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    LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Ivashkov she repeated her face the picture of serenity My name is Sydney Ivashkov This book was everything It made me laugh jump of happiness but mostly cry A lot It was really hard to read those ten first chapters where Adrian was lost and hopeless it was emotionally painful I never expected it to hurt sobadly I started this book thinking Adrian would act like Nemo's dad doing whatever it takes to get his son back to save him But no it did not happen like that I was stunned to read that Adrian had given up He had abandoned Sydney and was now drowning in alcohol I was so so mad and burning with anger the I'm gonna kill everyone sort of anger Instead of finding Sydney Adrian decided to go back to his old life as a party boy That made me hate him even though I love that character so much But I couldn't help it I never thought I'd hate Adrian Ivashkov but I didSydney was the opposite I admire her courage All I can say is that she's one the best characters I've read about Anyone in her situation would have given up but not her She was incredible and admirably strong She never stopped fighting for her freedom I wasn't much of a fan of her in the first two books but she started to grow of me in the past book and now I absolutely adore her The evolution of her character was fantastic I can proudly say she's one of my favorites characters She doubtlessly believed Adrian was going to save her She never assumed he had given up on her That's what I liked most about her in this book I love Sydney I really do She's smart brave and thinks things through not like Rose I had uncountable heart attacks for Sydney Adrian and I could barely breathe So many emotions involved I find really cruel what Richelle has done to them When I thought she'd finally had enough and would now let Sydney and Adrian stay together some Alchemists showed up I seriously thought they wouldn't make it But even Richelle is not that mean fortunately I felt real pain but I also loved every single minute of it I gotta admit I never liked Lissa I could barely stand her in the Vampire Academy series actually She made Rose choose between her and Dimitri and I hated her after that Although she uite surprised me in this book I understand the fact she's the Moroi ueen now I get that she's got a bunch of responsabilitites and things to keep herself focused on But I cannot concived that she refuses to help her friends She did it at the end she kept the just married couple under her protection But she could have found Sydney so easily if only she hadn't been somean She could have sent some dhampirs to spy on the Alchemists but she firmly said no And that pissed me off big time Honestly I wouldn't mind if she loses her throne That ending was awesome The give me the next book sort of ending I can only assume Jill was taken by the Alchimist I can't believe this series is coming to an end I don't want to acknowledge that These characters have given me so many great moments of joy and happines and pure sadness It'll be hard to say goodbye

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    Yup yup yup I loved this one So much happened in less than 400 pages and I honestly couldn't put it down I read it in a day despite having other commitments because Richelle Mead's books are so addictive Immediately diving into The Ruby Circle because I MUST know how this series ends

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    Okay I'm going to play a game with this book I'm going to write a list of things I want to happen in the plot and I get one point for everything that happens Feel free to put additions to the list in the comments It should be noted that while writing this list I've only read the first two books The others aren't released yet Game List One point for everything that happens in This Book 1 If Dimitri is mentioned or appears Okay the list could end now Just this whole book being on Dimitri and I would totally be okay with that 2 The title of this book will include the name of a colour 1 POINT Heck Yeah The game has begun 3 Rose shall come back Causing some serious AdrianSydney relationship drama actually that's not a bad prediction4 A wedding Or a baby Preferable from LissaChristian or DimitriRose but hey I'm not fussy 5 Someone slaps Adrian Two points if he gets slapped twice 6 Someone gets a tattoo My bet is on Angeliene7 Someone stakes a Strigoi8 Sydney gives into her witchy tendencies and does a spell that saves Adrians life 9 Adrian and Sydney kiss again 50 points if they sleep together because I totally support that10 Adrian kisses someone other than Sydney two points if it's because he's angry that Sydney rejected him 11 A male character is shirtless 12 Someone goes swimming 13 One point every time someone even a Strigoi or bad guy dies Two points if it makes Sydney re evaluate her perspectives14 Sydney gets re educated and starts off the novel being cold and distant which annoys everyone15 There are tears Two points if its a male character16 Adrian rejects Sydney's advances because he thinks he's not good enough17 Adrian eats anything Two points if it's a piece of fruit I don't know why I just have a craving for pineapple right now 18 20 points if Adrian gets through the novel without drinking Alcohol19 Another 20 points if he makes it through the novel without Cigarettes 20 An engagement or proposal between two characters21 Someone undergoes a major transformation Eg loss of magic somehow turns from vampire to human22 If Jill and Eddie Kiss

