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All Fall Down A new series of global proportions from master of intrigue NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Ally CarterGrace Blakely is absolutely certain of three things1 She is not crazy2 Her mother was murdered3 Someday she is going to find the killer and make him payAs certain as Grace is about these facts nobody else believes her so there's no one she can completely trust Not her grandfather a powerful ambassador Not her new friends who all live on Embassy Row Not Alexei the Russian boy next door who is keeping his eye on Grace for reasons she neither likes nor understandsEverybody wants Grace to put on a pretty dress and a pretty smile blocking out all her unpretty thoughts But they can't control Grace no than Grace can control what she knows or what she needs to do Her past has come back to hunt her and if she doesn't stop it Grace isn't the only one who will get hurt Because on Embassy Row the countries of the world stand like dominoes and one wrong move can make them all fall down

About the Author: Ally Carter

Ally Carter writes books about spies thieves and teenagers She is the New York Times Best selling author of the Gallagher Girls Heist Society and Embassy Row series Her books have been published all over the world in over twenty languages She encourages you to visit her online at allycartercom and embassyrowbookscom

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    I randomly picked this up off my shelves the other day and plowed my way through it pretty uickly There are definitely things within this book that you have to suspend your disbelief for because some things that go down are a bit outlandish I loved the group of characters that form to work together on breaking down the mystery at hand and the plot went in such a unexpected direction that left me pleasantly surprised I will say that there is a major over use of the word crazy could've taken out 50 and we would've gotten the point Overall though this was entertaining and I'll definitely be working my way through the trilogy

