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Sway Falling in love is a beautiful thing Unless you fall for the wrong person Finally settled after a tragedy laden life 24 year old Caleb has found security in his faith his friends and his career It’s the life he’s always wanted—simple predictable and safe Enter Kate Hawkins the attractive 21 year old stranger he rescues from a bar fight who has an odd affinity for the color pink and a uniue sense of humor It doesn’t take long to realize their connection is intense but after only a handful of dates a shocking revelation surfaces Lines are drawn sides are taken and loyalties are decided as their newfound relationship is brought to a sudden halt But unlike most couples who split avoiding each other is impossible As daily interactions become unbearable one realization becomes clear they’ve both fallen hard for the absolute wrong person which leaves both scrambling for a way to make it right

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    I've waited an entire year to post this reviewI was privileged enough to be an early reader for SWAY and I can recall very well the cramped position I sat in for nearly SEVEN hours while I started and finished this book I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWNCaleb and Kate will transform your everyday casual reading of flat 2 D characters who simply tell you a story into a 3 D experience that lives on each and every page of SwayOne word comes to mind when I think about this love story CHEMISTRY Matayo does romantic tension and chemistry like no other author I knowBe prepared You will swoon Hard

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    Too christian for my liking but it was still nice read

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    I have to admit when I think of Christian Fiction books my first thought is 'it's probably cheesy at best preachy at worst' There are some great GREAT Christian books out there there are great fiction books about stories of the bible not written specifically to be Christian out there as well but even though that is true the vast majority of Christians Fiction books are not very good and are just not a story that you can relate to; and that is sad I think there are a million and one historical Christian novels that are probably great I've read one or two and have found them enjoyable but they are just kind of bland and I don't want to read a million and one renditions of the same story I AM a Christian and I AM a reader I love to read books but I do not seek out Christian Fiction However that may be changing because in the last year I've found at least two authors who know how to write a faith based novel that speaks to my heart and whose characters are real and believable and whose setting iswell current both and timeline and in life in generalI love Sway that is the plain and simple truth I'm not sure if this was her heart but Amy Matayo has written a book that is not necessairly meant to entice you to Christ though it might happen but a book that was written for a Christian to speak to a Christ like heart I found myself reflected both in Kate and Caleb at different times; their struggles were real the passion was real and the romance YES we Christians like the heat too was so real Throw in some great supporting characters one secretary stands out specifically and you've got this awesome heart filled and compelling novel My own faith and attitude towards some of the people in my life was challenged while reading this book So thank you Amy for taking my pre concieved notions of what a Christian Romance probably looks like and throwing it out the door Thank you for writing a novel that entertained me and also challenged me Please keep it up

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    This book was a beautiful surprise I don't do a lot of Christian romance stories but I am glad I read this one The characters are interesting and the story was unexpected A good read for a lazy Sunday

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    So I liked this one It was a little different than I was expecting luckily I knew going in that this story was a not like her other books so I wasn’t expecting her usual chick lit type story I liked Caleb’s character uite a bit; he’s had a hard life but has turned his life around I had mixed feelings about Kate and not just because she said she doesn’t like the name Kathy I tried not to take that personally Ha ha I did enjoy Kate’s story and growth though and it did seem like she was finally awakened to the world around her and forced to actually think about her life and what’s she wants to do and what she wants to stand for It is one of those books you want to talkvent about but also don’t want to give spoilers The book opens with Caleb meeting Kate in a seedy bar I wasn’t sure where it was going but their relationship was fun to watch unfold At first things are great between them then one day all that changes when they realize they are on two opposite sides of a very old battle The rest of the book is them trying to figure out their relationship if they even have one and their own beliefs Overall I did enjoy it and like Matayo’s other books I had a hard time putting it down It’s a good read and one I would recommendNow I just had to get a couple things off my chest view spoilerI did expect the hypocrisy of Kate’s family to be pointed out but never was Maybe it was just too obvious to need to address I mean how was her upbringing not brainwashing so than what they were accusing others of? She never was encouraged to form her own opinions Always expected to perform an act and play her part She was never treated with true respect And yet a few times in the book Kate refers to her father’s as a good man I saw no evidence of this at all He actually seems like the exact opposite of a good man If he truly loved his wife he would have respected her beliefs he wouldn’t have made her cut off such a big part of her life her family and everything she knew She made all the sacrifices in their relationship Maybe them meeting was a chance for her to share her beliefs and soften him Instead she wilted under his pressure and kept her mouth shut to keep the peace I would have loved to have known of his past and why he was the way he was He just came across as someone who had an agenda made his money off of that agenda and forced those closest to him to not only agree with his agenda but to endorse it If I had seen anything that showed he really was a good man then maybe his actions at the end would have been a little believable As it was I don’t think it was realistic not for someone who has believed the way he has for probably his entire life And in the end I wasn’t totally buying Kate’s change It felt like the tip of the ice berg and she was starting to think on her own but it still felt like she was falling for Caleb than anything else I was disappointed when she finally reaches the point where she is open to hearing Caleb's beliefs it fades to black I normally don't like a lot of preaching in my stories but I actually was looking forward to it here I wanted to hear his testimony I wanted to see her gain one as well I felt like we missed out on the best part For example a big part of the story is about Christmas but the focus seemed to be a little on the Santa Clause type of Christmas and not the true meaning of Christmas it was great we got to see Kate experience her first real Christmas but I was expecting to see a little focus on the birth of Jesus and why we truly celebrate not just the Santagift giving aspect hide spoiler

