not meet him again But when he introduced himself as Gareth he also informed her that he is a nurse working in the same hospital where Billie will be starting her job as an ER doctor Gareth is amazed with Billie’s reaction to blood Having a prestigious surgeon parent Billie is subjected to the same expectation eventhough she couldn’t stand congealed blood Her dream job is to work as a GP but she knew her parent will be disappointed with her Hence she still holding onto a job that make her sick Conflict becomes complicated when the relationship between Billie and Gareth developed romantically This book is a medical romance with family conflict as its main focus I actually pitied Billie for her “suffering” and thoroughly understand her feeling The inferiority in her have driven her to hide her weakness from all and I’m glad that Gareth have become the driver behind the courage that she finally found I found Gareth’s job as a nurse rather interesting Overall this is a good read for me Who knew that a good night's rest can make Billie all perky and ready to go I'm awake now she murmured her voice husky in the charged atmosphere And I gotta say she paused to give his erection a sueeze you don't feel that tired to me This book was alright it didn't really hit my fancy but at the same time it didn't miss my fancy so I was just content Both Gareth and Billie are in the medical field and have a trauma that they are still trying to get past Gareth is at the point of his life where is sure about what he's happy with and where his life is going to go Meanwhile Billie is still young and being pushed around by her parents and unhappy with her choice in working as in the Emergency Room When an accident causes both to meet and the job to keep them around each other its hard to ignore that spark between themI thought that this short book was enjoyable I loved watching the connection between the characters I loved that I got a dual point of views I also loved how sure Gareth was of himself and helped Billie stand up for herself I thought that the story line was entertaining and really enjoyed this book A uick read If I didn't already know that the author was an ex nurse the way medical parts of the book were written made it extremely evidentOne thing that threw me was that the book is set in Brisbane Australia yet the terms college and university were being used interchangeably when talking about the hero's daughter Amber Every Australian I have known only refers to it as university 45I loved this I love medical romance and I love Amy Andrews so when I saw she had written another medical I reuested that baby in a flash A lovely and sweet romance but with plenty of heat and some ripping sexual tension Oh and thank you for the silver fox Amy Much appreciated This was in a collection that I had purchased for the other 2 stories Never came across this writer before and I have mixed feelings about her This was a well written story with a great opening a brilliant and fascinating hero and insightful medical content but the heroine? I found it very difficult to empathise with her Had the parents been wonderfully supportive nurturing folk who inspired love and admiration I might have understood Billie’s willingness to subsume her own ambitions to please her parents I might have but probably still wouldn’t However the parents were awful and the father in particular had not one redeeming feature His attitude towards Gareth because he was ‘only’ a nurse was just appalling What a status ridden arrogant bully The ending when Billie finally stood up to her parents about her job ambitions and also stood up for Gareth and acknowledged she loved him was a little abrupt and unsatisfying Gareth was older than the usual hero widowed and with an adult step daughter with whom he had a fabulous relationship He came across as exactly the kind of man you’d be proud to be in a relationship with The way he made Billie wait rather than jumping straight into a sexual relationship was so great and so different The sex scenes were pretty steamy and satisfying If I had really loved Billie I would have enjoyed this As it was I carried on reading because of Gareth rather than Billie Also I would have really liked an epilogue This story really cried out for one Ever since brooding ex military medic Gareth Stapleton lost his beloved wife to breast cancer he's kept his distance from everything and everyone Until one night shift Dr Billie Ashworth Keyes waltzes into his life and he finds himself locked in the hottest kiss of his life Is Billie exactly what he needs to make his days – and nights – a lot meaningful

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