The Management of Luxury eBook ✓ The Management

  • Hardcover
  • 488 pages
  • The Management of Luxury
  • Benjamin Berghaus
  • English
  • 10 July 2015

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    This book is just like the luxury brands and products that it features it is desirable valuable and yet it might be out of reach for many This is a colossus of a book considering the meaning of luxury and the type of customer that buys luxury continues through 26 chapter contributions by 51 international expertsFocussing on the key strategic areas of market brand strategy business strategy and luxury responsibility this book delivers a veritable mass of information much of which even as an industry professional you might not have realised that you needed Luxury brand managers are the focus for this book even though a lot of the information would be interesting to the curious generalist The book’s price – which is not unreasonable when you consider what you are getting – sadly means it will not be an impulse buy for an average reader It can be a bit of a hard read due in part to its sheer bulk and its academic nature Perseverance will be a virtue Nothing is left to chance If you are new to the luxury sector this would be a particularly excellent desk resource and initiation to the different world of luxury products Even if you have been working in this sector for a long time you surely cannot fail to get some benefit from this book whether it is additional knowledge new perspectives confirmation of existing viewpoints or pointers to even focussed detailed research sourcesReproducing the key chapter titles should give a great overview as to just how comprehensive this book is and remember there can be many sub chapters too The market and business of luxury an introduction Classifying luxury and prodigality Exploring luxury consumer behaviour Identity based luxury brand management Public luxury representatives Curating the creative genius in luxury firms Arts meet luxury brands Luxury as societal mentor Preserving luxury exclusivity through art Brand charismatic legitimacy and marketing of adoration Digital media in monobrand stores Gravity shift from West to East The Chinese market entry modes Entering the Chinese market Managing brand extensions in the luxury industry Luxury brands enter the online market Competing as a luxury SME Insisting on luxury to survive Managing price fluctuations of raw materials through innovation The counterfeit timer Acting on luxury counterfeiting Luxury brands as employers The impact of luxury brands on employees Heritage of luxury and responsibility Luxury organisations and responsibility a toolbox and finally Luxury organisations and social responsibility a cast studyPhew If this is not enough each chapter has a mass of bibliographic referencesnotes and of course there is a very detailed index at the endA review cannot do it justice If you even remotely have a need for a book of this kind and won’t take the risk of buying blind go to a bookstore put it in your hand and prepare to see a prompt walk to the cash till with your credit card in hand Impossible as it may be it would be great if this book could be distilled into something for the generalist with a price to match allowing even to get a great insight into this diverse fascinating industryThe Management of Luxury A Practitioner's Handbook edited by Benjamin Berghaus Günter Müller Stewens and Sven Reinecke and published by Kogan Page ISBN 9780749471668 488 pages YYYYY

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The Management of Luxury Librarian's Note Alternate Cover Edition of ISBN 0749471662Bringing together uniue contributions from the world's foremost thought leaders in luxury management and marketing The Management of Luxury provides a strategic examination of luxury branding on a global scale