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    Just got my copy I want to just read the whole thing in one big sweep but I must savor this for as long as possible Review will be after And now we have the cover? fangirl moment

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    I never thought I would find some to hate as much as I hate Dolores Umbridge But Sheridan came close Hope they're going to share the same corner in the Hell

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    “I know what love is Mom I’ve had love that burns in every fiber of my being that drives me to be a better person and empowers me through each moment of the day If you’d ever had something like that you’d hold on to it with every bit of strength you had” “Not what you expected huh?” she asked in a sad voiceI wrapped a towel around her and drew her close to me “I expected to see the most beautiful woman in the world to feel my heart skip a beat in her presence and to want to carry her off to bed for a night neither of us will forget So to answer your uestion I got exactly what I expected”A smile split her face and she leaned into me “Oh Adrian”

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    Post SilverShadows I'm speechless it was everything I wanted and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ but again that ending killed me but #sydrian forever ; If you haven't finished reading the fiery heart don't read thisDoes anyone else think it could be possible that the alchemists kick Adrian out of his apartment? because technically Sydney got permission from the boss for him to have it That's the uestion that randomly entered my mind tonight What I want from this bookAbe using some c4 to help get Sydney back Some magic happening Sydney's coven helping Adrian find Sydney Sydney fights with help and wins against the alchemists She confronts Zoe and slaps her or something because I want too Someone please tell off papa sage Adrian's escape plans become real and they runaway and be happy forever Finally get to meet Carly Mama sage gets full custody of Zoe and ends papa sage's brainwashing Some sydrian sexy time ; Please Richelle please I'm begging please don't let Sydney be brainwashed I need a happy ending because my heart can't take another ending like the fiery heart #sydrian forever They are the cutest couple ever and the world needs sydrian babies because those will be the cutest babies everCentrum Permanebit

