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Stealing His Heart Shillings Agency #2 4 Jake Forysthe Will Steam Up Your KindleWhat happens when a domineering straight laced dirty mouthed sex on a stick ex military hero has to team up with a care free head strong intellectually matched sarcastically sassy and gorgeous woman? The product sucks you in steams up your kindle and has you converting to being cheerleader for Team Jara Jake TaraTwo characters with a past history one involving a cherished friendship that had all the potential to be yet life split these two apart Now 8 years later Jake Forsythe must confront the one woman he left behind a woman he never believed he deserved a woman he fought to keep out of his heart However while Jake discovers Tara is still the same beautiful risk taking rebel with a feisty mouth Tara finds the Jake she used to know is a completely different man than the boy she once adored Time spent in the Marines left Jake with than physical scarsTara lives a life set on retrieving stolen items and returning them to their rightful owners Does she follow the rules in order to obtain these objectsehhh not really Is she a thief? On paper but in retrospect her morals are just Nonetheless getting caught could land her in jail and unfortunately for her she is pushed into a corner with only one option of getting out without paying the conseuences Jake now working for a private security company is left with no choice but to gain her cooperation or turn her in for her crimeIs it blackmailabsolutely Will Tara give Jake a run for his moneyhell YESThe chemistry between these two is electrifyingly spark crackling steamy The banter keeps you hooked I can guarantee you while Tara will have you laughing out loudDon’t smile You might appear to be human she saidMaybe that stick up your ass isn’t stuck as far in as I thought The Jake I used to know might still be alive and kicking beneath that serious facadeJake will have you fanning yourself not only does this man drip with sex appeal his mouth will have you suirming in your seat'Tara’ he said his voice hard and shattered all at once Leaning in he whispered ‘You keep this up and you’ll be on your back behind the Ferris wheel and I’ll be so deep inside of you you’ll forget what it feels like not have me there Tread lightly'Or better yet he will have you jumping out of your seat raising your hand to be his pupilGo to bed now before I decide to teach you a lessonThere was plenty of angst between the two characters however I would of liked suspense from the bad guy angle While the duration of the story does occur over a very short period of time Diane Alberts does a great job recognizing that and you don’t get an insta love feel Rather we are given the right amount of back drop to Jake Tara’s history Jake’s character growth over the course of the book was perfect Tara does not progress much but I didn’t think she needed to her character was balanced out and really helped bring out the growth in JakeThe switch in POV allows the reader to get in both character’s heads and Mrs Alberts does an exceptional job depicting the male voice She also does not disappoint in the sex department holy blast your air conditioning yet she doesn’t go over board with the sex; combination of steam humor and intrigue This book is definitely a page turner one that you can and will easily want too finish in one seating Tori 4 stars 35 starsThis second installment of the Shillings Agency brings readers two criminals a second chance fiery romance and some seriously funny moments that will have you giggling Tara and Jake have a thieving pastone that left her bitter and sent him running Now the tables have turned for Jake and he’s on the side that’s trying to keep out the would be criminals but she’s still sneaking her way in to grab the goods As Jake’s latest job with the private security company has him finding the culprit that managed to get by their system he comes face to face with the woman who used to be his partner She’s still in the game but now she’s acting as a sultry feminine version of Robin Hood as she steals from the deceitful and gives items back to their rightful owners Too bad that doesn’t make Jake’s job any easier as he has to find the secret to Tara’s ability to break into even the most complex systemsor send her off to pay for her crimes Tara and Jake had great chemistry from the start; from the moment she realized it was him who had her caught in the act there were sparks flying Jake has this underlying dom side that led to some smokin’ hot dialogue between them and Tara held her own and certainly gave him a run for his money whenever she got the chance You had to respect her position despite the fact that what she was doing was illegal So when Jake was so insistent on her admitting how she managed to break in part of me was kind of cheering her on when she stood her ground and refused It did drag a little in parts given that she was just pretending to be busy figuring out how she’d done it but there was also some great moments between her and Jake that were a lovely distraction Underneath the sexual tension and years of frustration built up Jake and Tara had this cute banter thanks to her silly side She brought out the fun side to him with her childish but completely goofy pranks and comments and they had me laughing out loud I loved her strength as a heroine with the ability to cave when the moment called for it She made them a fun couple and it was definitely entertaining to watch their relationship morph into something new Stealing His Heart was a fun