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  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Never Love a Highlander
  • Maya Banks
  • Portuguese
  • 21 February 2016
  • 9789722528665

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Never Love a HighlanderThe first two books is this trilogy were a bit meh but this one?Ha KiddingThis one ended up being meh as wellIn fact at times it teetered on awful Here's the thing I was less than impressed with the 1st book but decided to check out the 2nd book because I thought it was supposed to be about Rionna badass warrior chickIt was not about Rionna The author did a switcheroo and the hero fell in love with Rionna's BFF instead Anyway Finally now we get to RionnaThe ass kicker who beat one of the laird's best soldiers in the first book Whooo So yeah I was expecting a bit of this But that's not what I got Rionna turned out to be a little girl playing dress up She was easily cowed easily beaten in combat and easily led around by her husband Plus her new hubby was a douchebag because of the cliche PAINFUL EMOTIONS FROM THE PAST Yeah yeah yeah You've been hurt I've been hurt everyone who has ever lived EVER has been hurtFuck that noise it's annoying Plus and this really made me cringe he kept screwing her while she was asleepWhat the what? Is that something that guys do now? Am I just old and out of touch? Is that really acceptable dick etiuette in this day and age?Perhaps I'm just an unadventurous piece of white bread for thinking that being conscious was one of those things that made sexsexy? Regardless that better not be what wakes me up in the morning motherfuckerI mean Jesus Christ Let me pee get a cup of coffee first Anyway The writing itself isn't bad but the storyline just wasn't my cuppaIf anyone has any suggestions for a good men in kilts trashy romance novel I'd love to hear it O coração jovem e rebelde de Caelen McCabe uase destruiu o seu clã Chegou a hora de colocar a lealdade à família acima de tudo o resto e casar com a noiva abandonada pelo irmão mais velho salvando assim a frágil aliança entre dois clãs Mas embora a bela Rionna McDonald seja uma mulher perfeitamente aceitável para ualuer homem a verdade é ue Caelen não confia em mulher nenhuma especialmente nesta doce sedutora ue ele tanto deseja Claro ue Rionna é uma vítima nos jogos de poder do seu pai mas ela está determinada a cumprir o seu dever ao mesmo tempo ue jura proteger o seu coração e o seu orgulho de ualuer humilhação Mas apesar de tudo o calor do toue de Caelen faz com ue as suas defesas derretam e ela deseja intensamente as delícias sensuais de um marido ue guarda as suas emoções com a mesma ferocidade com ue guarda o seu clã uando explode a derradeira guerra pelo legado McCabe o verdadeiro espírito guerreiro de Rionna vem ao de cima Ela irá arriscar a ira do seu pai a fúria dos seus inimigos e a própria vida para provar a Caelen ue o seu amor é demasiado precioso para se perder Nope Nope nope nope nopeThis is is just not my thing I knew by page 39 when her brand new husband kisses her harshly and against her will at a public dinner to shut her up because women shouldn't have opinions or express themselves apparently and then she bites his lip and then he uses his tongue to smear the blood all in her mouthYeah That happenedAnd she's a tomboy warrior type woman and he wants her to wear dresses and cook all day or somethingIn the middle of the book she seems to get the hang of PRETENDING to be submissive in the bedroom and turning sexual submission into a sex game which I was very on board with Finally I said to myself She will just cutely play like she's a sex slave in the bedroom and he will be satisfied with that and they both will be happy I find sexual games to be cute and adorable only when both parties know it's a game though Nope Nope nope nope He doesn't seem to have gotten the memo that she's only playing He still just cannot accept who she is as a person and fun fake sexual submission is not enough She must be submissive to him in real life Her only duty is running the keep read chores and bearing him childrenBlerghAlso he has a horrible habit of fucking her while she's sleeping so she always wakes up surprised to find a penis inside her Every day he does this EVERY DAY I know women who have gotten divorced because of this shitAND this is yet another book about the billionth book that is a romance written by a woman which is trying to convince me that blowjobs are the MOST ENJOYABLE AND FEMININE thing EVER and that giving a blowjob to a man is THE most THE best thing you will ever do in your life and the height of your feminine power and the biggest turn on for you the female ever in the history of ever oO Who the fuck are you trying to kid? Now I'm not saying Never give blowjobs or anything far from it But it always highly amuses me when a heterosexual female is trying to convince me that being on my knees and servicing a man orally is THE HEIGHT OF SEXINESS AND FULFILLMENT OMG Really? When did you get brainwashed? This really makes me laugh You're honestly trying to convince me that giving a blowjob is enjoyable than names 50 other sexual activities? LOL You're too funny I don't mind blowjobs in romance books but I DO mind when they start spouting this shit about blowjobs being the pinnacle of women's pleasure oO That's just stupidAgain I think Banks has been consuming too much porn rhetoric Her sex scenes in this whole trilogy are ripped from porn films I guess it makes sense because she also writes erotica What I THINK is happening is that she's so used to writing erotica it's bleeding into her romance and she's unable to turn off her rougher erotica aesthetic in order to create enjoyable gentler romance novels shrug She DOES do better again I really enjoyed Highlander Most Wanted and Never Seduce a Scot Give those books a chance and skip this trilogyONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STAR This was my favorite of the series because of the heroine Rionna is a kick ass girl who wears pants instead of a dress and trains with the warriors with a sword She marries Caelen who is kind of a jerk at first in order to align their clans He wants to turn her into a proper lady She isn't real agreeable to this idea I'm on her sideTheir marriage has a few rocky moments as they each try to get the other to bend to their will And really isn't that what marriage is all about? Trying to get your way? No? Hmm I guess I've been doing it wrong but don't tell my husband I finally have him trained Only took 23 years I swear I trained my dog faster Dogs are great aren't they? But I digressI liked this couple as they grew into each