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    One of Harleuin themes I like is childhood friends become lovers That's the reason I read this book Now I'll give you 2 different ways to tell the story1 Childhood friend Hero's playboy Heroine's virgin Hero didn't realize he loved heroine so he slept around Finally he realized and the playboy became a besotted lover This is romantic2 Childhood friend Hero's playboy Heroine's virgin Hero knew all along that he loved heroine had plan for them together WHILE he slept around This is NOT romanticOkay if you say it's a long long time 20 years in fact so I'd understood the reason H slept around although the story's pretty confusing there's some part that said he knew she'd always be out of reach but some part it said he knew he'd have her What I couldn't understand was Hero still slept with the blonde AFTER their fateful first kiss night Humph At this point I was ready to smack his head Really? You loved her so much but you couldn't keep your zip closed?? I'd think that if you loved someone so much you'd be able to restrain yourself It's not likely you'd be dead if you're a virgin at 26 Never heard about masturbate I guess Anyho this book is good The story was intense and I like the hero's jealousy The heroine's a successful artist she's independent strong and great I loved her What ruined the story for me was the blonde at the beginning It kept reeling in my mind so I couldn't enjoy it as I wanted to be The story was SOO goodSo you know now the reason I'm so frustrated and pissed off I want to love this book but I can't help to hate it either UGH Hence the 4 stars

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    Molly thinks that her friend Garrett is the love of her life after he kissed her at a masuerade ball Julian Garrett’s little brother is Molly's best friend since forever and the man he has loved her for years but he never told her In order to get Garrett to take notice of her she asks Julian to pretend that they are couple in the hope that Garrett will get jealous and fall for her Julian accepts to be her fake boyfriend but in reality his plan is to show her that he is the one for her and not his brother Molly has no idea that Julian has been in love with her since forever but he won't confess it because his mother threatens to disown him if he seduces sweet innocent Molly Loved this book It was steamy romantic and passionate I loved Julian's jealousy and insecurities He was a manwhore but still eaten alive with jealousy when he thought Molly was in love with Garrett The ending broke my heart I wanted Julian to grovel a little and I wanted to see them with a cute baby

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    Good book When Molly was three she and her sister were orphaned and went to live with the Garrett family Ever since that time she and Julian who had been nine at the time were best friends The kiss at the masuerade was amazing and made her think that he was her soul mate She freaked out a little at the time but now wants him to know that she wants him too So she asks her buddy Julian to help show him I liked Molly but I found her conviction that it had been Garrett who kissed her a bit unbelievable Garrett had mostly ignored her always treated her as a sister and she had never had any kind of feelings for him before On the other hand she and Julian had had a special relationship from the beginning They'd been able to tell each other anything and had a uniue closeness Julian would periodically be sent away and she was always miserable while he was gone She had never been interested in dating anyone though she'd had a crush on Julian for awhile before the family interfered In spite of being convinced it was Garrett suddenly it was Julian she was reacting to and dreaming about When the truth finally came out she was stunned and hurt then angry Then she realized that she had loved him all along Things went along pretty well then there was a misunderstanding and Julian acted like a major jerk I wish she had made him work a little harder for her forgivenessI had mixed feelings about Julian through a lot of the book I was pretty sure from the git go that he was the kisser so that was no surprise As he thought about the fact that he had loved her forever I couldn't understand why he kept sleeping with those other women especially the one she saw him with after the ball I did enjoy the way that he was determined to make her see that he was the right man for her not Garrett I really enjoyed seeing him look back and remember his feelings for her and his frustration at the way his family kept telling him he wasn't good enough for her I loved his way of preparing his future and how he did it under the radar of his family I really liked seeing Julian get Molly moved into his apartment under the guise of helping her and how natural it was for them to be together Their teasing of each other and how well each obviously knew the other one was fantastic The only time that didn't work was when Julian's jealousy of what he thought was Molly's feelings for Garrrett made him act like a total idiot I thought he was a little too cocky at the end and should have had to grovel a little

