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Wild Horses The Montana Hamiltons #1 This book really was amazing Mostly suspense with some romance After reading this there are some loose ends that I'm anxious to find out about So looks like it's on to book two soon Livie and Cooper don't have it easy getting to the altar and someone is out to make sure they don't The perfect beginning to this series and it will have you coming back for 4 Blackmailing Montana Royalty Stars for the story and narration Wow this book is sure to keep you guessing with it's numerous suspense filled sub plots one of which appears to arc over the entire series Wild Horses is the first in a 6 book series which will feature the extremely wealthy Hamilton family of Beartooth Montana who made their money in ranching The patriarch of the family Buckmaster Hamilton is a US Senator who many have pegged with White House aspirations and each book features the love life of one of his six daughtersIn the case of Wild Horses we learn the story of Livie Hamilton and her fiance Cooper Burnett who is a rancher who works for Livie's father As you can imagine the differences in their socioeconomic backgrounds and a number of past secrets intermingle to threaten Livie's and Cooper's HEA Intermixed within this story is the story of Livie's mother who disappeared from the Hamilton mansion over 22 years ago Each family member has a different way of coping with this tragedy but there is no doubt that even two decades later this great mystery is still having its impact on the family Further adding intrigue to the whole plot is a meddling step mother who stepped into Livie's mother's shoes but never cared much for her step daughters just the potential long reach of her husband's political careerFurther complementing this story is the solid narration by Graham Winton Mr Winton does a fabulous job of coloring this story with the appropriate western drawl that would no doubt be prevalent in Montana Additionally Mr Winton generally did a good job of varying his intonation to provide distinguishable voices for each of the many characters allowing the listener to sit back and enjoy the story without having to overly rely on dialogue tags In fact you could practically hear some of the personality traits dripping from his characterizations of a number of the characters including for example the scheming socialite political ladder climbing tendencies of Buckmaster's second wife Mr Winton also did a good job of communicating the particular mood of the scene By for example increasing the speed of his delivery during the heightened suspense scenes and drawing out some of the parts where the effect was to add to the allure of the mystery All in all I was pleased with Mr Winton's performance and look forward to listening to of his works in the future Wow revenge blackmail love and unexplained mysteries abound in this fantastic western romantic suspense title The only reason I'm giving Wild Horses four rather than five stars is because I was anxiously awaiting the unraveling of the remaining mystery ie the one I hinted to above which I now realize will likely arc the whole series and was so shocked to find that it was not resolved at the end of the book But that means that now I am even anxious to explore of the Hamilton family's secrets and desires Fortunately for me Book 2 Lone Rider just released earlier this weekSource Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review I love BJ Daniels No other author brings Montana and cowboys to life like she does For a Harleuin author she is a master story teller Her books always have a romance and a mystery a perfect combination In this book there are a lot of plots sub plots and past plots along with a mess of characters to go along with all that Messy messy messyThis book is the first of The Montana Hamiltons series We have the six daughters of Buckmaster Hamilton a very wealthy rancher turned politician a United States Senator with visions of the White House He has a few skeletons in his closet too His first wife died 22 years ago in an auto accident and her body was never recovered I have a feeling that this will be a overarching theme for the seriesThis book is about Livie She has some serious problems Her stubborn and impulsive traits got her in a whole mess of trouble blackmail and an unplanned pregnancy and the pregnancy could be the result of being drugged and raped Cooper Livie's fiancé is a cowboy He just can't understand why he had to fall in love with Olivia Hamilton He is an up by his bootstrap kind of guy and will not accept any help from Buckmaster Hamilton Now Livia has told him that she is being blackmailed and is pregnant and the baby may be the blackmailers That doesn't hurt as much as her not trusting him when it happened This was an exciting and complicated book It starts when Livie having had an argument with her fiance Cooper drives off in a huff into a worsening snowstorm She ends up driving into a ditch from which a stranger rescues her Later we find out that she wakes up naked in bed with no idea how she got there or what happened Three months later she's receiving blackmail threats things are still rocky between her and Cooper and she's three months pregnant with no idea who the father is To say that she is in turmoil would be an understatement She knows she has to tell him but she's worried about how he'll take it She loves him and doesn't want to lose himCooper is the head wrangler on Livie's father's ranch After some rough years as a teenager he pulled his life together and has made something of himself He's got some land of his own and a few wild mustangs that he's training He's loved Livie since the first time he met her and sometimes has trouble believing that she loves him too He knows that people are saying that he's marrying her for her money and is determined to prove them all wrong to the point where he refuses to accept any of the help that her father offers It doesn't help that he knows her sisters don't think that he's good enough for her Ever since their argument back in January he's had a feeling that there's something wrong and when she finally tells him he doesn't know what to thinkAt this point both Livie and Cooper are in pain and both are somewhat responsible Livie should have told him what happened as soon as she got back instead of pretending everything was fine She compounded the problem when she didn't tell him about the pregnancy or the blackmail notes leaving him feeling like she neither loves nor trusts him On the other hand if Cooper hadn't been so proud and unwilling to bend even a little Livie might have felt comfortable going to him right away I did like the fact that once he recovered from the shock Cooper was determined to track down the mysterious man and get to the bottom of the trouble But it turns out to be complicated than either expectedThe house she was taken to doesn't belong to the blackmailer but there may be a connection to the lady of the house The man turns up in Beartooth but claims he's not blackmailing her never slept with her only drugged her so she could sleep After the man confronts Livie while she's alone Cooper goes looking for him The next day the man is found dead and Cooper accused of his murder Adding another layer of stress to the relationship between Cooper and Livie his former girlfriend wants him back and will do anything to make it happen One of Livie's rejected suitors also gets in on the action Livie's father Senator Buckmaster Hamilton has spoiled his six daughters since the death of their mother twenty