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Shalia's Diary: Book 4 This is a compilation from the free serial story blog Shalia s Diary A Clans of Kalquor Story by Tracy St John It is highly recommended you read Shalia s Diary, Books andbefore reading this story Shalia s Diary Bookpicks up immediately where Bookleft off Shalia feels ready for a little fun when the Kalquorian transport docks for shore leave at the Xniktix Space Station Even knowing there will be hostile aliens also at the station can t kill her enthusiasm for shopping and club hopping and why should she be afraid She has Kalquorians ready to defend her at a moment s notice, particularly her favorite mountain o muscle Weapons Commander Nobek Oses Surely no one would be stupid enough to threaten her with him at her side Yet it s not the known dangers that put Shalia in peril Even Oses is no match for the tombstone smiling monster that stalks her through the space station and plots to add her to its collection Mild BDSM, including anal play intercourse, bondage, Dom sub play, and spankings

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    Better than Book 3 I read some of this on the blog, but books are easier for me to read better flow Anyway, all of this can be read on Tracy s blog for free, but I like her stuff enough to contribute by buying the Shalia s Diary books.

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    Really wouldn t mind finding out how it all ended for her It was a good story A little heavy on the dominance, but that s really what these books are about anyway I ve read a few of the Clans books, and have enjoyed them so far.

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    Nail biting story This was such a nail biter for me What amazing strength Shalia has It was also interesting to see the vulnerability and the strength of the Nobek breed

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    A really good, intense read The author came up with some interesting scenes, villains, and harrowing experiences This was hard to put down because of the desperate circumstances the author had the players in and the emotions pouring out And, it was very easy to get absorbed into the main characters in this book because of all of the above.

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    Very good and entertaining story.Shalia and Oses s relationship grows Oses reveals his secret sensitive self and Shalia shows her secret Nobek self And there is this evil green man.

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