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    1st You need to have read the first two books 2nd This is written entirely from Stefanos POV Ok so this book is allllll about Stefanos He's an arrogant dominant fucked up drug dealer There's not much else to describe him He is a bad manand you cannot help but love him Eliza is missing so he goes on a rampage to find her oh and he does This third book is all about Stefanos' need for his Princess we get inside his head and find out why and how he does the thing he does They also grow as a couple They both slightly change Not much though TL Smith has done a fantastic job with this series making me fall in love with these 2 fuck ups They aren't normal that's for sure But normal is boring They know who they areFuck anyone else who disagrees with them There is a lot of sex A lot killing A lot of swearing Ok so that was the Pro's Now to the Con's What happening with Eliza's mum and dad? Hunter and Carmen? Giovanni? Not too many uestions were left unanswered though so that was good There was a few moments there that the scenes changed really uickly and were a bit chopping but I can totally overlook that So all in all? Like dark fucked up people with a lot of sex? Well then this is for you

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewKratos is written in Stefanos’ POV we get a little snippet in the beginning of how he became the Tough Alpha Dom this is not a BDSM book BUT he needs to dominate the situation what ever it is sex or business and he definitely wants Eliza Krinos to submit to him and he constantly battles Eliza to get her to submit to him and she is not a SUBSome readers will see him as an arrogant SOB but I do understand what Ms Smith was doing when she created these characters they are not NORMAL they are gangsters in the last book we were left dangling with Eliza being kidnapped Hes out to get his girl back and woe betide anyone who gets in the wayWith a novella you do not get enough time to go into detail but there is Action and lots of Sex you get to see how Stefanos and Eliza change and become a couple Stefanos becomes Eliza’s Kratos Kratos Definition force strength; power might mighty with great power a mighty deed a work of power dominion As I said he is a DOM ; and although I do think that this book has answered some of the uestions I had from the last books eg Krinos getting freed I there were others situations that were skipped what happened with Eliza's Mothers Husband in Aussie? And We don't really get to know much about Giovanni who kidnaps Eliza and one character is only mentioned as someones sister But all in all I did enjoy reading Krinos and Kratos getting their version of a HEAThis series is the first which I have read of Ms Smith's I have Sasha's Dilemma to read also by T L Smith I look forward to reading and reviewing

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    5 Stars5 Flames for HOTness This book picks up exactly where Kalon left off What a conclusion this is The story is told from Stefanos POV The first three chapters fill us in on Stefanos earlier life It explains how he became the hard a that he isWe have another nail biting suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat I feel like this book finally gave me some of the details I was looking for The book wraps everything into a nice little bow with its epilogue We still have all the laugh out loud moments swoon worthy moments action and suspense but this story takes us deeper into the feelings of doubt and insecurities that Krinos hasKrinos’ emotions are all over the place in this installment She has reservations about her love for Stefanos and becoming a mother Stefanos is stead fast in assuring her she will be a great mother Krinos worked so hard a establishing herself as a leader she is afraid that stepping out of the bosses seat will tear down everything she worked so hard to build Will love be enough? Read the final installment to this fabulous series to find outThis was my favorite of the books in this series I think that TL did a great job at tying things up I would love to see Hunter get a book There is still so much to resolve with him then maybe we would see of Stefanos and Krinos please? I would highly recommend this book as well as the other books in the series My Favorite uotesShe made me want the sappy lovey s and she made me want her without even doing anything She just consumed meI’m not f normal I’m the fdevil in disguise Death doesn’t scare me but it should be scared of me“That will never happen again last f hit you get Princess I mean it Otherwise I will make sure you carry a truckload of my babies just to piss you off You understand me?”“You own them you know my demons you own them I don’t think there is a part of me that isn’t owned solely by you”“I have to have you I have to have your mind body and soul and if you don’t five that to me I think my demons might finish me off for good They’re screaming at me to claim you You own my darkness Princess”I think what was left of my black heart just turned red

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    Don’t read this review unless you have read the previous books in this seriesDefinition Dominion strength power; a mighty deed“You think you know me You think you know who I am So let’s get a few things straight I don’t get involved in relationships Relationships are for the weak plus its leverage for your enemies of which I have plentyWe don’t start off exactly where we left off in Kaloon with Eliza getting kidnapped We are taken back in time to Stefanos’ past getting an insight to him as an eighteen year old and the struggles that he went through to make him into the ruthless cut throat man he is today But being around dangerous people when you have no fear isn’t always badThis is where he meets Kontos Eliza’s father He sees something in him After taking him under his wing and setting him up with a life where money was no object This is where he meets his love his life his everything Kaloon aka ElizaTheir relationship isn’t for the faint hearted; together they are a bad ass team Her with her sassy mouth and tough attitude and his protection of her willing to do anything or take on anyone to protect her Anyone that hurts his love will pay the ultimate price I have to have you I have to have your mind body and soul and if you don't give that to me I think my demons might finish me off for good They're screaming at me to claim you You own my darkness PrincessLike the previous two books from TL Smith in this series we devoured this book in one sitting Her style of writing is effortless and so easy to read Congratulations on another great read

