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The War of the Wives Think marriage means happily ever after Think again Selina and Lottie are complete opposites Where Selina is poised but prudish Lottie is uirky and emotional Selina is the dutiful mother of three children and able manager of their stylish suburban home Lottie lives with her eccentric teenage daughter in a small city apartment fit to bursting with color and happy chaos But these women also have one shocking similarity they're married to the same manand they've just found out he's dead Selina has been married to Simon Busfield for twenty eight years Lottie for seventeen Neither knew a thing about the other until the day of Simon's funeral where the scandalous truth is revealed in front of everyone they know Another wife another family And they've only just scratched the surface of Simon's incredible betrayal With dark humor and razor sharp wit Cohen expertly unravels a story of deception and betrayal where two very different families will discover they are entwined in ways that will change them all forever A cracking debut Fatal Attraction with a clever twist at the end Addictive —The Bookseller on The Mistress's Revenge No book in which the son semi rapes his sister is gonna get a lot of stars I did enjoy this read Two women Lottie and Selena discover they were both married to the same man Simon at the same time Simon unfortunately is dead at the start of the book thereby avoiding the fallout that follows when the two women discover each other’s existence The story is told alternatively from each woman’s viewpoint Selena is a society wife lives a privileged lifestyle with everything a woman could wish for She is a “lady who lunches” and appearance is all important to her Lottie on the other hand is bohemian and far laid back than Selena Whilst I enjoyed reading both viewpoints I think Selena just had the edge for me although I couldn’t explain why Each narration feels very real and natural exactly how that character would feel in that situation This is not a story about sisterhood the women do not see each other as fellow victims but most definitely as rivals for the post of “widow” and their narrations are liberally stuffed with snide and nasty digs at each other To sum it up properly at times I liked each character at other times I disliked each character but I don’t think there was any occasion when I liked both women at the same timeRunning all the way though the book is a feeling that something is not right about the way Simon died and that feeling of tension builds with strange and uite unnerving things happening to the women As the story builds to a climax that does tie up all the ends with a few shocks along the way I did feel that maybe there was a couple of shocks too many It seemed to go overboard on twists at the end and losing a couple of them would have kept the story “real”However it is a book that is well worth a read one that really keeps your interest Thanks to the publishers for the review copy Oh my god this was the worst ending EVER 95% of this book gets 35 stars easy and then the end gets a NEGATIVE STAR for being horrible And I'm so sorry that I can't give it a better score; it's an interesting character study an examination of grief and shock and complex emotions surrounding a rather salacious and flashy fun story And then there's this crazy sudden nutso ending that cuts off in the middle of the important scene where All The Crazy Things are revealed and then there's this unlikely epilogue I'm so bummed about having to give it a low score Told from the perspectives of two women Tamar Cohen's War of the Wives is a story of love loss and devastating betrayalSelina Busfield is devastated when her husband's body is found in the Thames River especially as Simon was supposed to be working in Dubai and not due home until the next day The police suspect suicide but Selina is convinced her husband would simply not be capable of such a selfish act and after twenty eight years of marriage and three children she is certain she knows him better than anyoneLottie is stunned when she receives a phone call from an old colleague offering her condolences on the death of her husband Lottie is confused as far as she knows Simon her husband of 17 years and the father of her teenage daughter is in Dubai working but when she fails to reach him and as details come to light a shocking truth dawnsSimon has been living a double life he was two wives two families and their worlds about to collideIt is a plot ripped from the tabloid headlines a man with two families each oblivious to the other whose shocking secret is revealed after his death devastating those left behind Cohen allows the new widows to tell the story as they struggle with their grief and the chaos of the aftermath Selena and Lottie are opposites in temperament lifestyle and looks both however are crushed by hurt in the wake of Simon's betrayal Trying to hang on to a thread of loyalty to the man each believed was their loving husband they blame each other and themselves for the untenable situation they have found themselves in I feel like Cohen portrayed the emotions of both women well I believed in their bitterness their self doubt their grief and their rivalry I also liked the way in which Cohen involved the young adult children in the story their anger distress and confusion felt realAdditional complications arise when it becomes clear that in order to finance his double life Simon had become involved in something unsavoury I'm not sure though that this thread really adds much to the story except to act as a distraction I liked War of The Wives the characters in particular were interesting and it was a uick read but I didn't find it particularly gripping

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The War of the Wives
  • Tamar Cohen
  • 06 October 2014
  • 9780778317487

About the Author: Tamar Cohen

Tamar Cohen is a freelance journalist who lives in London with her partner and three teenage children

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