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Anger is an Energy ‘Anger is an Energy’ is John Lydon’s second attempt at an autobiography following 199 4’s ‘Rotten – No Irish No Blacks No Dogs’ Clearly one of the drawbacks of writing an ‘early in life’ autobiography is that there may well be a lot of life still left to live and still left to write about Autobiographies generally fall into one of a few categories either – the ‘warts and all’kiss and tellexposé variety or the vacuous minor celebrity pointlessness type not forgetting the shamelessly self promotionself aggrandisement’ version – or a combination thereof Lydon’s book doesn’t fall fully into any of these categories although at times definitely veers into self aggrandisement territory‘Anger is an Energy’ is reads and is written in a conversational manner – ‘a cosy chat with John LydonRotten’ perhaps and it is interesting for the most part to see what JLR has to say As an individual and leader of both the ‘Sex Pistols’ and the ‘Public Image Ltd’ JLR has undoubtedly not only changed music and culture but with the ‘Sex Pistols’ – the way that we think and life in England itself – at the time sending shock waves around the world For those that were not around at the time in England 1975 1978 it is perhaps hard to imagine the seismic impact that JLR’s band had – from disgust and apoplectic outrage to a new kind of excitement a new kind of music and a different way of thinking – an enlightenment The influence of which is still felt todaySadly though although interesting to hear what JLR has been up to since 1994 the ongoing antics of PiL JLR’s adventures in reality television and his views on life in general although much of that we already know this is a book that is badly in need of significant editing There is a lot of waffle here and a lot that reads in the manner of being delivered by the local ‘bar room philosopher’ Ultimately and apart from being overlong and somewhat repetitive I’m not sure what ‘Anger is an Energy’ adds to what JLR delivered in the earlier ‘Rotten – No Irish No Blacks No Dogs’ A ‘Revolt into Style’ indeed Let the music speak for itself I haven't read Lydon's previous biography which I understand is mainly about the Pistols but this one spends about 150 pages on that era than the rest on PIL and his various TV experiences Insightful stuff with perhaps a rant or two that go on for a bit too long but to me even that was entertaining I especially liked all the info surrounding the making of PIL's 1986 release Album and how he appreciates and is friends with many people you'd never think he would be These 500 pages fly by in no time Intelligent without being intellectual and always entertaining And what about that whine? Lydon via Andrew Perry or less chronologically recounts his life from a wee lad to the present time A born raconteur Lydon relates the saga of his life in the Sex Pistols and beyond and everything in between Full of laughs there are also decidedly serious and tender moments than you would expect and Johnny comes off as a fairly serious person not one for sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll but he's seen it just not participated He's refreshingly self deprecating while at the same time you can see his actual pride in the things he has done As you would expect he lives life to the fullest and has no time for foolsNot as many sneers as you might expectAll you english teachers stay away from this Mr Lydon has his own way of speaking and writing and it ain't textbook correct It's like listening to someone verbatim that knows how to speak but doesn't know proper grammar Still blind acceptance is the signOf stupid fools who stand in line like Don't listen to anyone who tells you this book is anything but worth reading  As usual John Lydon delivers the truth and like it or not if you can't handle what he's written here you are still waiting for a bus that's not coming  Anyone who grew up in Lydon's cohort especially the dirt poor downtrodden and disenfranchised will appreciate the candour and honesty in his look back on a life jammed with experience  Those who were comfortable with the Joe Strummer brand of pseudo proletarian  philosophication will no doubt consider this another act of indulgent self gratification by the former Johnny Rotten  But there is nothing written in these pages that does not set the record absolutely bang on accurately straight about the Sex Pistols punk the music industry social class and the undiluted power of focused purposeful wrath in changing the environment around you and the entire fucking universe  If you've stopped believing in that possibility then you're better off reading Noam Chomsky and listening to U2 enjoyed this autobiography charting his early life and the music of the sex pistols and PIL sometimes gets bogged down but on the whole was enjoyable The second autobiography by John Lydon though this one plus far expansive than the firstThe first was ultimately a