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Melting Ice 7 Melting Ice #7 US Marshal Julian Harrison is taking a much needed vacation in the South one of those all expenses paid trips where all you do is drink fancy cocktails and tan in the sun Unfortunately his vacation is cut short when two Marshals show upIt’s an important case guarding another US Marshal who has blown the whistle on some men he worked with One of them is still at large and was his superior Julian is not happy about losing his vacation time but he's even unhappy when he is told the name of the MarshalVictor Reeves went through Marshal training with Julian and they were not friends In fact Victor made it a point to compete with Julian on every activity Julian suggests they send someone else to watch over Victor but apparently Victor personally reuested him But whyAlone in a cabin with plenty of time to rehash old times Julian is about to make many discoveries some of which will surpriseand excite him Melting ice indeed Talk about opposites needing to cooperate – the theme of this series – to the power of pick a very high number None of the pairings have been easy in these action packed thrillermysteries but Julian and Victor make the others seem like rank beginners in the arena of enemies to lovers They have disliked and I am being polite here each other since they went through US Marshal training together and the stakes are super high since Victor’s mentor is a crooked marshal who is out to prevent Victor from being a witness in the case against him – at any cost I couldn’t wait to find out Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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