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    All Fall Down may not be Ally Carter’s best work but it’s still as always with this author darn fast paced entertaining and originalThe moment I started reading it I was sucked into the world of ambassadors and soirées and danger Grace lost her mom Correction—her mom was murdered They all say it was an accident but Grace knows the truthShe was thereAnd she knows who killed herShe wants to make him pay and she willI found the whole concept of ambassadors from all over the world who live next to one another—on a street called ‘‘Embassy Row’’—very uniue I never read anything similar to itSure the mystery and murder lacked complexity—usually with a murder we have multiple suspects but in this book it’s limited to one Therefore it’s suspenseful than mysteriousI nonetheless felt unspeakably engaged into the story despite the immaturity of the characters the lackluster romance and as I said the limited mystery to the murder of Grace’s motherAlly Carter knows how to write a book in a way that will make the reader not want to stop reading Her chapters are not too long her writing is simple—maybe too simple—and her characters fun and somewhat relatable though sadly I personally cannot relate to slightly immature teensI’m usually not that interested in reading the seuel to a book I only gave three stars to but that’s exactly how I feel right nowThe story ends on a huge cliffhanger so you’ll want to have the next book beside you after you’re done with this one Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Diplomacy ambiguity and a hot Russian love interest Sorry Jess will have to get back to you She’s currently nursing her book hangover I know my last review was all about the book of my dreams and whatnot but All Fall Down was basically an element of reality that I'm uite close to and the best that imagination can offer and it's made me wonder “Why weren’t you creative enough to dream that up Jess?” Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself here seeing as it’s only January and all but that may have been the best book I’ve read in a long while Alright so since last week But as you can see I’m rather smitten by this book Because it combined a concept that I know all too well about together with the joys of the thriller genre and an ounce of conspiracy We all know that I’m weak with the contemporary Truthfully I’m weak with all contemporaries but one While I detest those sob fests I can’t connect that are meant to mirror life and all its imperfections and whatnot I adore contemporary thrillers Because I like murder tales Not the murder oh joy here’s my murder disclaimer once again I don’t like murder I’m just interested by the thrill of the chase for justice Ally Carter does something that has yet to be touched in YA Which is a feat in itself because what out there hasn’t been given the YA makeover Embassy kiddies and a murder mystery Sign me up Fun fact January 2015 was only ever about two books for me Conspiracy of Us and All Fall Down Reading for this month is pretty much complete for me In between waiting for the two I’ve been slumping Nothing’s been holding my attention But these two I devoured them in a matter of hours I inflated my own expectations They exceeded it 2015 has been good to me thus far Ally Carter presents us with Grace Child of a dead mother and deployed military father Sent of to live with her Grandfather US ambassador stationed in Adria It’s all about diplomacy on Embassy Row The thing with embassies is they’re always clumped together And seeing as each block of land is representative of the nation itself tensions are always high around the embassy blocks One wrong step one mistake on foreign soil and it’s an international scandal “We must respect our host country and we must respect our neighbours” “Sometimes the walls that stand between us and our neighbours are all that stand between our country and war” Grace hasn’t been back on embassy row since her mother was murdered right before her eyes And now she’s plagued with a bunch of memories that she’d much rather forget and a desire to bring justice to her mother to defend her honour to unearth her killer—the Scarred Man Only the thing with being a kid is that you’re less likely to gain respect Especially from a adults who are trained and who base their career off being vague politically correct and morally ambiguous your country first and if anything disastrous should happen your country should assume a facade of innocence The portrayal of Embassy Row is completely on point While it’s all manners and polite and courteous smiles the air is tense One step out of line and it’s a domino effect Carter builds this atmosphere with utter delicacy I adored it I’m a tad skeptical of the fact that you can be posted in one country for so long it’s a moving job but hey that’s fiction You gotta give a little leeway and let the imagination take over right? We follow Grace’s journey as she attempts to prove her credibility As a character I adored her We get an extremely unreliable narrator which may do a couple of heads in but to me it added to the charm of All Fall Down The book is littered with what appears to be flashbacks but as we proceed it becomes rather blurry and hard to differentiate between flashback and hallucination Grace’s sass however won over my heart Holy hell that girl is just perfectly sarcastic What segregates me from YA protagonists and often becomes a barrier for empathy is the fact that many of our protagonists are rather submissive Which isn’t a bad trait But it’s just hard for me to personally understand Grace isn’t demure and shy she doesn’t lack confidence and fear the spotlight Which is something that I’ve been searching for in a protagonist Because if they’re meant to be a reflection of the young adult it’s a rather one dimensional view of us I don’t want to speak on anybody else’s behalf but man I used sometimes still ha to think I could own the world And there was no way I was going to let someone else topple me over She’s got sass and now that I’ve had a taste of it I demand We’ve also got a great selection of secondary characters They’re all rather individual and I believe that with time and the following seuels their backstories will surely be developed in greater detail There are two males named I mention that because everyone likes to jump ahead and toot the big love triangle horn There is no love triangle There is one potential love interest and a newly acuired best friend Noah is an absolutely hilarious and rather endearing character He’s the type that just grows on you He’s a perfect contrast to Grace’s characterisation and a fantastic friend While she is plagued with mystery and ambiguity he is all about clarity and a dose of reality And a complete sweetheart Those who are familiar with Carter’s work will know that she does love extremely lightly All Fall Down does not stray away from that pattern Carter knows a thing or two about slow burn let me tell you She’ll let you burn on forever and you’ll be begging for a something—a sign a touch a look That also translates to Grace our protagonist does not use love to procrastinate from her mission for justice She does not fall prey to transcendental love For our little Gracie here we have Alexei Yes a Russian kiddie You should all know that I have two week spots in life royalty and Russian men While we got both elements in this one Alexei completely whisked me away Brother’s best friend That’s who he is And between the bit of witty banter shared between the two and the fact that he’s a complete gentlemen I’m kind of sold I told you Carter knows her slow burn The thing with Carter is she does simplistic writing But it’s extremely addictive It’s a formula that I’ve yet to read elsewhere Normally I like my writing with a bounty of obscure metaphors I’m kind of partial to those and lyricism that would surely drive you all up the wall but when it comes to Carter I give that Jess a break Because Carter’s writing always has me hooked She knows her dialogue she knows how to describe actions and movements and secret glances with absolute accuracy It’s all about realism when it comes to her writing Her dialogue is always extremely witty which is something that I love And her scenes transition with fantastic fluidity So forget the metaphors for once in your life Carter knows how to sell the whole “less is ” idea Be warned though with the conclusion to All Fall Down one thing for sure is that this series is heading down a completely different direction One that I’ve been screaming at YA to do for a while So I’m totally alright with it all I won’t say much about it just because you’ve got to experience it for yourself although some may just know now that I’ve been all vague and whatnot Carter may have my soul because I want that second book Basically All Fall Down has ruined me It pulled me out of my slump gave me the best story of my life an element—not the murder—of this book hits home for me so be warned like all things this may not be for everyone and has now said see you in 2016 kiddo Carter brings forth a completely delicate and precarious setting and places a protagonist who is willing to burrow for the truth at the heart of it Things get shaken up in this delectable read Jess reads too deeply into the interactions of two certain characters and hopes that Carter will give her to work with in book two All Fall Down has stolen my heart and head for the rest of January if not the rest of the year Read it for a breath of fresh air Read it for a slow burning romance Read it for the impeccable cast I guess this review came sooner than later Can everyone do me a favour and just read this book? Carter has my heart You know the deal review to come I of all people had the most inflated expectations out there I hyped this one up for myself based on blurb alone That's right I did the unthinkable the no no when it comes to highly anticipated books Guess what? Expectations met and exceeded I am one happy duck right here Plus there's a lovely Russian love interest and y'all know how I get when that happens

