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  • ebook
  • 173 pages
  • The Glass Prince
  • Sandra Bard
  • English
  • 07 September 2015

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The Glass PrinceThis is a first time for me reading Sandra Bard’s book; the premises intrigued me what's with the accidental pun intended kidnapping and the mention of “magic”The story set in an unnamed city where magic was common and mages could be found everywhere Daniel Everwood was the Glass Wizard asshole A weird cold and arrogant ass who lived in his glass Alaskan Tower At least that's the front he presented to the world What's hiding behind the Ice Prince persona was view spoilera lonely abused kid terrified and unprepared of his own magic He never even wanted that magic in the first place and resented it even when it caused him unable to touch anybody family and friends included without getting them hurt hide spoiler Kidnapping was not Daniel's plan but when he met a man who seemed unaffected by his magic Daniel couldn't just let him goEren has every reason to hate Daniel and no reason at all to like him He's not some fairytale to be kept in a glass room at the top of a tower And he's definitely going to have to rescue himself He has a mother and girlfriend to get back to after all and a life waiting for himBut the hardest part of escaping proves to be his reluctance to leave a man who is much than he at first seemed Very drawn out in places I felt very sad for Daniel and the way that he was used Unfortunately I couldn't connect with either Daniel or Eren so my mind wandered My secret love is books involving kidnapping or huge power imbalances ; so a while back when this book was on sale briefly I had to get it A rich mysterious magician who kidnaps you run of the mill waiter boy because his magic doesn't work on him? Mmmm interestingAs kidnapping books go I think this one initially feels less dark than manyyet portrayed a protagonist who is honestly very unbalanced It feels light because the setting is fantastic in a bright cheerful sort of way and many of the initial events feel like a rom com than a drama And then there's Daniel our kidnapper who surely is a nice guy You want to feel like Daniel means well with Eren only really kidnapped him by accident really will let him go in a few days certainly will never hurt him and it's easy to think that when Daniel's POV is given at least half the time and Daniel's inevitably tragic backstory is played out in great detail But then you look at actual events Daniel accidentally injuring Eren at the very beginning but like still for an accident that was pretty extreme and shouldn't he have control over his magic than that? Daniel lying to himself about when he'll let Eren go Daniel growing very very angry at people who try to take Eren away with him and actually he feels realistic and scary than you'd expect Also Eren's level of Stockholm Syndrome by the end of this book is pretty damn highSo It's a book about a relationship that's certainly a bad romance probably abusive but then I feel like with a book about a kidnapping you know that going in Do I think Daniel was redeemed by the end? No not really but in a book about kidnapping I don't necessarily want redemption; sometimes I want pain and dysfunction and somehow understanding someone who's doing some very bad stuff That I got You like Daniel not just at the end of the book but all the way through You want to believe he's the good guy in this story the poor sad ice prince who has no friends And he is sad and his situation is awful but is he the good guy? You have to say no view spoilerAnd do I think Eren should have gone back to him at the end? Ehhhhhhhh no I think someone should get him a therapist and the dog was definitely a good idea but Eren should really steer clear A relationship that starts with kidnapping and controlling behavior is not going to go anywhere good hide spoiler 375I enjoyed this book so as the story went on Set in an AU where the world is similar to the world we know yet magic and magic users exist In fact being susceptible to magic is the norm and this is why Eren is such a draw to Daniel Eren is completely unaffected by magic A rare gift or curse depending on your perspective and we see both sides of that coin in this tale Daniel who has been unable to touch another human for years because of his magic can finally touch and feel the warmth and softness of another His desire and obsession with Eren is completely understandable however in a world where he is The Glass Prince cold unfeeling and isolated he makes a supremely bad decision Spur of the moment it may be but as the days heck hours minutes pass he doesn't undo what he has done The relationship between Eren and Daniel held maybe a trace of Stockholm syndrome in parts yet it still managed to develop into a believable thing Eren became understanding but not a limp lettuce He still fought for what was right his freedom when it was sensible to do so Daniel's back story as we learnt it and by default about him made the glass prince someone to care for Well played Sandra Bard I didn't feel manipulated by starting to like the 'enemy' Manipulation of my feelings when done with the subtlety of a sledgehammer is a sure fire way to put me off a bookSandra Bard had a pleasing