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Cover of Night Marella Demick was just eighteen when she was brutally attacked on her way home late one night Fleeing her hometown for the safety and privacy of Bluff’s Edge Ella focused on her recovery and putting the past behind her Now seven years later Ella is convinced that the rapes of three women are being carried out by the same man who attached her all those years ago Returning to Posey Cove was not in her plans but knowing what she knows she’ll do anything to stop a monster from striking again When Ella walks into the office of Behind the Scenes she’s shocked to see Tuck Mallory Lawyer turned private investigator Tuck’s family has deep ties with Ella’s In fact Ella was working for Tuck the summer she was attacked Tuck’s never forgotten the night Ella was attacked or the shock at discovering she had not only been beaten but raped as well Now the two join forces to track down a rapist With little to go on and not much memory of that fatal night Ella will have to lean on Tuck to help her catch a madman Fighting an intense attraction the two will have to put everything on the line in order to prevent Ella from becoming a victim once again

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    I really loved this book as I thought it was well written with a great plot and really good character development I think Tammy Powell has a bright future as a writer and I look forward to her many other books This is one of those that I would recommend to everyone Since I won this on Goodreads I would normally pay it forward by giving it to a friend to read But since this is an autographed copy from Tammy it must stay in my personal collection

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    Cover of Night by Tammy Powell has some good ualities but also has many bad ualities On the plus side Powell is good at building suspense and at times shows promise in looking into the mind of a rapist and killer However I found the characters on the whole to be shallow and somewhat unbelievable Tuck Mallory is presented as a womanizer who makes a move on a seventeen year old girl and suddenly develops a conscience; the guilt he feels over a kiss seems unrealistic and unbelievable I had difficulty seeing Ella Demick as a teenager; she just does not seem to behave as a teenager would When the paths of these two cross again after seven years I still felt that the characterization of each lacked depth and it was hard to really be involved with either I found that the most interesting and well written parts of the book were those segments told from the point of view of the rapist Perhaps Powell needs to consider writing a book from the perspective of the guilty Also a problem with the book was that there were numerous grammatical errors that should have been corrected before publishing the book The book did show promise in that the plot held my interest but the characters should have been believable

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    i had tossed back and forth whether to give this book one or two stars while the cover was very well done that cant be said for the rest of the book maybe im picky but a simple thing called grammar and spelling check wouldve done this book some good then theres plot consistency this story had a lot of potential but when you cant keep the characters personalities straight its very annoying or even keep the story consist see aunt bettys death and then theres the characters tuck is believeable as a womanizer but then gets a conscience kissing a 17yr old? uh no not consistent with his character type and ella is just pathetic it felt like something i wouldve written in the 6th grade the descriptions were well done but other than that i really cant say much else about this book i definitely recommend an editor for the next

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