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    SpoilersThere were so many things I hated about Silver Shadows the main thing being Sydney and Adrian I wasn't all that much of a fan of Sydney in the first Bloodlines book but she grew on me and I began to like her almost as much as Rose but not any I can't stand Mary Sue's and in this one she showed that she was a Mary Sue of the highest order Adrian I've never really liked but I was able to tolerate him in the last couple of books Well not any He proved to be a whiny self centered disloyal prat who didn't love Sydney as much as he claimed He just loves playing the eternal victim and woe is me card too much for me to actually like him The story itself was dull nothing much happened for the most part Sydney's re educationtorture was boring and Adrian's arc mainly consisted of him having a pity party and whining Random repetitive ranty thoughts Sydney's time at the re education centre didn't grip me at all probably because the Alchemists just weren't that interesting Sheridan was cliched Sydney's reaction to her torture was cliched the whole Sydney trying to plot against the Alchemists was cliched Nothing surprising or exciting happened whilst she was stuck there Even the new characters didn't do anything for me Most funniest uote an imprisoned Sydney about Adrian I knew there was no way he would give up on me He had to be searching If he hadn’t come to my dreams that night there was a good reason AHAHAHAHAHA Sweet naive Sydney Of course Adrian gave up on you Oh and the reason he wasn't searching for you was because he was too busy partying with another girl and getting all up close and cozy with her He couldn't have given a fuck about you You fool I had to laugh at Sydney's conviction that Adrian would always be strong for her and never give on her only for Adrian to actually give up on her because he was uncaring lazy and weak The poor deluded cow thought he cared about her enough to actually fight for her Adrian giving up just said it all his feelings for Sydney were nowhere near strong enough for him to actually try and find a way to help her escape her imprisonment with the Alchemists Whereas her feelings for him were than enough It just made their relationship seem even one sided than usualI didn't get Sydney's blind faith in Adrian Why was she so convinced of his feelings for her? What had he ever done to really prove himself to her? Hardly anythingAdrian gave up on the 'love of his life' after a couple of months How can I possibly believe he loves Sydney let alone is her true love when he gave up on her so uickly?? Adrian choosing to party get drunk and hang out with another girl instead of trying to help Sydney showed how much of a weak loser boyfriend he was He barely even tried to help her all he did was occasionally stop being drunk enough to try and contact her through dreams asked Marcus for help and he talked to Lissa the once — why didn't he keep badgering Lissa? Or even Rose and Dimitri? Why didn't he go with Marcus to search the sites where Sydney might have been kept? Why didn't he get help from the witches? He did the bare minimum to find Sydney he practically did NOTHING He was concerned about his own welfare and stress levels than he was about Sydney's well being It was all about HIM and how much HE could handle never mind the trauma he knew Sydney was going through He made excuse after excuse to not get off his lazy arse and actual do something that would benefit her He had time to drink socialise flirt with tons of girls lead on Nina cheat on Sydney with Nina and feel sorry for himself yet for the most part he couldn't even spare an hour or two here and there to actively help in the search for Sydney He was worse than pathetic It was infuriating having to read Adrian's POV he was such a whiner his character regressed in so many ways Every other sentence in his chapters was about HIS pain and how HE was suffering he was all me me me The prat should have concentrated on Sydney's pain and not his own Sydney was the biggest Mary Sue ever after spending months being physically and mentally tortured she or less recovered immediately She wasn't even all that angry at the people that tortured her she didn't even want to lash out at them or get revenge not even for a few seconds The trouble she did cause them was just out of self defense there was no personal motivation to hurt them Anyone would want to lash out at the people who tortured them for months with at least a punch or two they wouldn't just rise above it all and walk away without lashing out even a little bit That's why I couldn't take Sydney seriously her reactions were just too unrealistic for me — she brushed off her torture she barely showed any anger or hatred towards her torturers she was just fine and dandy after everything she'd been through Well she had one nightmare and a sad reflection or two but then she was over it I didn't need her to moan and cry but some real emotion would have been nice The least I expected was to see her struggling to copepanickingnot being herselfnot being confident about what to do Instead she bounced back straight away and was able to jump right back into her relationship with Adrian come up with ways to outsmart the Alchemists and just be her normal self Being through something so traumatic should have left her with some deep scars ones which she couldn't so easily compartmentalise Why do authors even bother writing their protagonists getting tortured and suffering huge traumas when they can't follow up properly? Sydney or less saying those months of torture were in her past and concentrating on Adrian and their love was just utterly pathetic and unrealistic I could believe her doing that after some time but not the same bloody day as when her torture stopped I haven't known anyone who has gone through something traumatic and painful who have gotten over it just like that People might try to pretend but it never works so yea Sydney's Mary Sue reaction was just bollocks Also I couldn't believe how she was such a martyr and oh so selfless even after everything she'd been through Instead of getting to safety away from the psychos who'd hurt her she was all 'ooh I can't get to safety if I'm endangering others' WTF? Really? Where was her selfishness? Where was her fear? Those would have been perfectly normal feelings for someone who'd been tortured for months but no Little Miss Perfect couldn't possibly seek safety and stability she had to be all heroic and martyr like No one in reality would be that bloody selfless I don't believe that for a second Ugh Adrian seemed to spend time banging on about Nina being beautiful and having oh so lovely eyes than worrying about the so called loved of his life being tortured Really? It felt like such a betrayal whenever he mentioned Nina's looks and eyes especially when he used to mention how amazing Sydney's eyes were He was so easily able to find a replacement for Sydney sure he might not have fallen in love with Nina but there definitely was a lot between them I have no doubt that if Sydney hadn't have been found Adrian would have easily moved on and found some