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    Original and wonderfully executed I liked the Christian faith element of this story and especially that it was portrayed realistically not cheesy or preachy I will miss reading Caleb and Kate's POVs now that I'm done with the book There were so many excellent lines in this book and the author was very creative Bravo

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    This book was so raw and real The pain that encompassed their relationship was believable Caleb's character was great Really dispelling the idea that a strong Christian man doesn't have feelings always does what is right and is boring When I figured out what this book was about I kept asking myself how is she going to pull this off how is she going to write this ending I was very impressed with how it ended It was real sweet and was definitely not preachy I like Christian novels that represent the real world and have substance I like it when their faith is part of their characternot part of the author's agenda Matayo does this beautifully Loved this story and would recommend it

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    This one took me by surprise in a good way I hadn't read anything by Amy before and didn't really know what to expect There were several moments throughout the book that I sat back and thought wow There were some profound threads running through the story I liked the hero and heroine especially the hero His story and personality were wonderfully complex and broke a lot of stereotypes Kate's story was also complex though it was a little difficult at times to understand her because her views starting out were so different from mine There was a christian slant to this story but it felt like a natural part of the character's life instead of an in your face sermonOverall I really enjoyed it and felt uplifted in the end Romance was clean

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    One of my top five books for 2014 and possibly ever Exceptional writing uniue plot and characters that leave you breathless Would recommend this book to anyone

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    I give up I thought I'd give the author another chance since it was free for Kindle OKI lied mostly I just wanted to read it and track every ridiculous moment and phrase in the book I gave up 17% of the way in because I like my brain cellsFor your reading pleasure I give you all you need to know about the bookAs soon as the words leave my mouth I want to kill my own stupidity with a uick stab to its invisible side Just like I want to kill this metaphorSpray tans lotions and beauty products practically hover over them like a halo I would roll my eyes but it seems like a thing only a chick would do No please go ahead roll your eyes I know I certainly amHall and Oats Note to author If writing a book in which your main characters LOOOOOVE music Google the names of the bands you mention It's 'Oates' not 'Oats' I snorted so hard that my rolling eyes fell out of my invisible stupidityMaybe I should call the cops maybe I should hold him hostage but right now my only concern is her Getting her out keeping her safe After thatI have no idea OK please stab your stupidity in its invisible side again for me ok? You just saw a guy drug a girl at a bar and shove her into his car You have knocked him to the ground and currently have the upper hand THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE DUDE You call the cops they take the unconscious girl to the ER where they test her blood for date rape drugs and they haul the guy's ass off to jail so he DOESN'T DO IT AGAIN You are not stranded in the middle of nowhere without a phone you are outside a bar and you have FRIENDS with you Chances are you can find a phoneSomeone open that up and find her ID Maybe then I'll know what to do Again call the cops This is what they are paid to do not you hauling some unconscious unknown girl home to her apartmentSeriously why are some girls so stupid? Potkettle You're the one who didn't call the cops and are now stuck in a strange girl's apartment cleaning up her puke because you are at least bright enough to worry that if you leave her alone she might die But not bright enough to have sent her to a hospital in the first placeSometimes I'm so lame I want to punch my own self in the face Just do it Please On behalf of all of usThe End

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