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The Boy Who Knew Everything Here is the long awaited companion to The Girl Who Could FlyThere is a prophecyIt speaks of a girl who can fly and a boy who knows everything The prophecy says that they have the power to bring about great changeThe boy is Conrad Harrington III The girl is Piper McCloud They need their talents now than ever if they are to save the world—and themselves

  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • The Boy Who Knew Everything
  • Victoria Forester
  • English
  • 14 July 2016
  • 9780312626006

About the Author: Victoria Forester

Victoria grew up on a remote farm in Ontario Canada After graduating from the University of Toronto her passion for storytelling led her to write and direct a short film for the CBC When her next film was completed The Pony’s Tale which aired on Global Television she eagerly and perhaps rashly set off to Los AngelesThe famous independent film producer Roger Corman mentored Victoria and

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    This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnI really really really loved The Boy Who Knew Everything's preuel The Girl Who Could Fly my review here I spent years desperately waiting for a seuel and when I discovered a few months ago that it was finally happening I literally started jumping around suealing I was so excitedComing out of The Boy Who Knew Everything I'm a lot less elatedI mean what I loved so much about The Girl Who Could Fly was that it had so many amazing messages mixed in with the really cool sci fi scenario and the touching inter personal interactions It was a story about friendship and bravery and loyalty and staying true to yourself and it was amazing The Boy Who Knew Everything on the other hand is trying so hard to be some sort of breathtaking mind bending story that it forgets its own roots It's sci fi storylines stray almost into fantasy and there's this weird prophecy thing that really doesn't mesh well with the tone of the first book And then there's the whole plot with Conrad's father which some will probably like but which I thought was a weird and b a dreadful reopening of a wound that I thought beautifully closed at the end of the first book Piper also didn't seem to have as much spirit in her as she did in the first book I mean there was definitely a semblance of trying to represent her as having that spirit sure but she just felt pretty forced And I'm forced to admit that The Girl Who Could Fly should probably have remained a standalone forever despite how desperate I was all those years for it to have a seuelActually I think The Boy Who Knew Everything would have done better as a standalone almost as much as its preuel would Placed next to The Girl Who Could Fly it simply has lost too much for me to consider it any good; all of my favorite storylines seem to have been polluted and twisted and new ones introduced that throw off the entire balance of the stories I can't say that I know for sure that I would adore The Boy Who Knew Everything if it were a standalone I'm too prejudiced by its preuel to be able to judge but I do know that a lot of the things I hated about it the storyline with Conrad's father for example I would have actually enjoyed in other circumstances with different characters It's just when they are changing the tone and ending of one of my all time favorite books that I get madLet's be honest I'm pretty much going to pretend that The Boy Who Knew Everything didn't happen I mean I might think of it from time to time as a book completely on its own but when I think about The Girl Who Could Fly I will not draw any connection between the two books My Piper and Conrad and Violet and Kimberly and Jasper and all the rest did not travel down the path laid out in The Boy Who Knew Everything; they are still safely where my nine year old self left them their futures completely disconnected to anything that happened to the kids in Forester's second book

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    A worthy companion to the Girl Who Could Fly The friendship between the two is very special full of warmth and adventure this fantasy is also set very strongly in the real world giving it strength and a feeling of reality as it brings in many other characters that one feels they know the full person of each one making this novel a joy to read

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    I'd much rather we not talk about how long this has been on my shelf I pre ordered this when I knew it existed and it was a Christmas present to myself I could have sworn it's been under a year but apparently it's been 2 so now I'm just embarrassed In my defence I wanted to reread the Girl Who Could Fly and there were so many other things I had to attend to that I was just happy owning the second book Well at long last I finally had enough time to read all of the first book and finally a uiet weekend to read the second And it was worth it This book is broader in it's being and is busier for it Piper is being true to herself Conrad is discovering about who he is and we've got anxiety inducing moments galore I feel we had gaps in certain spots like the editors got a bit too heavy in their work and parts of the story needed to be scaled down or it could be that I'm a fool and there is so much that is going to be happening in the final bookI'm anxiously awaiting The Boy Who Lived Forever Which I should not hold myself on because as per the norm with these glorious tales we've got to sweat it out for another year at least before we can see this book appear Still it will invariably be worth the wait ^^^ Latest update is above ^^^ LOOK It has to be Piper and Conrad I know of so few flying girls This is grand October seems like years away at the moment ' ^^^ Latest update is above ^^^ If this is the potential seuel to the The Girl Who Could Fly then I am so thrilled If it is a stand alone and not connected I honestly don't care because I loved her first book and I have been waiting and searching the internet for any hint that she was going to do writing DThis has totally made staying until 3am looking for books worth it D