other poor girl to love He couldn't even stay faithful to Sydney for a few months if she'd been gone longer than 6 months he would have been shagging around and declaring his undying love for some other sucker Adrian also spending LOADS of money on Nina was another piss take For months he took money off Sydney and expected her to pay for all sorts when she wasn't even rich he never once treated her or spent money on the woman he was meant to be deeply in love with yet he could do that for Nina Ugh who'd want a boyfriend that spent shed loads of money on some random girl whilst borrowing money from you? No just no Adrian didn't even feel guilty about cheating on Sydney nor did he feel guilty about letting her down in so many different ways If he truly loved her he would have 1 Told Sydney about him having a grand old time partying for weeks whilst she was imprisoned 2 That he lead on Nina and flirted with loads of other girls 3 That he cheated on her with Nina 4 That when she was waiting for him to contact her in dreams he was too busy having fun and getting drunk with his old friends 5 Not married Sydney without telling her about what happened with Nina and how he spent his time whilst she was suffering and 6 Actually be wrecked with guilt with all of his many failings Instead he acted all hard done by when in reality it was easier for him to let loose and not give a fuck about Sydney Sydney's love for Adrian was too perfect and unreal she never lost faith or belief in him even when she was being brutally tortured he was her anchor in everything Her love for him was just too over the top for my liking it was like the pure love a mother has for a misbehaving petulant child In Sydney's eyes Adrian could no wrong whenever he messed up she wasn't pissed or disappointed or hurt like a normal person she was like an adoring mother telling her son he could no wrong and that she knew he was strong and good even though evidence suggested otherwise It wasn't romantic how much she adored and worshipped him it was plain sad I rolled my eyes at Sydney and Adrian getting married I don't care that it was for protection or whatever I still thought it was daft and cringey I'm sick of all these teenage heroines who decide to get married after knowing the hero for less than a year and never having had ANY other serious romantic relationships It's complete nonsense Marriages are hard enough work for adults who've known each other for years and had tons of life and relationship experience yet I'm meant to believe that a nineteen year old marrying her first ever real boyfriend who she's only dated for a few months in secret will have a long and successful marriage? Really? No amount of Sydney and Adrian boasting about how much they love each other will convince me their marriage will work They've only known each other a few months just because they think they're meant to be doesn't make it true a lot of relationships start out like that but it doesn't last Sydney and Adrian's won't either Adrian's still a mess and gets drunk and depressed over any little thing Sydney might be able to cope with Adrian's moods at first but I doubt she'll be happy about dealing with his crappy moods and behaviour for years to come The only reason she copes now is because her relationship is still fresh and new and everything seems romantic tragic and epic she won't have those rose tinted spectacles on forever and she'll soon realise what she has to live with Poor cow Adrian's reaction to Sydney being taken was to get drunk and cheat that showed exactly what he would do in the future whenever things got tough Sydney's kidnap was Adrian's time to prove himself and show his commitment and love for her and he failed in every way Like any marriage theirs will have loads of hard times I have no doubt that whenever that happens any 'growth' Adrian's had will go out the window and he'll be drinking whoring partying and probably impregnating other girls After all a leopard never changes its spots I bet when Sydney finds out about Adrian's cheating she won't be mad at him for long she'll forgive and forget and be all understanding about it Not only that she'll be the one comforting him because she'll feel sorry for him because of Jill being missing and he'll no doubt conveniently mention that he's been hearing Aunt Tatiana in his thoughts that way she'll feel even sorry for him and thus the thing will Nina will seem like nothing in comparison I hate when cheating is resolved in ways like that Ugh it'd be nice not to have a doormat heroine for once Was I meant to be impressed that Adrian gave up his cufflinks to pay for his wedding to Sydney? I don't know why he thought it was such a sacrifice they might have been a gift from his aunt but it was hardly as big a sacrifice as he made it out to be Sydney on the other hand gave up so much for Adrian she risked her life just being with him she changed her principles and herself she lost her place as an Alchemist and half of her family she got tortured demeaned and humiliated because of him So yea Adrian 'sacrificing' his cufflinks was nothing I wasn't a fan of the ending it was obvious something would eventually happen to Jill since she was the reason Sydney and co were all together in the first place I'm not that bothered about what happens to her or the threat to Lissa's throne So what if some other moroi rules? Everything will essentially still be the same the moroi will still be treated as better the dhampires will still be second class citizens who've been brainwashed to think their duty is to risk their lives for a bunch of spoilt moroi relationships between certain races will still be forbidden andor frowned upon So yea I couldn't care less if Lissa's still ueen or not Anyway it's clear Jill will be rescued and everything will turn out fine for everyone I was hoping the ending would be Sydney actually turning against Adrian because the Alchemist had somehow managed to re educaterecondition her without her knowing That would have been so much interesting and shocking I'm guessing the Alchemists took Jill to get leverage or something so they can punish Sydney or get her back No doubt Sydney will respond in a martyr like way I wasn't that impressed by the Alchemists in this one they were far too cheesy and one dimensional I couldn't take them seriously Their punishment for any member not thinking the same as them or not following their every order was so over the top they showed no compassion or any other feelings apart from disgust and coldness and that made them look even flat they just came across like caricatures What's with EVERY side character finding love or getting paired up first there was AngelineTrey EddieJill NeilOlive and now there's MarcusCarly and IanZoe Not every character has to end up with someone One star for the VA world and certain secondary characters All in all I've gone from liking the series to loving it to not liking it to hating it It's certainly been an interesting journey I'm glad there's only one book left I couldn't take any After this one I'm going to try and avoid any new series from Richelle Mead I don't want to end up disappointed again

