The Superhuman Mind Free the Genius in Your Mind ePUB

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The Superhuman Mind Free the Genius in Your Mind Too little actual information on unleashing actual genius too much discussion of the same dozen cases of unusual minds I gave this book a try I really did I even tried the exercises in it I just can't get behind the whole Unleashing Your Inner Genius partI understand that with practice you can re wire your brain to think a certain way However that study has been shown repeatedly There's nothing revolutionary about the content here Did you know your brain has superpowers Berit Brogaard PhD and Kristian Marlow study people with astonishing talents—memory champions human echolocators musical virtuosos math geniuses and synesthetes who taste colors and hear faces But as amazing as these abilities are they are not mysterious Our brains constantly process a huge amount of information below our awareness and what these gifted individuals have in common is that through practice injury an innate brain disorder or even unusual circumstances they have managed to gain a degree of conscious access to this potent processing power The Superhuman Mind takes us inside the lives and brains of geniuses savants virtuosos and a wide variety of ordinary people who have acuired truly extraordinary talents one way or another Delving into the neurological underpinnings of these abilities the authors even reveal how we can acuire some of them ourselves—from perfect pitch and lightning fast math skills to supercharged creativity The Superhuman Mind is a book full of the fascinating science readers look for from the likes of Oliver Sacks combined with the exhilarating promise of Moonwalking with Einstein Excellent introduction to how our brain works notably making up for faculties adversely affected The authors present the material in an engaging way using real life examples successfully By tying these real life stories into the associated anatomical processes they make the science behind it appear approachable succeeding in engaging the reader If nothing else you'll learn and remember a party trick of calculating the day of the week for any date from 1800 2200 using a very simple Doomsday Calendar approach Jokes apart I learnt a lot about narratives savants and brain conditions than I had hoped for All in all a great read A slightly entertaining review of people with unusual mental abilities The author claimed that anyone could also learn to have an unusual ability to work with their own mind Not really pertinent to that at all By about half way through the book the author gets boring with his tales The book proposes to Free the genius in your brain There are certainly many examples of people who have savant like gifts but the book doesn't really live up to its proposition It talks a lot about potential which is illuminating however it tends to the academic and was not uite the self help psychology it purports to be This was fascinating The human brain is amazing Don't expect to actually unleash your inner genius I received this book from a giveaway at good reads The Superhuman Mind How To Unleash Your Inner Genius by Berit Brogaard and Kristian Marlow has been a very insightful read For such a complex topic the authors were able to thoroughly explain the topics within the book for the average reader who isn't so familiar with how the brain works This is the one of the major reasons why I rated this book four out of five The other reason is that I personally have an obsession with becoming the better version of myself and anything that can help me become that better version is a worthwhile read and this is definitely a worthy read It goes into the minds of geniuses savants and those with autism which have truly extraordinary gifts such as being able to see black and white suares in front of them and being able to compose a piece of music from it which is a form of synesthesia Now although the ordinary person may not be able to acuire this sort of talent Unless you get into an accident which damages your brain and you come out with these sort of abilitiesrare In other words don't go out bashing your heads hoping to acuire these extraordinary talents There is a way we can acuire synesthesia without getting harmedassociate synesthesia By learning what happens to the minds of these individuals it can help us unleash the same kind of feats that lay dormant within us For an example many autistic individuals are able to know whether a day is Tuesday by just hearing the date and the good news is is that we can too by the DOOMSDAY method Also being able to remember a long series of numbers by using a sort of algorithm or associating with something else that creates a powerful emotion Basically learning shortcuts which DO WORK I went a found a few shortcuts myself because of this book opened by understanding of the brain and now I am able to do a few small tricks Such as being able to know what number was cubed when given the cubed answer in a matter of a seconds without a calculator Or being able to remember list of objects or numbers The book has a deep rooting in Left brain vs Right Brain topic which has been proven to be a myth So this is the only thing that may turn others away but nonetheless it has a powerful message Towards the ending of the book going towards the technology and methaphyscial side of things Some uestions that they attack are; How we may be able to unleash the brains power using technology and Is there a such thing as consciousness or is our mind just a computer To end this review off one other interesting uestion is Are we forever limited by the biological wetware endowed to us through evolution The answer they propose is that maybe one day we will be able to upload our brain into the cloud by going to this Brainbank We then will move our mind to the computer and live a virtual reality without our physical body I wonder how that would feel like Just some food for thought a lot of interesting case studies i think many readers looking into it might be disappointed that the subtitle how to unleash your inner genius is rather misleading unless you're able to apply magnetic stimulation to your brain activating otherwise latent abilities there's also the option to take lsd or eat magic mushrooms and the like mnemonics hitting your head and damaging specific brain regions acuired savant syndrome i do wonder about training yourself to be a uasi synesthete through coloured text so you associate certain lettets with concrete colours