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Unmasking the Maruess Hold Your Breath #2 London 1820 Some people are born with backbone Others have to fight for it List in hand of suitable bachelors Lady Reanna Halstead the epitome of naivety is thrust into London society with demands to gain a husband To her utter amazement she manages to capture the attentions of the Maruess of Southfork Her love dreams and future are soon pinned on her marriage to this one man One handsome kind fantastic manOne man who has a very different idea of what this marriage will beHe will be hated before he is lovedKillian Hayward Maruess of Southfork is only one step away from completing the revenge he has fought his entire life for All he has to do is marry Lady Halstead The one woman that is the key to his revenge To his peace The one woman that will threaten the very foundation of his entire existenceThe Hold Your Breath series continues A thousand reasons to hold your breath and one to let it go Historical romance with strong women undeniable men and hold your breath adventure Author's note Unmasking the Maruess is a stand alone story No need to read Stone Devil Duke before this but I hope you put it on your to be read list

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    I'm a sucker for the books where the hero hurts the innocent heroine out of some misguided revenge against her family This one definitely had that but the hero was too weak for me If you like the alpha males this guy isn't one He's not even a beta It was too bad too because there are too few books where the hero has to actually try to get the heroine back for than a pageAlso the language was odd It did not feel like 1800s England Definitely modern in thinking and speaking patterns than I'm happy with in a historicalThere was lots of crazy The kitchen sink treatment Which hey not judging I seek out the crazy But I was confused with the mess in the last 3rd when the heroine's evil father has her kidnapped Very convoluted and an overload yes I said it an overload Just one comment on that I'm not a doctor but pretty sure if you get dunked in 'boiling' water you'll be horribly scarred for life IF you survive it You won't just have some blisters and have to wear smelly cream for a few days while it healsOthers have enjoyed this but it just wasn't my cuppa

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    What an a hle Truly a king of them allHe does some very cruel unforgivable things uite calmly and casually And then midway he acts as if it's no big deal and wants to make nice with her And her new spine melts sooner than soonspoilerishHero Oh I have a big fat sob story of a childhood I waaaant I neeeed to avenge my familySo since I'm a whiny weak little loser and hurting the villain of my life isn't enough let me marry and torture his daughter who is uite oblivious of everything It's like if fate has been cruel to me let me kick a puppy to get back at fateGod Does it matter to the villain bad parent if I mistreat the daughter?? Maybe not but I'm having too much fun humiliating and hurting my innocent wife way beyond any call of duty And being the loser that I am I brought in the big guns like my skanky mistress to bring my wife to her knees literallyAnd now I've decided I may just be able to live with her and want her to make goo goo eyes at me again So what if I lied and threw few ILYs her way to get her to the altar and then rejected her uite sadistically It wasn't all that a big thing really Now I'm even trying to be nice to the her adopted orphan kids I'm uite upset that she doesn't get my point and forgive all and come to heel Women And groveling is for men real men Moreover as I say why ask for forgiveness when I kinda sorta know I've done the unforgivable BahHeroine I am going to be the biggest Mary sue ever The ueen of all such beings Innocent wide eyed vulnerable trusting clinging unworldly and temptingly shatter able so that the H can do his worst and I shatter and then I'll grow this backbone thing temporarily and live my life my way and to make things even poignant let me take over a passel of orphans to raise and bring angst by living walking all the way to London eating or not and sleeping barely for them Mcs from Book #1 The duke and his duchess Okay so this guy will naturally allow his friend the H a lot of leeway on how he wishes to go about his vengeance and hardly care how a random woman is treated but his duchess? She proclaims herself a friend of the h and still maintains that she lovesadoresunderstandscares for the loser H Yes she does try her best to make him desist from marrying her so coldly but later? She knows how abominably he's treating his wife and still coddles him and treats him as a dear friend? A woman enablingletting off another woman's abuser in such a way is unforgivableETA Mistress What a skank And crude and trashy with it With a voice to match apparently What would a cold and uiet sort a man want with such a woman? Looks good sex yes but he would have to hear that constant uncouth screeching too I didn't get it Doesn't go with his character Of course his own character and convictions kept going the roller coaster way We are to believe he didn't sleep with this mistress or any other woman after his wedding almost a year ago but the adjoining room in his London home the marchioness' room still has his mistress' possessions in it Why? Forget the complete anachronism and unclassy ness of this matter but why didn't he get the room cleared in all this while? Was she habitating there despite the no sex Sometimes the small things irk the most

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    This is the most disgusting crappy excuse of a romance novel The hero should have died and his mistress should have been gutted like a fish and left to rot at the side of the road What a waste of a few hours skimming through this pile of garbage Angst is good in a novel but outrageous cruelty is fucking disgusting This hero was cruel The hero turned a group of orphans out of the humble cottage that the heroine had cleaned up for them to live in then he left her with little money and told her to transport the kids to a nearby orphanage When the heroine went on her knees and begged him to reconsider the woman literally begged on bent knees because she cared about those homeless kids the fcking bastard ignored her while his whorebag mistress stood there enjoying the private show Mother Fcker This novel made want to turn the air blue with a rampage of cuss words Did I mention how much I wanted to see his mistress be tortured? That whore cackled like the witch faced cnt that she was and it just riled my every last nerve The fact that the hero had not been having sex at that time with the dirty slut did not matter because he had paid the prostitute to humiliate the heroine by lying and telling her how much sex they had been having When the prostitute took her insults too far and made the heroine cry the hero finally dumped the whore and sent her on her way That still did not pacify my need for vengeance I still say that the former mistress deserved to be boiled in oil and then dumped for sharks to feed on This bitch had me thinking of all the various ways Jason Voorhies and Freddie Krueger had tortured their victims That was not the worst that was done to the heroine because of the hero's evil villainy The poor heroine wanted to save the homeless kids and knew that the only way she could do so was to take them to London because she had her own house and money there She had been lucky to have received that inheritance from her aunt Her aunt was also smart enough to keep that legacy totally separate so that no one including the hero and the heroine's evil father would be able to take it from her The heroine didn't have any money so she had a huge problem transporting the kids to London She was lucky that the stable boy at the hero's estate had allowed her to use a horse instead of the old mule that the hero had provided but there were too many kids for one horse to pull on a ramshackle wagon all the way to London The kind heroine decides that the toddlers and the younger kids would sit on the wagon while she and the 2 older boys would walk This poor woman developed huge blisters on the soles of her feet because she walked all the way to London Her feet had swollen so much that her boots had to be cut from them by the doctor The doctor even told the hero that she was lucky that her toes didn't have to be amputated The little money the hero had given her was used to buy food for the kids on the journey This heroine was an angel who saved these downtrodden starving kids and their love saved her sanity when she thought she had little for which to live The oldest boy was her little soldier too; I loved how the little guy tried to beat she thit out of the hero's ass At points in this novel I started wondering if I was in a Dickens or Hardy novel This level of physical suffering is too extreme for a romance novel In fact I try to stay away from romance novels that focus on too much physical suffering but this one was unexpected and I kept reading because I needed to see how the cnt hero would redeem himself I couldn't forgive the hero even when he grovelled I didn't even care that he had been cruel to her because her dad had caused his father's death and forced his mother to become a whore He should have simply put a bullet in her father's head and just left the poor sweet woman alone in peace His brand of vengeance was too fcked up and sinister Her father was just as bad Her father had her kidnapped and placed in an asylum and then sold her to a vile bastard who threw her into a tub of very hot water because he decided that he needed to wash away the asylum's filth before he raped her This poor woman Ok at least she was saved from being raped but the kind of physical suffering she endured was over the top ridiculous I still can't believe she had the kind heart to forgive this beast of a hero I can't with a good conscience recommend this for those readers who are sweet little romantics and read romance novels to feel all good and bubbly inside This novel will torment your soul if you're a sensitive reader with triggers for human suffering I'm aware that there's a lot of cruel shit that happens to people in the world but I don't like reading about it in romance novelsIf I'm in the mood for human suffering I will read an old Richard Laymon novel or something that's horrifyingly crazy by Edward Lee my personal horror master However I separate my genres and when I read romance I like it light fluffy and happy with a tinge of angst