book about the Pistols a almost 'setting the record stranger's tome in regard to the early punk years this book does go over that ground but in concise form and expands further by embracing the post pistols years from PIL to TV work and beyondAs such I enjoyed this book far much as I appreciate the Pistols musically I was in tune with PIL and as such I enjoyed this book far Though aware of his cultural worth its interesting to see Lydon define his songs as Pop songs not choosing to dress them up as alternative rock or somethingthis is a small thing but I liked thatI liked the fact that he doesn't seem too precious in regard to how his sound is definedIt was also of interest to see him speak of artists he admires or whom maybe he isn't the biggest fan but has found some worth in on human termsin the past the pithy sound bites haven't maybe reflected who or what inspired him so it's great to see John being open to a whole host of stuffAll in all I have read better biographies but there's a lot to admire in regard this one if only the fact that as the years have progressed John's willingness to challenge himself appears not to have dimmedfuture pursuits outside music seem likely in regard to this and I can't help but be optimistic this will be so as John is always a colourful characterin then hair alone John Lydon embraces chaos and contradiction is freuently loud and rude and doesn't care if everyone hates him The funny thing about him though is that he's actually uite likable and charming and pretty insightful as well This book is a bit of a ramble but Lydon is a natural raconteur and it's really enjoyable if you go with the flow He delivers a solid narrative ride through the his impoverished childhood in North London the Sex Pistols Public Image Ltd his bizarre emergence as a reality show starnature show host in the 90s and an unexpected turn to family life in the 00s What really stood out to me in in the book and I often find this in biographies is the way that Lydon captures certain cultural moments in a personal way English footfall culture and violence in the 70s; the NYC art and music scene in the 80s; and California life and culture from a Brit's perspective There are also a few fun interlude type chapters these address everything from Lydon's love for his wife to the value of good dental hygiene learned the hard wayAnd as with all books about music you can't really get the most out of this unless you can hear it too I made a Spotify playlist to accompany this book as I read John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history As Johnny Rotten he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols the world's most notorious band who shot to fame in the mid 1970s with singles such as 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'God Save the ueen' So revolutionary was his influence he was even discussed in the Houses of Parliament under the Traitors and Treasons Act which still carries the death penalty Via his music and invective he spearheaded a generation of young people across the world who were clamouring for change and found it in the style and attitude of this most unlikely figureheadWith his next band Public Image Ltd PiL Lydon expressed an eually urgent impulse in his make up the constant need to reinvent himself to keep moving From their beginnings in 1978 he set the groundbreaking template for a band that continues to challenge and thrive in the 2010s He also found time for making innovative new dance records with the likes of Afrika Baambaata and Leftfield Following the release of a solo record in 1997 John took a sabbatical from his music career into other media most memorably his own Rotten TV show for VH1 and as the most outrageous contestant ever on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here He then fronted the Megabugs series and one off nature documentaries and even turned his hand to a series of much loved TV advertisements for Country Life butterLydon has remained a compelling and dynamic figure both as a musician and thanks to his outspoken controversial yet always heartfelt and honest statements as a cultural commentatorThe book a fresh and mature look back on a life full of incident from his beginnings as a sickly child of immigrant Irish parents who grew up in post war London to his present status as a vibrant alternative national hero John Lydon is a complex mix of irreverence vulgarity crassness and loyal caring sensitivity He has the attitude and vocabulary of the poor street kid who grew up in the slums of London That is because that is exactly how he grew up And his family was Irish to boot so he was a misfit in his own home townAdded to that when he was eight years old he came down with meningitis and was hospitalized for a year Lydon grew up rebellious and angry Today he is still rebellious and still angry He certainly is energetic But is it still anger? Or is it accurately described as passion?The first part of the book was less interesting