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Rescued by the Viscount Charlotte Stevens has one Season to find a husbandHer father's fortune suandered it's up to Charlotte to secure a match and save her family from ruin But nobody could be surprised than her when Captain Viscount Delsey—whose reputation for breaking hearts is exceeded only by his wealth—proposes marriage Recognizing Charlotte as the urchin he rescued late one night Jack's interest is piued by this captivating adventuress He makes an impulsive offer—he'll clear her father's debts if she'll give him heirs Regency Brides of Convenience Deals made at the altar

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    A pleasant enough romance novel I enjoyed it even though it was ridiculously over the top even for cheesy romance novels Very dramatic with blackmail kidnappings and attempted assassinations However the damsel even though she is often in distress is strong and takes charge and freuently rescues herself I liked that A uick read

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    This was your typical historical romance All the usual plot devices My problem was the writing The dialogue was so stilted it was painful for me to read And the author wanted to pull in history but none of it was smooth It felt like we got descriptions and info dumps and were being taught what that period was like rather than getting normal descriptions just seamlessly worked into the story Really the story wasn't bad but the dialogue killed me

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    Miniseries Regency Brides of ConvenienceCharlotte's spunk is enchanting I understand what draws Captain Viscount Delsey to her since I would love to have her as friend The threat of scandal and the danger kept me turning the pages late into the night Who needs sleep? To tell you the truth I was not happy with a plot twist which happens near the end of the their story because it was a theme I'm not a huge fan of but I was totally invested in the book at this point and couldn't bring myself to put it down It turns out that Ms Herries changed my most hated theme into one worth reading YAY Nice surprise for me I'm so glad that one aspect of the book was not revealed in the blurb or I would have missed out on an excellent novel I'm completely looking forward to the next book of the series Kim

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    It was good until 70% of the way through Then it got cheesy The language got stilted and the plot predictable

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    This book was lovely and so exciting at times Charlotte is beautiful brave and sweet natured character

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