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Danger is everywhere It's a great Nd hilarious my mom even laughed at some of the jokes Stop staring at me giraffe you weird stretchy horses Danger is Everywhere was one of those books that would have been much better if I’d read it physical or Kindle instead of listened to it All things considered the narrator did a good job but there’s only so many acronyms one can keep straight without actually looking at the book Not only that the book had a definite voice to it but the narration was just a little too much It would have been much better if it had been an annoying voice in my head instead an annoying voice in my ear—and it was definitely supposed to be annoying in a silly kind of wayThe premise of the book is clever and the examples and chapters are very funny Part of the humor is how serious the book takes itself But as I said earlierthe narration kind of killed it and I couldn’t stick with it without getting a headache Maybe one day I’ll become a Dangeroligist but I’ll have to get a paperback The book is actually uite funny and kinda entertaining The words are uite confusing but easy to read The graphics are great Docter Noel is amazing in his field I give him that This book is about how you keep safe from absolutely incredibly not dangerous things I loved it so much because of how he uses his imagination SO MUCH FUN to share while on a school visit The kids LOVED this one Completely weird and awesome This amazing book has really got the silly out of me as Docter Noel Zone explains some of the funniest and dangerous accidents and dangers that we could encounter every day WARNING If you pick up the book you will not be able to stop reading it so please consider yourself reading the book before you start Did not finishRead about 40 pages and couldn't handle it any Just wasn't funny to me and kept essentially repeating itselfTiresome This fully illustrated totally wacky handbook is about an everyman who is afraid of everything Dr Noel Zone the greatest and only dangerologist in the world is ready to teach readers how to avoid danger at all costs from sneaky snakes posing as toothbrushes to sharks hiding in toilets to robots disguised as kindly grandmas After all DANGER IS EVERYWHERE and we need to be preparedWith art on every page this hilarious and truly creative handbook will have readers laughing out loud very safely from start to finish This book was CRAAAZYYYP This handbook is about Docter not doctor Noel Zone teaching the reader about the uote unuote dangerous things of the world This book is ridiculous as it is supposed to be If you like ridiculous things this book is perfect for you However if you're one of meanest unfunniest people in the world and think this is actually a handbook for avoiding danger I suggest you read it and if it changes your personality a bit good for you If not you can burn it in the nearest open flame

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