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    Wow this book is full of surprises If you think Eliza is going to just sit back and be pregnant you didn't read the other books did you? This book has a little back flash to the past and then picks up with Eliza's kidnapping Who did it and why?As always Eliza will surprise everyone She's a tough woman and can handle her own The problem for Stephanos has always been whether he could contain her There's the uestions of her working while pregnant after the baby and the couples futureStephanos is a dream for all of us girls who grew up fantasizing watching the mob movies He's a dominate Alpha and will do everything to keep what's his safe Of course Eliza is the female version of himself Can he get her to submit to him though? Will they live happily ever after or will she gut him?I love love love this series This is a passionate group of people They love fully in family in lovers and in friends They take their business very seriously and your either respected or your dead I really wish this wasn't the last book but it seems that it is Books with truly kick ass women and Alpha males are hard to find There are plenty of imposters but they don't have what it takes to back it up like these characters doThis book is a great 5 star read These series is amazing and I'm sad to see it end I'll be stalking the author to see what she has coming up next

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    45 STARSSo far in the Take Over series we've seen everything in Eliza's eyes Kratos gives us the pleasure of seeing everything from Stefanos' POV We're given the insight of who he is and where he came from as well as the moment he realizes Eliza is his can't live without It's sweet to see the instant he realizes he will be totally devoted to herAt the end of Kalon Book 2 of the Take Over series we're left wondering what happens after Eliza aks Krinos is kidnapped Kratos picks up immediately from that point and we see Stefanos and what lengths he'll go through to get back the woman he lovesHe's humerous strong protective and pure power when it comes to his woman He shows us that no one will stand in his way when it comes to his family and gives us a glimpse of his power and strength in the bedroom He's a man that calls the shots and Eliza is enjoying it very much This was a wonderful read I was hoping for a little action as what was in the previous two books but it was great to get a different perspective in the dynamics of Eliza's world

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    So this is the third book in the Take Over Series from TL SmithYou will definitely need to read the first two books which areKRINOS and then KALONThis third segment is written from Stephanos point of viewHe is fuming ElizaKrinoshas been kidnapped and he is going out of his mind with worryThis is darkthere is a lot of death and killingloads of drugs weapons and it's brutal what he does to find his loveThis book shows you how he feels about Eliza and even though he is a dark and dangerous man you see the warmth and love pour from himEliza is pregnant and is totally pissed off that she has to give up some of her duties the kidnapping isn't uite what it seems and Eliza is no wilting flower which i lovedThe fact she's pregnant and still a nightmare is fantasticThe title KRATOS holds a beautiful meaning that you will find out in this bookI really did enjoy thisTL Smith has keot the fire burning for sureA well deserved 5

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    4 Stars for KratosTITLE Kratos Take Over #3AUTHOR TL SmithGENRE Adult Romance Dark Erotica PUBLISHED July 28 2014PURCHASEDCOST ARC for ReviewMY RATING 45MY THOUGHTS I was provided with an ARC for review I have thoroughly enjoyed the Take Over series I read and loved the first two in the series Krinos Kalon and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one This third book in the Take Over series Kratos is very intense as well as informative We get a glance at Stephanos’ past and what made him the man we met in the previous books Then it picks up where book 2 ended The story seemed to flow well and the characters took on depth in Kratos I think The only complaints that I have are that the dialogue didn’t seem realistic and again as throughout the first two books words seemed to be italicized in unnecessary or possibly misplaced places Otherwise though I loved the story

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    Reviewer KayleneRating 5 StarsCopy received from author in exchange for honest reviewKratos is written in Stefanos’ point of view and most definitely does not disappoint This story just gets better and better and this book completes the Take Over Series It gives a little background of the young Stefanos and then continues on from book two I love Stefanos’ point of view it shows how he changes into the man he is once he meets Eliza or his “Princess” Book three takes on a different path when finally Stefanos becomes Eliza’s Kratos Although this is a short novella it packs a punch and I thoroughly recommend the final book I give this book a five star rating and cannot wait for books by T L Smith

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    “You see I may look like an angel on the outside but on the inside I am your fucking worst nightmare especially when you fuck with me I won’t just punch you or hurt you; I will make you scream ‘till you can’t scream any Then when you think you’ve had enough I will do it all over again just to satisfy my needs Though the bastards I do torture usually fucking deserve it” I love Stefanos point of view it shows how he change into a man he is nowhow meeting Krinos change his life His princess And becoming Eliza's kratos Where I can get my own Stefanos?

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Kratos Take Over #3 You think you know me You think you know whom I amso lets get a few things straight I didn’t get involved in relationships Relationships are for the weak plus it’s leverage for your enemy’s and I have plentyBut that’s all changed When a strong willed woman with the mouth of a sailor walked into my life wearing tiny shorts which displayed her beautiful long legs and round ass I thought I could play with her and maybe get my fix But when she spoke I knew that wasn’t going to happen She is full of life and one scary ass little woman I knew right away I had to have her and would do anything to keep herShe owns my soul; she owns my demons every part of me is owned by her

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