other but the very best part of this story was when our warrior princess was doing what she does best killing their enemies 'Tis the truth I thought this 'twas a wee bit of a dud Aye Laird McGrumpypants gave me a pain in my backside and 'tis the truth I could not see why a lass would want to change everything about herself to curry favor with the lout And 'tis the truth the language got than a wee bit repetitious 'tis the truth Perhaps 'twould have been better read than listened to The ending 'twas pretty good so two stars 'twill be 5 glorious stars for this book and trilogyI almost want to weep over finishing these books They were just what I needed and introduced me to a new to me author I haven’t read many Highlander books but these have sparked a new desire to add to my TBR pile These McCabe brothers were really something I love when rough gritty alphas are brought to their knees by strong fierce submissive somewhat lasses Lol There were so many sexy scenes that were scorching and then there were battle scenes that played vividly in my minds eye I will probably reread these down the road So freakin GOOD“You taste as sweet as you look” She sighed and closed her eyes “You have a wicked mouth husband” “And to think I’ve only just begun”“How close are you to your woman’s pleasure wife?” “ ’Tis not important” she whispered against his mouth “ ’Tis your pleasure that is important this night” “Your pleasure is my pleasure” he murmured backThese men got it right They knew that their pleasure was giving their ladies pleasure Okurrr Sigh I devoured this series It was the best kind of romance candy The kind with hot highlanders steamy sex fierce battle scenes feisty women impossible odds high stakes and teary moments While each book had a different heroheroine the trilogy had an underlying story as the McCabes prepared for war against their fierce enemy Duncan Cameron I loved how the brothers were always main characters in each story and how the heroines became important to the clans survival While you could read the books out of order I recommend that you don't In the first book In Bed with a Highlander the romance was of enemies to lovers and in the second bookSeduction of a Highland Lass it burned hot and fast In Never Love a Highlander the romance was slow and snuck up on them as it built over time Two strangers find themselves wed in a marriage of necessity not of love to unites two clans and build an alliance strong enough to defeat a looming war Love was never important to either of them their marriage was simply just an arrangement of necessity Betrayed by the woman he loved eight years earlier Caelen did not trust himself to love again He was the hardest and coldest of the three brothers devoted only to duty and family Rionna McDonald is the daughter of a neighboring laird and has been betrothed or nearly betrothed to all three of the McCabe brothers If Caelen doesn't marry her the humiliation would be too much She is not a typical well mannered and dainty lass but one who enjoys wearing trews and wielding a sword Caelen doesn't know what to make of her ways and tries to get her to be feminine in both behavior and appearance And now that Caelen is Laird of McDonald's clan he has much to prove to gain the trust and loyalty of his people The war with Duncan Cameron gets closer and the brothers come together for the ultimate and final battle scene I couldn't guess how the final battle was going to unfold but I enjoyed it immensely A fitting ending I'm sad the trilogy is over but I look forward to books by this author I do hope she writes highlander historicals some day This is a wonderful end of this series A sweet story between Caelan and Rionna Both agree to be married for the sake of duty More like married of convinience Slowly they both grows fond of each other and later on develop romantic feeling Miss Banks puts a twist of betrayal and bit of drama into the story The focus of this book is on the sex actually It is a sweet cheesy over the top romance story Minimum drama angst with a bit of suspense and betrayal 4 stars This was by far my absolute favorite of the series I loved watching the love between Rionna and Caelan grow and bloom it was magic I've said it before but the romance in this series is old fashioned and I loved every minute of it Audiobook Narrator Kristen PotterI absolutely HATE that this series is over an not only because I’ll miss these characters but because I’ll miss this narrator’s superb performance She doesn’t just read the story and change her voice a bit here and there she pulls you into it with her incredible diversity of voices and characters None are the same all are addicting and each one I fell in love with due to Ms Potter’s narrationThis is the only book in the series that I never had the chance to read so I was thrilled to see it pop up on Audible I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Rionna Up to this point she’s kind of just been on the sidelines a woman dressed in men’s clothing and a bit one dimensional I was afraid she would be so tough and warrior like that I wouldn’t be able to connect with her I couldn’t have been wrong She actually had so many layers to her She had her reasons for her behavior and they were believable She also wasn’t changing anytime soon but learned to embrace both her need to defend herself as well as the woman her husband called forth from her Caelen once gave his heart away and his clan paid the deepest price for it He has been a cold hard character throughout the series with a few exceptions when it came to his sisters in law That was what I held on to And also the fact that this author knows how to do alpha heroes It was fun to watch both of the hero and heroine adapt to the changes in their life So much of it was witty some was angsty and some was anger inducing All of it kept me enthralled with the story This has some drama that helps this couple to further develop individually and as a couple as well as a moment when Caelen’s worst nightmare comes to life My heart broke for this couple and I wasn’t sure how they would overcome it if they survivedEach of the books in this series has been uniue and individual with the exception that the heroes are fiercely loyal to the women they marrylove and the heroines are strong enough to deal with their forceful waysCan’t recommend this series enough but I do suggest you start from the beginningListened via Romance Pkg although I own the book and ebookDual POVSafe view spoiler no owom drama hide spoiler

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Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels A wife and mother of three she lives in Texas