Wive Cheating Husbands Watching Volume 4 Wives Cheating

Wive Cheating Husbands Watching Volume 4 Wives Cheating Husbands Watching #4 These stories are about women having sex with other men while their husbands watch As these wives are pursued by and submit to the aggression of other men they are renewing themselves as objects of desire in the eyes of their husbands This is the sense of romantic adventure into mysterious erotic territory that is captured by these storiesWhat is it about transgression that is so erotic And how is it that sexual desire fades between couples in the most loving and caring relationships there is a fundamental tension between love and desire To love is “to have” while to desire is “to want” The very things that nurture love such as caring fairness and responsibility serve to stifle desire which thrives on naughtiness dominance and mischief The erotic mind is not polite or proper Take a peek into the improper fantasies of wife sharing and see how hot they can be

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