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Falling Angels Arkady is a legend Arkady is an angel Arkady is a slave Troy is a voyeur Troy is a rescuer Troy is a monster This 12 600 word story includes explicit content including mm non consent slavery violence and torture All characters are 18 years or over no ratingWhat an unrelenting nightmare I made the mistake of reading this late at night couldn’t put it down hoping for the best for the young protag and woke up still disoriented and deeply disturbed Built around sex trafficking and horrific abuse and torture this is ultimately about the darker side of human nature We all know there are very disturbed evil people out there we hear about it every day on the news kidnappings abuse torture beheading in the name of religious fervor it’s really about ego power lust and the bottomless well of human crueltyArkady— he no longer remembers his real name— has the face of an angel; he is sold into slavery at fifteen to pay his father’s debt the story starts three years later His life of prostitution porn films continual rape and abuse where he never sees the light of day turns into being sold as a slave with ongoing torture and body modification Arkady hangs on to life by his teeth groomed to do whatever it will take The nightmare is that this is not pure fiction that it exists in the real world for many young people like Arkady view spoilerThere is absolutely no hope for this boy hide spoiler My thoughts during reading and at the moment I finished it I was expecting something depressing and disturbingDamn that is Cari WaitesYou have to know what you're getting yourself intoBut NO SorryI need at least a tiny ray of hope even if it is an invisible oneBut hereNever again Terrifying and HEARTBREAKING I was craving a HEA ending Chose this for a reading challenge to push my limits and yes I knew it was beyond them but stupidly read it anyway To say I didn't enjoy it is an understatement and the underlying theme of hopelessness and futility is just the cherry on top Zero happiness This was a very disturbing read for me I may have gotten through it a bit easier is the slaves were grown men instead of poor young boys I had to read this story as a documentary for educational purposes as I took no pleasure from it It sickens me that such things go on in the world pretty much unchecked as law enforcement cannot get a toehold in these syndicates to break them I am too stunnedSighIts a very small story and I really don't want to write anything about the story apart from suggestingplease read the blurbIf you are strong enough read the book its highly recommendedThis book is intenseIt made me sad really sobbing sad but still I couldn't put it down as I wanted to have my happy ending the one I always look for while reading a book but what I got was a totally unexpected and well deserved view spoiler SuckerPunch for being presumptuousIts a kind of a reality check for me hide spoiler A sad story of human trafficking populated by monsters and victims The torture is truly horrendous and there's a sense of hopelessness throughout that's a bit heartbreaking A compelling and thought provoking read Innocent angels desecrated by greed of man Wings stolen and defiled they became Earthbound lost souls Falling Angels is definitely another dark soul shattering story just like the rest of Cari Waites' work Her stories are always unconventional and unpredictable A story with sex trafficking as a theme combine with violence and torture of the body and soul is indeed heart wrenching to read Despite feeling drained of hope mutilated and stripped of humanity Arkady is never ready to return to his maker His will to live is like a self sentenced prolongation of his agonies He would live and breath and fuck for his masters Their cruelty were relentless yet Arkady could never hate them His biggest fear was to be worthless to his masters for that would only lead him to certain death Arkady is crippled without a master Be warned that this book is not about love or redemption it is about lost hope and dreams total erasure of identity harsh reconditioning of young men into mere sex object a tragedy of lost innocence and lives Even with most of the too hardcore stuff off page there's ample other disturbing events and elements to drag readers to the darkest void Truthfully I am actually finding it hard to feel the eroticism within its pages although it has body modification which is one of my favorite kink in erotica Photo credit Fotophi DeviantartBOOK DETAILSTitle Falling AngelsAuthor Cari WaitesPublication Date June 27th 2014Publisher Self pubGenre Gay erotica fictionType Short story approximately 12600 wordsMajor characters view spoilerDima aka Arkady 18 yo boy from Arkhangelsk Russia Marcus Slave dealerhuman trafficker Mr Grace wealthy slave owner Troy detectivepolice DCI Harper Troy's superior hide spoiler I don't even know how to rate something this fucked up heart breakingly tragicEdited to add Okay so I'm rating this on the uality of writing and the story told rather than on the plot specifics Because how is that even a possibility?

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