two years earlier trying to make up for her loss by giving them what they want He married again but Angelina wasn't interested in being a mother just advancing her husband's political career Now that he's a possible candidate for president she's worried about how all these problems will affect their plans Things get even complicated when his first wife Sarah turns up very much alive but with amnesia She claims she just wants a chance to get to know her daughters but people are skeptical Angelina is furious but how far is she willing to go to protect her husband's political career?The tension and surprises just kept building throughout the book With the problems they were having I really wasn't sure at the beginning just how good a chance Cooper and Livie had to make a go of their relationship It wasn't easy but they did manage to earn back each other's trust and belief in their future As for the blackmailer and the murderer there were several twists that kept me guessing as to who it might be I had a feeling about the identity but I couldn't figure out the why and the how until almost the end There was also a last bit of a threat to Livie's life where only her ability to stay calm in a crisis kept her safe until Cooper could come to her rescue While the mystery of the threat to Livie is solved by the end of the book the uestions of Sarah's return carry over into the next book I also enjoyed the appearances of various characters from the Beartooth Montana series especially Sheriff Frank Curry He is the lawman in charge of the murder investigation and the uestions surrounding Sarah's return from the dead There is a glimpse into his continuing issue with the young woman who tried to kill him  This was a disjointed story with too many plots lines and poorly written I disliked the characters perhaps too much of the past traditional roles and expectations The female part Livie Hamilton was weak whiny and unlikeable as was her love interest Cooper Barnett who was autocratic moody and accusing for most of the book They were poor communicators and thus there was much misunderstanding Neither of the characters was accountable for their feelings and actions for too much of the story DNFThis non romance romance was a pain to read More so because it contained lines like this one The baby stays Dad will be tickled to have a grandchild no matter how he gets one says one of the hundred sisters the idiotic heroine has Yes right It doesn't matter that her sister might have been raped and this baby may well be the result of rape we don't care about the provenance a woman's body is not hers it belongs to reproduction and to reactionary politicians and their followers The writer finds nothing wrong with this position I could even picture this BJ Daniels as one of those who harass and harangue women outside hospitals and clinics These things coming from female writers make me truly sick Ten fat zeroes for this book which wants the babies of rapists but does not take care to represent a single sex scene between hero and heroine Ok for mystery lovers and it kept my interest but I had some complaintsThis is labeled Harleuin Romance but I would not call it a romance I’d call it mystery suspense There is no relationship development The story starts with the main couple Livie and Cooper already engaged They have problems and tension throughout the story They have a happy ending but nothing was fun about changing their relationshipThere is no sexual content other than Livie wondering if she had been rapedAll the characters were like regular people the main differences were some were rich and others not which is ok but my favorite stories have an oddball character or an odd relationship Instead of focusing on characters this was about mysteries and plots And by the way that can be good for many readers It’s just not the best for meThe book consisted of several substories The author spent a page or two on one story and then jumped to another story There was always at least one cliffhanger moment in the air for example someone is following Livie She stops and raises her rifle to see who is coming out of the pines; the author switches to another scene The author did this freuently I was annoyed and frustrated I prefer logical ends to scenes before switching elsewhereI was disappointed that two of the mysteries were not solved at the end I suppose they might continue in a seuelStupidUnsmart heroineI don’t mind an unsmart heroine But give me good reasons for her doing stupid things Livie did several things that did not make sense For example She thinks she was raped but she does not report it or find out Then she receives a blackmail letter from the rapist asking for money She pays him Why? She did nothing wrong Her father was loving and supportive Delia dated Livie’s fiancé They are not friends There is tension between them So why does Livie ask Delia to be her maid of honor? Supposedly this was a childhood promise I wasn’t buying itDATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 365 pages Swearing language mild Sexual content none Setting current day Montana Copyright 2015 Genre mystery suspense BJ Daniels has done it again Just when I think her books couldn’t get any better she obliterates all my expectations WILD HORSES is a highly suspenseful roller coaster ride full of intrigue manipulation jealousy greed blackmail murder and a twist so crazy you will be begging her for the second book The characters are dynamic and the plot is outstanding BJ is a master of capturing your attention and not letting to until you’ve experienced every emotion known to man A true storyteller in every sense of the wordThe Montana Hamiltons series is set in the same world as the Beartooth Montana series Several characters overlap including Sheriff Frank Curry I feel so sorry for this poor man having to deal with all this mayhem in a normally uiet backcountry But he sure knows how to do his job and do it well Frank plays a major role in WILD HORSES and I bet we’ll see of him in future Montana Hamiltons books Thankfully the author took pity on us and answered a big uestion surrounding a member of Frank’s family from the Beartooth Montana series You do not want to miss this storyBJ Daniels will knock your socks off in this highly entertaining and thrilling suspense WILD HORSES is an unbelievably amazing start to a phenomenal series I’d give it a hundred stars if I couldReviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books It took only one impusive moment on an empty two lane highway to cost her everything A man's responsible for his own prosperity—especially if he's Cooper Burnett the most determined cowboy in the West No one knows what he sacrificed to claim a piece of Beartooth Montana for himself and his beautiful fiancée Livie No one knows what he's willing to do for loveuntil a stranger's twisted vendetta threatens the happy ending they should've had long ago One fateful mistake isn't the only secret Livie Hamilton is keeping from her fiancé Victimized during a treacherous blizzard by a man she thought she could trust she's pregnantbut unsure who the father is With an unknown blackmailer threatening to expose her she must confess to Cooper and trust he'll still protect her But when the truth falls into place she may lose the only man she's ever loved—or worse 35 stars An interesting group of characters and mystery plot with to be revealed in follow up books although I am not sure that I am motivated to read the whole series through perhaps I'll read the final one as well

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