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Between A Rock and A Hard Place Radical Rock Stars #2 Thanks to Wicked Reads for a free book to read and review Definitely having some mmf fun in this book I really enjoyed this after starting off with the Punk Prince book and this book is not a stand alone The relationship parameters in this book defined the boundaries of the insecurities a ménage might have I found it to be highly entertaining and loved the erotic scenes it contained I especially loved Angel in this book and how he closed some of the gaps between himself and Jessi Tommy seemed to become a little defiant in this book and not just a middlemanno pun intended Crazy writing and reading at its bestI loved it Five stars WHOA YupI want an Angel Tommy and Jessie lol I loved the first book like really loved it but this one explored of the relationship and I LOVED IT Even the trials I'm sure any 3some relationship would have The love scenes were plentiful which for this gal was just perfect I honest feeling is that it would be like that in a real relationship so the sex scenes were needed Or maybe I just think that way because if I had them I'd be doing it all the time too LMAO Anyways back to the review we see the tour where Angel and Tommy go on without Jessi And we know there is going to be some rollercoaster of emotions and I really felt them with the characters I found myself being jealous with Jessie did in the first as well It's the girl in me can't help it lol But you could really see the attraction and affection the boys have for each other as they explored themselves while gone I really really loved this bookI love this series I want and so Jenna just has to write and until I tell her stop 3 I'll be pimping this book series to anyone looking for a good 3some story but it's than that it's a great over all story about diversity Love is love even if it comes in threes 3 Well done my friend You've opened my mind Now I need to talk to my hubby about getting an Angel or Tommy ; think he'll go for it????? She’s a rock goddessHe’s a sex pistolI need them both in my life and in my bed and I’m not living without either one of themI’ll do whatever it takes even if it costs me everything I’ve ever wantedI’m Tommy Blade The Prince of Punk Rock and this is the continuation of our storyWhen Jessi Blade is forced to miss the first leg of Immortal Angel’s world tour Tommy Blade and Angel Garcia are alone together for the first time Their romance flourishes and brings them closer together but time apart puts a strain on Tommy and Jessi’s marriage The demanding schedule of a world tour pressure from the record label and a wife who feels neglected leaves Tommy under a blanket of anxiety He’s helpless as his perfect life slowly falls to piecesWhen Jessi finally catches up to Tommy and Angel four weeks into their world tour she begins to feel like an outsider She’s not about to take a back seat to Angel and competes for Tommy’s attention Tired of the rivalry she begins to wonder if they’d be happier without herAngel Garcia is trying to hold their relationship together but Jessi’s animosity and Tommy’s nervous tension is a heavy load to carry Before long it becomes clear that their life and the band are doomed unless they work out their differencesWarning This book is for mature audiences only I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is the second in the series and you really should read book 1 first partly as it will make sense of the story but also because it is an awesome readWhat a fantastic seuel it starts up just as we left the trio with them poised to take the world by storm But things start to go off the rails as Jessi in an attempt to further her own career too has to let the guys go away alone Once again the author gets us right under the skin of these characters and lets us feel the pain the insecurities the pleasure and the passion It is emotional stuff and drags one in desperate to know how on earth such a situation can be resolved It is mesmorising unputdownable and exhausting but SO worth it The mix of little touches and broad brushes make these two books really memorable I will be thinking them over for a long while to come and they have been added to my reread pile near the very top A present to myself on my next long journey or uiet weekend Stunning Go get reading these books far better use of time than reading my reviewps there is promise of a third book; this time concentrating on Damien another band member in Spring 2015 Great news I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsBetween A Rock and A Hard Place is book 2 in the Radical Rock Stars Series I highly recommend reading Prince of Punk first you will enjoy #2 much We pick up right where #1 left you Immortal Angel has gone platinum which euals a world tour Tommy Blade Jessi Blade and Angel Garcia are in a poly relationship and it works Jessi decides to follow her dreams and stay behind for school which means Angel and Tommy will be without her Their was so much