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    SCROLL DOWN TO THE END TO READ REVIEW ALL THIS WAS POST BEFORE THANK YOUYou GuysI didntWhatIplease stopjustDIDN'T KNOW THERE WERE GOING TO BE A FIFTH BOOK LET ALONE A SIX MAR VEL LOUS YES SIR REE PYES SO EXCITEDBut the release datenoITS TOO FREAKING FARand i DESPISE AND HATE AB SOL LUTE LEE HATE CLIFHANGERS NOVEMBER???? TOOO FAAAARR NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSo does Jennifer Lawrence She says no tooand againshe and i totally think alike So does my sisterfrom another world JK NOT MY SISTER and Emma Stoneshe does like stonedand when she's not stonednot that its any different and Lea Micheleand Anna KendrickAnd Harry Pottsand a errandom girlSee? They all agree with me TOoO LONG TTThanks Fat Amysighi guess i'll justdeal with itdamnEasy for you to say Sailor Moon and i know how you feel Famy Great Another summer without vampires Until school starts College Ugh However its a fall I look forward too Well like Thanksgiving but whatever DCIAO PEEPSSkyaverPS Review to be edited in 7 months time Until then I wait for you book 5 HOT DAMJUSTHOT DAMSO HOTALL THAT ANTICIPATION AND GRIPPING INTENSITY HAS GOTTEN ME ALL SWEATY THIS BOOK IS THE BEST OF ITS SERIES YET AMAZING AND SOOOOOO GOOD THERE WAS A TWIST I DID NOT EXPECT AND OMG I DIED AND EVERY TIME SYDNEY USED HER DAMNATION AWESOME POWERS I GOT CHILLS AND GOOSEBUMPS HOLY HELL CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK KILL ME NOWCIAO skyaver

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Silver Shadows The heart pounding fifth installment of the bestselling Bloodlines series from the author of Vampire AcademySydney Sage is an Alchemist one of a group of humans who dabble in magic and serve to bridge the worlds of humans and vampires They protect vampire secrets and human livesIn The Fiery Heart Sydney risked everything to follow her gut walking a dangerous line to keep her feelings hidden from the AlchemistsNow in the aftermath of an event that ripped their world apart Sydney and Adrian struggle to pick up the pieces and find their way back to each other But first they have to survive For Sydney trapped and surrounded by adversaries life becomes a daily struggle to hold on to her identity and the memories of those she loves Meanwhile Adrian clings to hope in the face of those who tell him Sydney is a lost cause but the battle proves daunting as old demons and new temptations begin to seize hold of him Their worst fears now a chilling reality Sydney and Adrian face their darkest hour in the fifth book of the New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series where all bets are off