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That Girl From Nowhere ‘Where are you coming from with that accent of yours' he asks‘Nowhere' I reply ‘I'm from nowhere'‘Everyone's from somewhere' he says‘Not me' I reply silentlyClemency Smittson was adopted as a baby and the only connection she has to her birth mother is a cardboard box hand decorated with butterflies Now an adult Clem decides to make a drastic life change and move to Brighton where she was born Clem has no idea that while there she'll meet someone who knows all about her butterfly box and what happened to her birth parentsAs the tangled truths about her adoption and childhood start to unravel a series of shocking events cause Clem to reassess whether the price of having contact with her birth family could be too high to payAn emotional story about love identity and the meaning of family That Girl From Nowehere is the new novel from the bestselling author of The Ice Cream Girls The Woman He Loved Before and My Best Friend's Girl

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    I was so excited to get my hands on new Dorothy Koomson book but gosh it was such a disappointment the whole concept was boring and I am giving up after 40% maybe it gets better later on but I have too many books on my tbr shelf so goodbye

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    I am a huge Dorothy Koomson fan and was so excited about her new book that I set myself a reminder in my diary and purchased it on the day of UK release I had seen that the reviews already written were all positive and I got stuck into reading it straight awayThe book follows Clenency Smittson Smitty an adopted lady in her mid thirty’s as she starts a break up from her husband Seth A chance meeting leads Smitty to meet her birth family whom she has never looked for but the reunion with them is not all smooth Smitty is put in an awful position and forced to make a decision that she doesn’t want to make Other characters in Smitty’s life with her ex husband include her recently widowed adoptive mum who has just moved in with her her jealous cousin Nancy and young daughter Sienna and a possible new relationship in the form of Tyler the coffee shop owner The book follows all the characters and their relationships with Smitty and we see those relationships change as events unfoldI think I must be the only person who didn’t like this book I found it really boring uninteresting and Smitty was an annoyance I struggled to relate to Smitty or any of the characters and the storyline was predictable and dull The style of writing was good and easy to follow but I felt that the email chapters from Smitty’s sister to their elusive Brother were unnecessary and didn’t really have a point The ending is weak and the whole book seemed to pass my by without effecting me in any way emotionally which is nothing like my previous Koomson encountersI am so disappointed and I don’t want to stop reading books by Koomson as she is one of my favourites I just hope that I misunderstood this book and will relate better to the next one

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    I have read uite a few of Dorothy Koomson novels this is my favourite novel by Dorothy so far I found it so hard to stop turning the pages I wanted to know what happened next I dearly loved Clemency mother I felt sorry for Clemency mother when she realized her daughter had accidently found her birth mother For anyone who loves jewellery making or taking photographs you will love reading this novel With high flying colours I really recommend That Girl From Nowhere Dorothy experience writing novels comes from working as a journalist with writing some of her books in the evening She has also worked on the Family Circle magazine in Sydney

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    A box decorated with butterflies is all that Clemency Smittson has to link her to her birth family and she has carted the box designed for a baby to sleep in through all the ups and downs of her life Now it is packed into a van once as Clemency makes the move to Brighton following the breakup of a relationship Unfortunately her new beginning comes with unexpected baggage her Mother is moving into the perfect flat that Clemency has found to run her business making re loved jewelleryA chance meeting sets off a chain of events that causes Clemency to reassess her relationships with her mother her deceased father and her new found birth family You can’t help but feel for someone whose life story isn’t uite what they believed it to be and yet Clemency knew she was adopted after all her parents were white One of my favourite scenes was when Clemency was young her father who took her to a hairdressers to learn to treat her hair properly while her mother tried to ignore the fact that her daughter had a different heritageAs much as I felt for Clemency I have to admit my true sympathy was reserved for Clemency’s mother who bravely faces up to the fact that her daughter’s birth family also have something to offer and I could see why she was genuinely worried about is the price Clemency might have to pay for the privilegeThe setting is brilliant with the uirky shops and seaside café complete with hunky barista This is a Dorothy Koomson book and there are few writers that manage to play on my emotions with such a deft hand One minute I’m furiously turning the pages to see what decisions characters are going to make while wondering how I would react in a similar situation and then BAM I’ve got a lump in my throat as a touching but never mawkish scene arrives leaving me struggling to swallow my cocktailAs is often the case with this author’s books there are a number of issues explored but always with the lightest of touches leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions The intricacy mirrors Clemency’s work to take an old and unworn pieces of jewellery and recreate them into something that the owner will wear The smaller tales that her customers relate at the start of this process add layers to the story and serve to make the overall story seem realistic Clemency is a real woman with values which are challenged in numerous ways by a variety of people and as a result I was totally involved in her story despite on the surface leading a very different life with few of the concealed elements that our protagonist has to contend withOne of the strengths of this book is that it doesn’t pretend not everything is resolved in the way of a happy ever after but after all real life isn’t like that people aren’t like that but it does finish in a way that makes you feel that Clemency in some way gets to belong in a fundamental way something that she’s never felt before