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    I want to just say that I loved The Girl Who Could Fly It is the only book on my bookshelf that has a completely broken spine from the numerous times that I read it over and over and over I would read this middle school level book in public without shame because of how mind blowing it was So when I heard about this book I was ecstatic to have a seuel to one of my all time favorite booksSadly this book did not live up to the legacy of the first one The first book had a nice blend of realism and fantasy and sweet country charm While with this one Conrad is the lead instead of Piper he does a good job at holding up the story I love his technical babble even if I can't understand it like Piper I think the main thing that hurt the overall story for me compared to The Girl Who Could Fly is that the first story was self contained and had a clear beginning middle and end While this one tries to go down the crazy path that other book steers clear of In this one there's prophecies magical lands Dark Ones spy action sci fi fantasy Ultimately this story is doing waaaaaaayyyy to much at the cost of characters' personalities and developmentview spoiler I mean Conrad put Jasper in charge of the group Don't get me wrong I love Jasper with all my heart hide spoiler

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    painfully disappointing The writing has a completely different feel to it and my attachment to Conrad and Piper's friendship was my only incentive to finish the book The tone is completely different than that of the first book the pacing is all over the place and the plot was just plain stupid It read like bad fanfiction most of the time Don't bother

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    The Boy who Knew Everything was and is the most disappointing most appalling seuel to a good book I have ever had the misfortune of reading The plot was disjointed nonsensical and boring Seriously this was incredibly hard to slog through it felt like I was wading through poorly contrived plot lines while narrowly avoiding death via extreme frustration There were so many plot holes Honestly not even plot holes just gaping sections of missing plot Zero exhibition zero explanation Characters appearing and disappearing throughout the novel major events happening with zero reason plot progressing without explaining how it affected the previous scene The author took the first book's well written narrative arc an arc written to completion and ruined it LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE She gave background characters complex and bizarrely unnecessary backgrounds and motivations reworking perfectly good established cannonFor example and it's actually worse in the book This is Conrad's distant and politically motivated father figure SIKE this is Peter Harrington a man who has been under the spell of a secret blood necklace and who grew up in a magical paradise for people with super powers but lost his memory when he was exiled because his mother angered her husband who happened to be an immortal evil one spoiler alert And that honestly wasn't the worst part There was a randomly added giant prophecy that fizzled into nothing the 'big bad' antagonist literally LITERALLY dropped into existence in the last few chapters and was then sort of defeated in a hasty epilogue Time travel was added and then never mentioned again There was a load of pseudoscience too The first book was one of my favourite childhood books which is why I'm so upset by this seuel It felt like an explosion of random plots and ideas that besides names and settings had zero connection to the first novel I'm choosing to pretend this is fan fiction

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    The Girl Who Could Fly has been a favorite book of mine for a long time and I was so happy that the stories and characters would be able to continue on in this next installment It did not disappoint it did a really good job of continuing the storyline forward while following up with old characters In this book we follow Conrad and Piper as they continue life on the farm Even though things seem perfect when Conrad has to face his past things start to come apart Although it was really good the same parts that were lacking in The Girl Who Could Fly were also lacking here the description I would definitely recommend this book because it has a great message about being true to yourself what family is and standing up for what you think is right The ending was really good there was a point where it was really intense and in my head I was chanting don't end don't end luckily it did not and it ended up being very conclusive satisfying and touching It was also left open for a next one which I am looking forward too There were a couple of parts that I felt did not fit in to the style of the previous book but I feel that this comes from in the first book not knowing that there would be a second one so things where not set up to be continued I give this book four stars because it is really good but it is lacking in a few parts such as descriptions

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    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT It's finally coming I loved Conrad; this is so exciting

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    YAY IM SO EXCITED I read the first book about two or three years ago so I'll be sure to reread it but YAY

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    45 Certainly wasn’t what I expected after the first book but I still loved it

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