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    35 stars All Fall Down is my first Ally Carter book and I must say it's an enjoyable read The age level is a little lower than I usually read I would classify this book as a middle grade for ages 12 16 It is the perfect type of book for transitioning young readers out of the chapter books and into the Young AdultTeen genreThree years after witnessing her mother's death Grace is sent to live with her ambassador grandfather in a country that borders Iran Grace used to spend her summers at the embassy as a child and is already familiar with the area and the politics While here Grace discovers that the man she believes to have murdered her mother is here as well and she sets about on a plan to bring him downThis is one of the interesting plots I've read in the young adult genre lots of modern day politics and espionage are afoot I'm not really used to reading a simpler type of book and that's why this book received a 35 star review from me Plus I found the ending to be highly unbelievableI think many teens girls and boys could relate very well to Grace and her situation No not all teens are able to deal with inter political plots between countries but they will relate to Grace and her struggle for adults to take her seriously The adults in this book did not believe Grace when she went to them for help leaving her feeling useless and helpless something many teens feel like a lot of the time I liked that Grace did what most teens and people want to do and she took matters into her own hands and tried to unravel the mystery of her mother's death herselfI would have liked development between Grace and the character of Alexei I still at this point cannot determine if he was a love interest or not He just sort of popped in and then would disappear for various amounts of time It felt really random Hopefully that will be resolved in the next installment ARC kindly provided to me by my boss Who received this from the publisher So I guess the ARC was indeed provided by the publisher It just wasn't intended for me Muahaha