to me because it was mostly rehashing his years with the Sex Pistols I'd read most of this in his first book No Irish No Blacks No DogsThere is a lot of ranting against just about everybody he knew That got a little boring I must admit OK You hate everybody I get it You're opposed to anything structured decent or normal The spirit of PunkYet there were cracks of light shining through the frothing at the mouth rage There were people he lovedHe loves his family He loves helpless people He loves orphans He fights for the underdogThere were glimmers of wisdom showing that while Lydon may be Johnny Rotten dirty street rat he's also a highly intelligent well read creative man Maybe this is what is underneath the hard glossHe and his wife adopted her daughter's twin boys They were wild and out of control As teenagers they could hardly speak intelligibly They couldn't read or write Not many people would have taken that on and Lydon wasn't even related to these children Yet he took them in I wish he had spoken at length about them I would have liked to know how they turned outI also respected how he did not sugarcoat his stepdaughter Ari Up lead singer of the girl punk band The Slits her life style and how she failed her children Reading this section one can't help but think of a kindly old but deft minister admonishing out of compassion the plurality and hypocrisy of famous people that show one side to the public but are horribly selfish people that ruin their own family I thought it was both brave and honest of himHe speaks with nothing but love and respect for his wife Nora They married when he was twenty and she was thirty six He's closer in age to his step daughter Ari Up than his wife But they've been married for the last 51 years BravoThis isn't in the book but I have learned from other sources that his wife now suffers from Alzheimer's and he is her primary caregiver I don't care what kind of foul mouthed punk he is that alone commands my respect Again bravo Lydon has never acted as though he cared what others said He openly criticized Bob Geldof and other rock stars who participated in Live Aid Did they even know where the money went? Who did they actually help? He summed it up as a lot of virtue posturing inside a safe fashionable causeHe also performed in Israel against popular opinion as well Kudos to him Finally the piece de resistance he supports TrumpIf it weren't for his actions one could accuse him of a lot of hot air But he puts his money where his mouth is He really doesn't care what other people think He may have a filthy potty mouth admirable to an adolescent but he doesn't pretend to be anything other than he isIf you're a Sex Pistols and Punk Rock fan You will probably enjoy adding this book to your library I would have to say that I'm of a fan of Lydon than I am of the Pistols or PiL Here's a man who tells it like it is and doesn't give a damn who offends That's what I've loved about him You ask the man a uestion you got an honest answer and if he didn't like the uestions he'd tell you I've noticed over the years that Lydon's mellowed a bit in his old age The interviews are interesting but still hold the same amount of honesty we've come to expect I read No Irish No Blacks No Dogs and wasn't all that impressed The inside of the story of the Pistols was finally revealed but it wasn't I was expecting Enter My Life Uncensored and I knew at some point I would read it but what I didn't want to read was another celebrity bio that fills in the gaps with stuff we already know There isn't much insight into the person just a rehashing of various facts Lydon's book is a bit disjointed at times but let's be honest this is the way John wanted the story told The ghost writer doesn't try and rein in him or even keep him focused so the narrative sometimes goes all over the place If it had been told any other way it wouldn't feel like John's story at all and just another product being shoved down our throats What struck me was just how nice he is Not all what I expected but that's the thing about celebrity and even the media Hell John himself is just as much to blame for his public persona as the media is At times he's still rude and abrasive but that's just who is There's an honesty that runs throughout the book and he tells the story his way He holds nothing back Surprisingly Lydon comes off as a nice guy someone you'd want to have a talk with at a pub It's a bit weird but you get used to it Lydon's story is never boring and he even justifies the moments fan would say he sold out He did do television but didn't dilute himself to achieve it While most people would find this boring or just a way for Lydon to gain fans it's a little than that This is the story of a man who never sold himself out to gain success and relished in the fact that he's infamous than famous It's an interesting book that fans will appreciate but non fans will turn their noses up at it

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