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The Elephantom What do you do when a ghostly elephant won’t leave you aloneWhen a phantom elephant turns up uninvited and starts getting a little girl into trouble she has no idea how to make him go away But her grandmother happens to have a menagerie of phantom pets herself so she knows just who to go to for help the shopkeeper at Spectral Son He gives her a box Does it hold the solution Fun playful idea the colors of the illustrations are cool This book was weird because there was a ghost in it that was an elephant It was crazy tooThe story was about a ghost elephant and a little girl who didn't want him in her house This elephant wouldn't let her sleep and he took all the peanut butter when she wanted a sandwich And one day all his ghost elephant friends came and they had a party which she did not like And the elephant pooped in her bedroomI liked the pictures they were nice picturesThe book was alright I would recommend it to people who are weird A girl is haunted by the ghost of an elephant which makes messes and other such young readership friendly issues Of course the girl's parents don't believe her But her grandmother has lots of ghost pets and knows just how to get rid of an elephantom I don't like the resolution Just making it someone else's problem isn't a good message I can't remember without looking at the book and it's inside the house right now while I'm outside in the sleepout just when I bought it but I'm pretty sure it was after both my kids were too old for picture books Obviously it appealed to me It's not one of those brilliant books that delight with their cleverness but the idea of a phantom elephant creating havoc is most amusing At first one thinks it's going to be a story about an imaginary elephant somewhat like The Horse in Harry's Room but the plot resolution sorts out the reader's doubts Very funnyI like the illustrations too they're bright and bold and humorous and my expert critic had a great time telling his Aunty about the elephantom and other phantoms having a wonderful mixed up time with the pronunciation as only a 5 year old can so he clearly enjoyed it The illustration he did in his GrannySchool 'James' Books Book' was the most colourful one he's done so far so that reflects the pleasure he took in this book

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Elephantom
  • Ross Collins
  • 23 June 2015
  • 9780763675912

About the Author: Ross Collins

Ross was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1972He would eat anything and resembled a currant bunAs he grew up he was fond of drawing the Bionic Man and precariously swinging backwards on chairsHe graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1994 with a First in Illustration In the same year he won the MacMillan Children's Book Prize an achievement that opened many doors in the Big SmokeRoss then s

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