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    I have been a fan of Koomson since reading The Rose Petal Beach; but now after the forth book I have realised I have really had enough of her protagonists They all seem to be angst ridden women who endlessly perseverate about what to do and how to avoid hurting or upseting a significant other Koomson is good at writing plot twists but I feel I want variety from her characters The ending of this book was a bit twee as well

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    It was so hard to get through I was really disappointed because it's nowhere near Dorothy Koomson standard and I didn't fall in love with the characters as I always do I finished it because I'm loyal to a fault sadly I found this book mostly boring only redeemed by the last 30% of it

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    I was first introduced to the marvellous author that is Dorothy Koomson by my sister and fellow blogger Chrissi Reads who reads her work religiously as soon as it comes out I started with My Best Friend's Girl and haven't stopped since then Her story telling is so beautiful and she chooses to focus on a number of issues that I like to read about like the dynamics of different relationships family secrets betrayal and racism That Girl From Nowhere is another corker of a story with a number of subplots going on underneath the main thread and has cemented Dorothy Koomson as one of my must read authorsThe protagonist in this novel is a young woman called Clemency Smittson Smitty to her loved ones Clem knew she was adopted from a young age and was raised by a white family knowing nothing about her birth family except that she was handed over in a box decorated with butterflies Throughout her childhood although it was happy enough she felt that she didn't belong and a number of events lead her to be in uite a sad situation when we meet her Her adopted father whom she had a strong loving relationship with has passed away and she has also ended a long term relationship with Seth and moved back to Brighton where she was born to open up a jewellery store The items that Clem makes for her clients are truly special She re vitalises old and worn pieces of jewellery into something that closely represents where her customer is at the current point of hisher life A chance meeting with a stranger leads her to find one information about her birth family and pushes her into finally making a connection with them However every family has secrets and Clem uncovers certain things which forces her to confront many events in her past and present both in her adoptive family and her birth family which may make her then wish that she had never pulled at that thread in the first placeOnce again I don't want to say too much about the plot It's incredibly convoluted and intricate and simply made for discovering yourself There's a host of fantastic characters to enjoy and I loved the way the author explored the different relationships between parents siblings lovers friends it's all here and all completely delightful I don't think I've read too many books about adoption and it was interesting to read a story where this is one of the issues and we hear from both sides of the coin so as to speak I also loved the casual racism that the author chose to focus on and it certainly made me think about how prevalent it still is sadly in today's modern society If you're new to Dorothy Koomson it's not my favourite of her books I have so much love for The Ice Cream Girls and Rose Petal Beach but it's a solid four stars and a brilliant reading experienceFor my full review and many please visit my blog at

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    Present for Christmas Fantastic read author always manages to grab you from the start and take you on a journey of emotions The insight into being an adopted child the impact on everyone not just the child proved so much research had been done If you want an easy but thoroughly enjoyable read add this one to your to read list Popsugar reading challenge a book by an author of a different ethnicity

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    I usually love this author’s writing but this was probably my least favourite of her booksI think there were too many themes adoption grief betrayal and euthanasia Pick two so it’s not so disjointedAlso I just couldn’t root for the protagonist she was actually annoying and needed a good talking toIf you haven’t read a Dorothy Koomson definitely don’t start with this one

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    I didn't expect this when I read the back of the book for some reason I expected a different story but I can't exactly say what I was expecting But either way the story was good but not as good as I was hoping so this is a 35 but a weak one

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