style of writing It was easy to read and though the similar to our world but not uite AU threw me for a heartbeat it wasn't hard to picture the world in which Eren and Daniel live And frankly I liked that it was just that little bit different I love high fantasy and great world building epic tales but this was just different enough to work for me Not steam punk nor sci fiit was us with fantastical elements I liked itAll in all I found this a very enjoyable and readable read Hope you do too Daniel is a lonely mage with powers over glass he has had no real human contact since he was a kid for whenever he touches someone that person is unintentionally treated to glass embedded skin So naturally when he meets someone who's unaffected by his magic he's curious but then curiosity turns to obsession where then he ends up unintentionally intentionally kidnapping Eren who apart from being immune to magic is a rather ordinary guy with a girlfriend and and wheelchair bound mother he takes care ofI found the world this is placed in fascinating but the development of the love between the two MCs just didn't uite cut it for me it was kinda well Stockholm syndromeish and the ending was rather abrupt though it had potential to be really something I only give it three stars Still I enjoyed it well enough and found the whole magic thing interesting I should read Paranormal aDaniel is not a character that redeem himself Up to the end I hate him That's a big problem he is the protagonistbThe story seems like that start from the middle and IT DID I didn't knew there is another part in a Anthology I don't know if this story is well explained in the anthology but it certainly made me angry know something else is in a anthology and it's not said in the blurb I bought it direct from the publishercThe anticlimax end was weird I didn't like itso well not for me Moody and crazy yet magnificent from the lyrical descriptions of the glass manifestations down to the personality of the magic wielder and never actually creepy despite the premise that boils down to kidnapping and borderline obsession on his part for the boy next door who attracted his fancy The scene where glass invades the building like an unleashed force of nature is one of the most memorable I have ever had the pleasure of reading; not many writers are capable of such powerfully evocative prose Likewise the narrative of Eren's past with the tremendously brilliant evocation of the machine under his bed and the accident to keep things vague and spoiler free to which his powers are due Of course the entire tale will not be to the taste of everyone; but this really is far less non consensual than the average book by Shannon West all of which have got enormous traction here on GR The Glass Prince just had one star detracted because I failed to feel much of anything for Daniel nor was I able to understand the appeal this uaint human has for someone as extraordinary as Eren ; also because I was minimally appreciative of the latter hero being a mere restaurant owner he needed to be something much chic and out of this world like a corporate tycoon or an art mogul I felt I was thrown into a story in progress I really had to check this was a standalone and not the second part in a series Rather confusing and not at all compelling At least the author said what every reader must have been thinking Stockholm syndrome doesn't make this romantic in any way 4 star review by DanI’m glad I picked this book off our available book list At first I wasn’t sure how to take the magic user piece since it seemed like everyone was some sort of magic user and I was a little confused But as I read further my uestions were answeredDaniel is a magic user We learn that his type of magic involving glass has kept him from being able to touch another human being since he was twelve years old and he gained his powers When he touches anyone glass materializes under their skin causing severe cuts and pain He is now in his thirties and a desperately lonely man living at the top of a glass tower that also houses his restaurant one of the most expensive in the countryOn a whim he attends a mall food court opening and while there an accidental spilling of a beverage leads his hand to come in contact with the server Eren Nothing happens Eren is immune to Daniel’s powers They part but Daniel becomes obsessed with Eren and his ability to touch himOne thing leads to another and Daniel ends up accidently hitting Eren and injuring him He takes him home to his tower and once he is there he decides to keep him for a whileEren is locked in a glass room at the top of a glass tower kind of like being in a fairy tale but like the fairy tale princess he doesn’t want to be there But what happens when he actually starts getting to know Daniel and learns the story of Daniel’s life? Will he escape? Will he be kept forever? Why hasn’t anyone come for him?I really liked this story It was just the right length seeming neither hurried nor drawn out I recommend the book to anyone looking for a fairly uick read I enjoyed it and I think you will as wellA copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review Please visit wwwlovebytesreviewscom to see this and many reviews author interviews guestposts and giveaways

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