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    This is my first time reading a book from this author and I was not disappointed at all It had in my opinion the perfect mixture of friendship attraction humor and passion with a little misunderstanding thrown in Sister’s Molly and Kate Devaney were raised in the Gage household after their father was killed protecting Garrett Gage and his father At the age of 3 little Molly Devaney and Julian Gage become fast friends and are inseparable There is an adorable part to this story of when they first meet just precious But the family warns Julian and that Kate and Molly are to be treated like sisters But reading this story you learn how they truly are the very best of friendsAfter Molly is kissed at a Masuerade Party she mistakenly thinks it is Garrett that has kissed her and enlists her best friend in the world “Julian” to help make Garrett jealous And so starts the fun with these two between text message and fake kisses that are real it hit all the right notes with this readerJulian has been in love with Molly for what seems like forever Since he has been warned not to get involved with her he has become something of a playboy But the only woman he has ever really wanted was Molly He is tired of having other people tell him what he can and cannot do I loved both of the main characters in this story It had me laughing crying and going aaaahhh I loved how the first time together was handled I thought the passionate scenes were well written I enjoyed this book so much I have already gone back and downloaded the previous book in the series titled “Paper Marriage Proposition” I cannot wait for the third book in the series to come out There were so many funny lines in this story This is just one of many “So Are you two finished in here – or do we have to call the fire department?”55 stars I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    One of my favorite tropes in this Harleuin Desire the friends to loversLoved this bookloved the hero his feelings for the heroine that the reader knows straight offThe heroine was cluelessbut in a lovable wayThis is the second book about the Gage brothers and looking forward to the thirdReally enjoyed this read and this couple 45

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    This book had so much promise I have been having a lot of problems with the Desire line The stories just don't pack the punch that they used to I love friends to lovers stories The problem is that Jules and Molly are almost family or at least they were raised like familyIn Wrong Man Right Kiss 23 year old Molly Devaney decides after one kiss at a masuerade that Garrett Gage is the man for her Huh? If only it were that easyI think what my problem with this story was how unrealistic it was Molly is a rising star in the art world and she's only 23? She's commanding prices around 150000 for a mural? Oh and she's a virgin That's almost as bad as Julian sleeping his way through all the women in the world because he was told he couldn't have Molly and she's the woman that he's loved since she was a girlsighI like romances because of the fantasy involved but sometimes things can get to be a bit too out there and this book is an example of things being a bit too muchI found myself thinking many times over this story would have worked better in the historical genre Julian was such a rake but he was too nice of oneThen there was how Molly easily switched her affections from one brother to another once she learned the truth about her masuerade manThe book does have its moments The sex scenes are steamy and spicy and everything you could possibly want in a book from the Desire line Molly and Jules also have some wonderful scenes especially early on before the fake relationshipreal relationship startsI like Red Garnier's writing style and I loved the characters I just wish I could have gotten on board with their story

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    I hate writing reviews but I just love Red Garnier`s books I even read Spin Devil and really enjoyed the plot of Bona Fide Liar and loved The Bilionaire`s Club Can`t wait for the next Gage read Molly is 23 she`s blooming later than girls nowadays being sheltered and in a world of her art and Julian John who is her best friendher everything till one kiss under masks that awakens and intrigues her so she thinks herself in love with the wrong brotherIt`s just beautiful how those two molded and grown for eachotherI liked their insecurities and clumsiness while at the same time everything between them feels so right and so wrong because if they lose eachother what is left? Alsothey acted somehow age appropriate and without bitterness and JJ being horny and charming 26 year old

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    My very first of Red Garnier and I loved itI didn't realize it's the second book of the Gage Brothers series A friends to lovers pretended lovers PDA theme One of my most favorite themeIt's almost easy to guess who's the mysterious man Molly kissed at the masuerade partyI really really loved Julian And I loved the chemistry the connection the bantering between Julian and Molly I loved the fact that he loved her for twenty years she did too but didn't realized it until Garrett asked herI just thought that it ended waaaay to early I want moooooreAnd I can't wait to read for Garrett and Kate's And I guess I have to read the first which was about LandonARC provided by Harleuin via Net Galley

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    Second of three Desires about three brothersI sorta liked it bc it had tropes I usually like to read but it was a mess Didnt even feel like a Red Garnier The Hh were also younger than usual 2623

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    Really enjoyed Julian and Molly's love story Molly was sweet innocence but also very strong in who she was Julian grew on me as the story progresses you can see his deep love and dedication to Molly What made the book extra special was the strong bound they has friends from when they had been children loved thatCan't wait for Kate's story and Garret's

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