and sexy read and a great end of summer romance to kick back with uotes“We’ve had every single high tech person we can possibly think of try to get past the security system I set up Everyone has failed Everyone except you” She pursed her lips They’d never been so damn kissable “So what? I can’t help it that I’m smarter than the average theif” she said p 26“You still smell good Like flowers” Her stomach clenched One simple sentence and she was ready to jump him p 31“You’re so ridiculous Cats? Cats?”He lost it againHer lips twitched and she joined in laughing harder than she had in years “It seemed fitting” p 98Find this and of my reviews at A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint If he’s not careful she’ll steal his heart tooTara Harris is a professional thief with a conscience She makes her living retrieving priceless stolen items from sleazy rich jerks and returning them to their rightful owners Until a routine nighttime assignment when Tara suddenly finds herself pinned against the wall And oh does the hard male body pressed against her feel good And damned familiar BustedJake Forsythe was Tara's former burglary partner until he left her naked in bed— unsatisfied—and disappeared from her life years ago Now he's back hotter and naughtily delicious than ever And he has a nice blackmailing kind of proposition—Tara can either help him with a secret project or she can go to jail But the moment Tara agrees to help Jake she realizes she's just made a deal with a sexy assed devil Because this time she stands to lose something precious than any rare objets d'art ARC generously provided by Brazen Entangled Publishing in return for an honest reviewSoo I will be honest I hated the first part of this story Jake Tara are longtime friends And if you've read The Wedding Dare series you'll remember Jake is also Christine's little brother But put that aside Jake seemed loveless in the first few chapters cold even He dominated Tara in cold detached manor that completely rubbed me the wrong way considering their lifelong friendship I guess I expected of a profound connection regardless of his need to be a dominating alpha male BUT as soon as I told myself to continue on regardless of how I was feeling about the start Jake slowly melted In the end redemption was given and I loved it and the beginning made complete sense Five Fluffy five stars from me ; ARC generously provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review3 really really dirty starsThis is the 2nd book in the Shillings Agency series and follows Tara Harris and Jake Forsythe Christine’s younger brother who we were introduced to in Diane Albert’s contribution to the Wedding Dare seriesJake has been physically and emotionally scarred during his time in the military and as a result of this his girlfriend at the time scooted off As a security specialist at Shillings Agency his latest task is to identify the thief who managed to infiltrate his sophisticated alarm system of one of the Agency’s “prestigious” clientsTara Harris is a thief; well an educated thief in that she only steals to return her clients property that has been stolen previously Being independently wealthy she is not driven by financial gain She has moralsJake and Tara have history; they were best buddies and used to run “tricks” together That was until they got a little hot heavy one night and Jake left her wanting Word is it may have been her who bypassed his system so he needs to make contact break the code and save herI enjoyed this story; Tara was a spunky ninja burglar who was passionate to her cause She was humorous controversial and took Jake’s darkness and flipped itJake was affected by his past injuries and had forgotten to laugh He constantly alluded to his “darkness” and how he wasn’t good enough for Tara He implied he liked control which made me think he was going to be a little dominant than he turned out to be but that didn’t detract from his really really dirty sexy self Find this review and at kimberlyfaye readsI'm pretty new to Entangled's Brazen imprint and I could kick myself for not discovering its pure sexy awesomeness sooner I swear I love it with every single book I read They're perfect little bite sized books with alpha men and sassy women and I just love to devour them in one sitting I love how the characters in each book all intermingle in some way with the characters in the other books particularly in the Shillings Agency series because I just love these charactersI've said it before and I'll say it again I'm a sucker for a good second chance story That's exactly what I got with Stealing His Heart Tara and Jake have history They were partners friends and briefly nearly lovers Now they're at odds with each other Tara is a modern day Robin Hood stealing items from the rich – items they themselves stole – and returning them to the rightful owner Jake is part of the Shillings Agency private security company and her latest target is one of their clients He's tasked with getting the item back and returning it to the client She's not willing to play along even if it means she has to go to jail As they are shoved together again a great battle of the wills breaks out between them Tara and Jake were complete opposites but still a perfect match She was light sassy and even kinda goofy at times He was cold and dominating and didn't find much joy in the world Tara remembers when he wasn't though and she keeps seeing glimpses of that man underneath his hard exterior She's determined to get that guy back He's determined to get the info he needs so they can go their separate