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Forget Me Not Flowering #11 AMAZINGAMAZINGAMAZING Forget Me Not is an erotic romance about Lily going away to attend her first year of college She decides to attend a different college than her brother Jon and her boyfriend and Jon’s best friend Derek Jon and Derek are attending their second year at a state college but Lily wanted her independence and was able to obtain a scholarship for another neighboring collegeLily has loved Derek ever since she was in eighth grade and now has been dating him for the past ten months though now both college students Lily is struggling with her emotions She feels alone depress and a little home sick so finds herself leaning on her friends and immersing herself in her studies at school to get her through her next visits with Derek Unfortunately with both involved with the school activities and studies they find themselves taking a break from each other to focus Lily meets Jack on several occasions because literally keeps running into him Jack is the badass tattooed boy with panty dropper smile and smart ass mouth Jack not only now what buttons to push with Lily to get her upset but also is very persistent in letting her know where she can find him when she is ready for him – arrogant manLily surprises Jack by understanding him as an individual prior to judging based on his appearance and she discovers he has many broken pieces in his life Jack also finds himself thinking differently about Lily and maybe of the possibilities that he could have a princess of his own but struggles with his dark world Whom will Lily decide to keep in her life Derek Jack or will it be both men? Will the separation between Lily and Derek be too much? Will Jack use Lily only to hurt her or will she hurt Jack instead? Forget Me Not is a BEAUTIFUL EROTIC LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down While reading you will find yourself on an INTENSE emotional roller coaster experiencing many emotions There is a preuel in the series called Her Brother’s Best Friend which tells the story on how Lily and Derek relationship commence Forget Me Not is Sarah Daltry’s second novel in the Flowering series and she will be soon releasing a third novel in the Flowering series Lily of the Valley which will tell Jack’s point of viewI rate Sarah Daltry’s novel in the Flowering series Forget Me Not 5 AMAZING STARS In Forget Me Not Sarah Daltry does it again She creates an true to life college experience complete with an uncertain confused yet passionate teenage girl and the boys who try to be the man she wants The writing is crisp the editing top notch and the sex scenes are spot onThe main character Lily is 18 at the start of the novel She's starting her first year of college and she decided to go a different school than her boyfriend Derek Yes she loves him but she wants to have her own college experience not hisUnfortunately that's harder than it sounds Lily is depressed and lonely and not uite sure how to break out of that cycle while still obsessing about Derek She asks for a break which soon turns into a break up Enter JackJack is the perfect bad boy He's rough in all the right places but when it comes to Lily all he really wants is a chance to show her the man he could be if given the chanceAnd as an added bonus Sarah adds in a ton of smoking hot college sex College is the time when 'anything goes' and Sarah definitely took advantage of thatIf you want to find out if Lily picks Jack or Derek you're going to have to pick up your own copy of Forget Me Not I recommend you do it now SpolierI won this book through the Giveaways This would be the first one that I got that I loved It was hard to put down And I dont normally like college romance stories I thought it had a very good story line And I loved that she ended up with the bad boy I look forward to from this author Sorry this one was a fail for me It really does pain me to give books such a low rating but I could not give this one than 1 star I think maybe if the author had set up the storyline differently or added to it than I could have rated it higher As it is the whole story takes place in a matter of months We open with what is a perfect couple in love I got no sense of strain or awkwardness in their relationship uickly into the story however the main character Lily completely changes and left me dumbfounded as to where that person came from I don't agree with the synopsis of this book I think it's off She and Derek find themselves falling apart and Lily has no idea where to turn No they're not falling apart Lily in my opinion goes off the deep end Like seriously off the deep end First off I have to point out there is a novella before this book It's about Lily and Derek getting together She has crushed on and lusted after him her brother's best friend since she was in the eighth grade He's a year older than her Finally the weekend of her 18th birthday they get togetherFast forward to this book It's been 10 months and they're going strong She loves and adores him and he feels the same She's starting her first year of college She decided to go to a separate college from him and her brother He's there helping her get moved into her dorm and promises to come up every weekend to see her Keep in mind his college is only an hour awayOkay here is where the story takes a dive for me So after the FIRST week of school she becomes this whiny neurotic thing who even reprimands herself for being this way but does nothing to reign it in She has numerous tantrums and meltdowns Lily comes across as an insecure jealous harpyLily decided they need a break; not break up just take some time to themselves One month exactly She has no contact with him whatsoever Just before the month break is up her birthday comes up Thinking that surely he plans on seeing her cause it's her birthday and all she finally calls him to ask where he's taking her Of course he has other plans It's the last match for his Rugby team but he promises to make it up to her Just insert the meltdown of all meltdowns here She basically ends the call with her thinking they broke upNeeding to escape she runs into Jack the bad boy I really don't get what makes him a bad boy His mom was a drug addict and his father is in prison He doesn't do relationships and likes kink with his sex That's it Anyway she runs into him for the 4th time so far and takes him up on his offer to get away After a night of drinking and sex in the alley he takes her back to his dorm room where he fucks her like a dirty whore I think he calls her that too When he's done he shows her the door but welcomes her back for the next day Now her boyfriend has no clue they broke up and thinks they're still together He emails her and leaves her messages The guy shows up only for her to tell him she doesn't love him like that any She ends up breaking up with him completely And of course in the end it's bad boy she ends up withI just don't get the events that played out Again we get no glimpse of any problems in their relationship It's basically all her Maybe if the author had taken the time to show us things just weren't working for them it could have been believable But the storyline was rushed and Lily came off as crazy It was like a Good Girls Gone Bad thing Love love love this book Story line and characters awesome I finished it in one day A must read Great job Sarah Okay so I let me start by saying WOW This book was nice and steamy I LOVED Lily in this story The way she spent her time trying to find herself was so amazing Derek was not a bad guy to me at all but seriously Jack WOW?? Not only did he intensify hotness of this book but he was also SO needed in Lilys story of finding herself and who and what she wanted out to life Anyone who has ever struggled to find what they want in life can relate to what Lily goes through and the struggles she faces day to day Sarah did an amazing job and showing that not only was Lily trying to become someone new she was also missing home and not wanting to forget that part of her life I made one mistake with this book I read it while during lunch time at the office It is a little too hot to read in the workplace I had employees wondering why my office door was closed and why when they did come in I would blush This book is not only about hot sex though and that is what is great It was also a great romance story AMAZING STORY WRITTEN AMAZINGLY I give this story 5 stars I will definitely be reading it again and will probably blush just as much I loved Forget Me Not It was a great read full of hot sex which I'm always partial too and good characters I'm a Jack gal that's for sure Rating; 355 Bu yorum Blog Tur kapsamında Jack'e göre Lilly şımartılmış bir zengin züppe İlişkilerin sadece sekse dayalı olmasına razı oldukça En azından onu tanıyana kadarLilly'e göreyse Jack terk edilmesinin acısını dindirmesine çok ihtiyaç duyduğu bir dikkat dağınıklığı Adam ona uzun zamandır edindiği fantazilerini nasıl hayata geçireceğini öğretiyor Ama sadece arzu herşey için yeterli olabilir mi?Jack'in Lilly'e erkek arkadaşlık yapması oldukça tatlıydı Onun için bir ilk olduğundan napacağını bilemese de bu konuda elinden gelen yapması çok hoştu Ama Derek Lilly'le aralarını düzeltmek için geldiğinde cidden üzüldüm Zorlu bir duruma düşmüştü Derek futbol oyuncusu zengin yakışıklı biriyken kendi fakir kötü alışkanlıkları ondanda kötü geçmişi olan biriJackleyken Lilly'den biraz hoşlanmaya başlamıştım Değişmeye daha olgunlamaya başlamıştı Olaylar kötüleştiğinde iki adamıda hayatından atma fikri bence en doğru karardı Aşk üçgeninin ortasında kalıpta mantıklı davranan bir karakter görmek samanda iğne aramak kadar zor Olayların geliştiği yönden oldukça memnunum Onlarda bende sonunda erdik muradımıza Buddy Read with my BBB Sara UmDNF at 41%There really are no wordsthis was a HOT MESS The sex felt forced and the dialogue was beyond cheesy Lily is starting her freshman year of college Her boyfriend Derek goes to school an hour away Lily can hardly function with him being gone She's trying to fit in with the college life but can't seem to do so being homesick and missing Derek Soshe decides they need a breakThey don't talk for weeks In the meantime Lily continues to literally run into Jack all over campus Jack is an ass They stereotype each other she's the spoiled princess he's the bad boy biker Now it's Lily's birthday and she decides to call Derek and see if he's still planning to take her out Well he wasn't So Lily flips her shit and turns in to crazy psycho jealous girlfriendLily runs into Jack yet again how convenient He takes her away proceeds to get her drunk and then takes her against the wall outside of the bar He comes she doesn't Lily is apparently okay with thisbecause she decides to go back to his apartment with him for awesome sex Jack proceeds to tell Lily you're not such a sweet innocent princess are you? No You're my dirty little whore AndFrankly Derek was the only character with any redeeming ualities and she dumped him Moving on Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 10 1484890450 ISBN 13 978 1484890455This isn't a sweet and innocent coming of age story If dirty talk bedroom toys and threesomes offend you this is not your book There are also no billionaires strippers or virgins This is just the story of typical college kids trying to connect to each other No one tells you when you start school just how homesick you will be or how hard it will be to start life over with no direction and no friends or family No one says that becoming your own person is terrifyingLily had a crush on her brother's best friend Derek for years which led to their steamy night ten months ago in her bedroom Now she's off to college and she and Derek are still going strong However when school starts Lily realizes it's hard to maintain a relationship while also trying to live her own life She and Derek find themselves falling apart and she has no idea where to turnEnter Jack Everything about him is wrong for Lily and she knows it but she can't stop herself from being attracted to him When things implode with Derek it's Jack who's there to pick up the pieces and to show Lily an entirely new set of experiences she didn't know she was missing Of course Jack has his own problems and once Lily gets to know him better she starts to wonder if she can handle all of Jack When Derek reappears on the scene Lily is forced to decide between two guys and herself Can she find herself without losing the people who matter in the process

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