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    How can I describe my feelings? I've read last year but I remember most of it Saintly and loving heroine and the most cruel horrible asshole giant jerk Hero bozuntusu I mean so called hero Of course he grovelled Was it enough? NO But Ms Jackson wrote one of the best trainwrecky angsty book It was like Arabesk a Turkish movie that mocked with angsty Turkish movies with using all the cliches ever used Anyway for the love of tears I shed 35 stars

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    Heartbreaking storyI cried through approximately 40% of this story It will tear you up The Hero is one of the worst heroes I have ever read about I gave this five stars simply because the author made me feel so much I loved the heroine and the last 60% of the book was filled with the hero's grovel I want to write but I am emotionally exhausted right now Will be back

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    Enjoyable romanceFirst off I want to explain the reason for my 4 star rating It has nothing to do with my enjoyment of this story and if not for one thing I would definitely have rated it 5 stars Normally I am not someone who rates down a story for minor things but I found the swearing being done by Reanna to be out of place for a gently bred young woman from this time period and Reanna was depicted as a very gentle woman so why would she be cussing no matter how angry she was? Other than that one drawback I thoroughly enjoyed this book I have to admit that I did not Like Killian much in the beginning but once I learned of his reasons for seeking revenge I was inclined to forgive him The scene with his mistress disgusted me the fact that he brought her to their home and allowed her to talk to Reanna in such a way than disturbing and his cruel response to Reanna's reuest which brought not only emotional but physical pain to her was hardly commendable Like all heroes Killian managed to redeem himself in my eyes but I loved that the heroine did not give in right away and fall immediately into his arms After the despicable way he treated her it would have been implausible The suspense towards the end of the book had me staying up late to finish it All in all I found Unmasking the Maruees to be a highly entertaining romance taking me from tears to anger to joy and finally to suspenseful anticipation of a happy ending

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    This ended up being a great story I was really worried about this story at the beginning But it did end up being a very good bookThe hero Killian was really uite mean to the naive heroine Reanna It was a rough start the way he treated her I don't usually like it when this happens however he put her through a lot stuff and she ultimately made her a much stronger not so naive heroine For that the book ended up to very good Watching her grow and making her strong was a plus Had she stayed the naive heroine would have made a bad story The chemistry between the H and H was great There are some hot and steamy sex scenes too Lots of dialogue throughout the whole book was great I like lots of dialogue The story line and plot was great and the story flowed very nicely Easy to read and follow I also enjoyed the characters from the previous book showing up and being part of the story Really enjoying this series I like that this author is not afraid to write some of the cringing scenes It makes for some good OMG moments

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    UnbelievableI couldn't believe how far the story line went with the treatment of the heroine and for her to forgive so easily Unbelievable And what's going on with the way the story ended? I have so many uestions that were not answered Why is her aunt coming back when she said she wouldn't? she has urgent news to discuss and reuested people they trust to be present why? Why did the aunt hate the heroines father so much? What happened to the heroines mother? Why did the heroines father treat her so bad? Unless I am missing chapters in my book it did not completely finish the story Which book finishes this story? Unbelievable that we are left with these uestions

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    This was such a good book so many twists and turns Killian is only out for revenge and he doesn't care who gets hurt including his worst enemies daughter whom he marries to get revenge The day after Reanna marries the man she loves he calls her a whore and so much then banishes her to a property he never visits Her life is crushed After almost a year Killian goes to his home with his mistress to only crush Reanna even He realizes after that what he has finally done and will do anything to gain her trust and live again There is so much heart ache that makes you cry reading the book Another awesome book from the author

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    I liked this book because our Heroine was stronger than usual in these types of books Also she managed to do so without being annoying which is apparently a difficult balance to reach Our Hero was very focused on one task despite there being evidence in place that this wouldn't be the best course of action for him So he kind of didn't deserve her forgiveness But I am a sucker for a happily ever after The final conflict felt very forced and unnecessary

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