ways before she wiggles her way back into his heart Combine their history with the sexual tension that oozes from them and this book becomes a great steamy readI loved reading along as Tara and Jake broke down each others walls It was obvious from the start that there was something between them and it didn't take too long into the story before it all came to a head The feelings were real The sexy scenes were HOT I love a good dominating dirty talker They were both protective of the other and I liked where that led the storyWhether she's writing adult books as Diane Alberts or new adult as Jen McLaughlin I love this lady's books They have the perfect combination of HOT men smart and sassy women sweet romance and steamy sexy times She's definitely on my auto buy list I'm already looking forward to see what she writes next I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is book #2 in the Shillings Agency series but it can totally stand aloneJake is my favorite kind of hero He's a wounded warrior who doesn't think he's worthy of being loved because of what he went through as a teen He was wounded in the military and now works in a security agency He's reunited with the girl he loved as a teen when they end up on opposite sides of a case Tara works as a modern day Robin Hood reclaiming items stolen and returning them to their proper owner She's strong and independent but has never forgotten the Jake she knew as a teen They're at cross purposes on this case but their chemistry together is smoking i love this seriesARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review 3 Keep your chakra off my shit StarsStealing his Heart is book 2 in the Shillings Agency series and whereas Kayla and Cooper from book one were uite an easygoing pair with a few commitment issues Jake and Tara are pretty much the opposite Both have pretty dark and interconnected pasts but through life circumstances and lifestyle choices have not really had a lot to do with each other over the last few yearsOne and ex serviceman operates very much inside the lines of the law while the other very much operates outside of it; unfortunately a client of the Shillings Agency has been the subject of Tara’s own style of vigilante justice and Jake is given the job of discovering her secrets and rectifying the problem before the Police are involved”I have no intention of taking advantage of you in that way I’m only interested in your brain and how you can help me get my job done”Of course this isn’t totally true and Tara eventually pushes Jake’s buttons enough that he is stepping over the lines he has set himself and well outside of his comfort zone when it comes his self control This side of Jake is not something Tara has really experienced before and Jake tries to keep himself in check believing she deserves betterHe didn’t lose control and he didn’t act without thinkingEverAs previously mentioned this book felt a little darker and heavier than Temporarily Yours whereas the first book was based around a couple who didn’t previously know each other being thrown together in unusual and often funny circumstances with lots and lots of swoon worthy sexy times thrown in Jake and Tara have a past and issues with each other that they try to work through view spoiler I didn’t really feel that Jake being a Dom really added any value to the story And to be completely honest he didn’t really read as a Dom either he gave up control uite easily to Tara and I found him of a man who likes to dominate in the bedroom to a man looking for a Sub to his Dom hide spoiler On the whole the second book in the Shillings Agency series doesn't disappoint and as is customary in a Diane AlbertsJen McLaughlin novel we have a hot hero a woman who's not afraid to go toe to toe with him sizzling chemistry and eually sizzling sexy shenanigans Jake Forsythe and Tara Harris have a history and when he discovers the thief he's been contracted to find is the girl he left behind at 18 it matters not that she is doing it with the best of intentions He has a job to do and she has a choice; co operate submit to his reuests or end up behind bars Stealing his Heart was a mixed bag for me Tara is my kind of girl Strong fiery tempered and independent she can hold her own Jake is a complete contradiction of himself; bossy yet gentle protective yet vulnerable and arrogant yet unsure Their sparring was natural had spark and being told from both perspectives gave us a real insight into their histories and showed exactly how each had changed Jake's history both growing up and in the marines has left him a bit of a loner and whilst he can come across as cold his words are filled with heat “In bed you’ll answer to me without thinking twice If you can do that you’ll be very very happy I promise you that” And amongst the heat is humour; Tara has a wicked playful side and it was truly heartwarming to see her begin to unearth Jake's lighter side “Pink’s always been one of my favorite colors but I never thought of doing the bathroom in that scheme It’s delightful” But he wasn't what it would class as a real dominant and Tara calling him 'Sir' didn't really feel right Plus I really would have liked made of the bad guy aspect I thought it was building up to some possible action Nevertheless it was still a hot and heartfelt romance 35 stars Whilst this is second in the series and characters do cross over it can easily be read as a standalone It's also very loosely tied to Diane's Wedding Dare novel Falling for the Groomsman as Jake is Christine's brother Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion