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Everyday UX Ever wondered how Lean UX author Jeff Gothelf got started Which tools usability guru Gerry Gaffney uses We interviewed 10 amazing UX designers to ask them these uestions and ; the result is a fascinating glimpse into the diversity of the role of a UX DesignerOne of the most popular uestions asked by people in the UX Mastery community isWhat does a day in the life of a user experience designer look like This book is about what user experience designers do each day but it offers much than just a snapshot of their calendarAs you might expect there is no such thing as a typical day; the organisations people and projects that UXers deal with are as varied and uniue as the design challenges they face and every designer tackles a problem in their own way This variety is part of what makes our jobs so exciting—we all have our own stories to tellHere are ten of those stories from around the globe We hope they help you to make your own story worth telling too

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    Contains the 'stories' from 10 people who work in UX talking about what they do what they use and their tips

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    If you are curious about what UX professionals do everyday and would like to understand the different roles within UX the tools used by them their best practices then this a great introductory book – I also believe that this is a good book for students and professionals considering UX as a career option and even for experienced UX professionals who would like to hear from fellow UX professionals about their work lives and challengesThe book is structured as a series of A sessions with 10 UX professionals performing various roles Usability expert Form designer Web Designer User experience designer Interaction designer Researcher UX business owners etc Many of them are from AustraliaPeople get into UX from different backgrounds – Cognitive Psychology Business Analysis Technology Design – the list is growing Each story in this book about how these folks found their way into UX is fascinatingThe day to day challenges inspirations recommended best practices managing work life balance have been captured in an engaging mannerReading this book will not make you an UX expert but will answer a lot of your uestions about the field of UX and may even inspire you to learn further and consider UX as a credible career option almost all of them seem to enjoy their workThe coolest thing for me about this book was the personal recommendations from these leading UX professionals The books they read the tools they use and the websites and twitter handles they follow

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    Nothing special really Just some casual talks interviews indeed with some UXers about what they do Lots of them use paper and pencil which are my favs too

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    Easy and uick read Grab it if you wanna know about what other people in UX field uses and faces in their everyday jobs For me it was just a book to get some inspiration and maybe to read about the problems I deal with and how others deal with it Nothing really special so if you are short in time skip this book

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    Super helpful especially for a newbie

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