emotion in this one I was on roller coaster ride throughout the book I have to say Ms Galicki changed my opinion of Jessi between these two books I was truly rooting for her It was such an enjoyable read Very hot and sexy If you haven't started this series yet you must or you are totally missing out I received a free copy to read review for Wicked ReadsWatch as Immortal Angel gets ready to ROCK Europe and Asia Meanwhile Jessi decides to finish her schooling and start to achieve her dreams yay JessiI loved reading about Angel and Tommy and their developing relationshipunfortunately I find myself siding with Jessi I feel slighted for her I am jealous and nervousI will say I felt like there was a TON of sex scenes but the story didn't suffer due to it it just ignited the passionI liked Jessi Tommy and Angel in the last book this book made me fall in love with each of them for different reasonsTogether they can achieve anything and will beat all the odds I really REALLY enjoyed this story I liked reading about the issues they faced as a threesome and I loved the way they dealt with each and every issue The only complaint I have is I want to hear Immortal Angel's album 35 StarsReview by Lisa KaneI liked the first one in this series enough to keep going I had problems with Angel and his over the top feelings for Tommy and I felt like the two of them pushed Jessi to the side than a few times The same thing happened in this one only Jessi developed her own story line and delved all her passion into her fashion business It was great to see her take back some of her control and not simply be a handle on a frying pan She has always been so supportive of Tommy but put his dreams before hers In this story she takes a good hard look at her life and goes after what she wants I honestly think that makes Tommy realize he has a woman willing to accept his sexuality in a way that few women would and maybe he can appreciate her all the better now??I liked this one a little than the first Jessi finally voices her own displeasure and insecurities with Tommy and Angel It's about time she stood up for herself I began reading this book without reading the first book but though I think it would have been nice to read them in the right order I didn't really feel like I was missing much And I really enjoyed it from the start because it is a very well written story about these 3 people who love each other a great deal and though it is a different kind of relationship you can't help but love them together and understand and feel their struggles and their love Fanning selfreview to follow After reading book 1 in the series I had to jump into the next book I fell hard for Tommy Angel and Jessi and needed of them asap I’m already missing them again and it’s gonna be agonizing in the wait for TommyYou could look at it like he has the best of both worlds and is greedy Yes he is fortunate enough to have two people who are willing to love him and share him BUT can you imagine how hard it is to keep two people happy at the same time? He loves them both and can’t live without either and they both feel the same about him He has his hands full trying to balance out the relationship he has with his wife and Angel to keep everyone happy and loved He is torn between the two at times and has to stay neutral He is proud of the success of the band and his wife for pursuing her dreams in the fashion world When he had to leave her behind at the beginning of the tour he shattered his heartJessiShe has long accepted her husband’s bisexual nature Instead of trying to change that in him she nurtures that side of him She loves Angel just as much as Tommy does and as much as she loves Tommy However the time that Tommy and Angel had alone in the first part of their world tour has her feeling jealous and insecure She has to wonder if they would be happier without her Meeting Jessi in book 1 I knew she was a fighter and that’s what she does She is not about to just walk away from her husband willingly I am happy and proud that after helping Tommy reach his goals that she took the time to make her own personal dreams come trueAngelI take back any negative thoughts I ever had in his direction I loved him before but had my reservations about him In this book I fell head over heels in love with Angel In book 1 it seemed that he did love Jessi but she was of a product of his love for Tommy He knew he had to have one to have the other It was a package deal While he missed Jessi tremendously when the band left for their world tour the time alone with Tommy helped in many ways One he got the time alone with Tommy to solidify their bond Two it helped him realize just how much he really loved Jessi Distance does make the heart grow fonder My heart broke many times for all three of them together and individually The hot and steamyJenna Galicki owes me some battery money Just saying The book was well written and easily held my attention The charactersyou feel their strife pain angst love and joy I can’t wait for from Jenna Galicki