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The Magic Potions Shop Book 1 in the 6 part Magic Potions Shop series from the creators of the bestselling Fairytale Hairdresser series Abie Longstaff Lauren BeardIn the Kingdom of Arthwen there was a very unusual shopIt wasn't on the high street; it was deep in the forestIt wasn't in a building; it was inside a treeIt didn't sell food or clothes or toys this shop sold potionsTibben wants to be the Potions Master one day just like Grandpa but for now he is an apprentice and there is a lot to learnTibben's adventure continues in book 2 The River Horse This series is perfect for building reading confidence whether reading aloud or reading alone I read this to my daughter and we both loved it She loves the Fairytale Hairdresser books so this was an instant purchase on the strength of those It's a chapter book still wonderfully illustrated but the story is complex and rewarding as a result Here's to adventures with Tibben Absolutely enchanting This is another awesome book from an ace writer illustrator team It's their first chapter book which made it intriguing Although sadly this means the illustrations aren't colourful like The Fairytale Hairdresser series they are still highly detailed clever and funny check out the cat shaped potion bottle Despite Tibben being a boy I much prefer female protagonists I got rather fond of him especially as he struggled to make a potion correctly There are plenty of surprises for the reader my favourite being the nature of the beats who Tibben goes off to investigate That had me smiling for the rest of the book as I pondered on my expectation of the beast and what it actually was I'm so glad it will be in future books Tibben's master reminded me a little like Yoda from Star Wars and it made me realise that he must be rather old to have so many crystals on his cloak I cheered Tibben on as he faced all his obstacles I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review on my blog Nayu's Reading Corner

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