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads35 starsBeing someone who hasn't read anything by Ally Carter before I went into this book not expecting all that much But knowing that Ms Carter's previous books have all been something along the lines of a mystery thriller y espionage kinda thing let me assure you now this isn't anything like that Heck this book is definitely something that I wouldn't think you've picked up beforehand It's original right to it's roots All Fall Down combines a world of diplomacy and the repercussions of death into one fun mess I told you this wasn't like anything you've read beforeGrace Blakely is one of those characters you really wanna love and sympathise with She lost her mother at the age of 13 and she was there to see it happen Grace doesn't even get to see her father or brother any because they're both away on duty as they're soldiers And her grandfather? He's the US Ambassador and now Grace has to live with him in Adria It also happens to be the place where her mother was murdered right in front of her eyes Not that anyone would believe Grace for they all say the death was an accidentMy first impression on Ally Carter was that she's a genius A GENIUS I TELL YOU Why? Because I absolutely loved the idea of a place where all the embassy houses happen to be on the same street and for each step you make you could be visiting the other side of the world For instance the Russian embassy is next door to the US embassy Take a step out of the US half and BAM you're basically in Russia I mean we have embassies in existence in the real world but to incorporate it into a story line? I repeat GENIUS Though I would recommend people to have some understanding of embassies and how they work in our world before heading into this book because I imagine it can be a little confusing at the start for some when nothing is yet explainedAnyway back to Grace coughs I totally didn't get carried away there coughs again I wanted to love the girl Her situation is pretty unfortunate and well witnessing your own mother's death? That's just unimaginably horrific and traumatic But Grace turned out to be a really annoying girl who loved to jump to conclusions instead I mean there's this scene where Grace comes across a girl who's got a pretty face and seems to hold an authoritative voice and Grace seems to just loose all reason and starts going on and on about how that chick must be one of those kind of girls Like what the hell? You just met herWhat I did expect to see in All Fall Down was a romance I don't know how that idea got into my brain but all YA novels seem to have romances these days so I guess I automatically drilled that into my mind ANYWAY There isn't necessarily a romance in this book While I can foresee one appearing in the future instalments this book was purely character and plot driven I do believe Alexei is supposed to be the love interest I mean hello? Hot Russian dude? Personally I wasn't a fan of him He has this cold demeanor and he's so domineering I barely understood the guy honestly BUT then there's Noah suees HE'S MIIIIIINE He's half Israeli and half Brazillian He spends half his time in the Israel embassy and the rest in the Brazillian embassy It's pretty awesome if you ask me And what else is awesome? The fact that Noah is a totally adorable and sweet guy who has the best humour and made me chuckle on multiple occasions Can I please have a Noah too? 'OK' he says 'First lesson'Noah broadens his stance taking his place firmly on the embassy side of the threshold 'In the United States' he says Then with both feet he leaps on to the sidewalk 'Out of the United States' uickly he jumps back toward me 'In the United States' Another jump across the threshold 'Out of the United States In Out In ''Is this the part where I hit you?'Other than that I would've liked to see political involvement in this book I'm not sure if I'm being just plain picky here but I love love loved the whole embassy idea being presented in a novel and taking it up a notch in the upcoming instalments would be very much appreciated because I can see that Ms Carter definitely has to skills to make it workIf you want a fun and uick read with a little substance and politics than your typical lighthearted contemporary this is one I'd highly recommend  Thank you Scholastic Australia for sending me this copy

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    OMG This was so Good Definitely different than anything that Ally Carter has written before but in a good way NEXT BOOK PLEASE Pre Read ThoughtsCould it be? YES Another Ally Carter is writing another book Another WONDERFUL book Ally Carter is amazing and it will be perfect since I need something after finishing GGBut wait 2015? HOW CAN I WAIT THAT LONG ????? Well I guess I can wait But it will be hard SO VERY HARD EDIT 10614OMG WE HAVE A NAME AND A SUPER AWESOME COVER

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    This review is also posted on DEADLY DARLINGSActual Rating 355 stars Grace saw her mother murdered right before her eyes but no one believes her They say it was an accident that her mother was killed in the fire but she knew the truth Her mother was shot in the chest by a scarred man But she was thirteen and they say that’s just trauma that’s talking so nobody believed herAnyway she was back in Adria again after three years and decided to stay for good In her stay she discovered that the man whom she believed killed her mother was here as well So with the help of friends she went to follow and observe this man and she felt really close now in figuring out what really happened in the night her mother died Why did he kill her mother? Well well well She definitely didn’t saw that answers that revelations coming Lesson Sometimes you just have to learn your boundaries your limitations We can never un know thingsMaybe sometimes ignorance is bliss I liked Grace our heroine She was sarcastic and unafraid to speak her mind yet she was also fragile and really vulnerable She was a very unreliable narrator She started to doubt even herself when no one took her proclamations seriously and I actually felt sad for her She felt really helpless and aloneI like the friendships in this book Can I just say that I love Noah? He’s just adorable He just introduced himself to Grace one day and said that he was her best friend Anyway even though I liked the relationships here it wasn’t perfect because it wasn’t developed enough You know this felt like a sort of introduction like the author is just preparing us for to come Maybe we’ll see of them in the next booksThe romance There’s not much room for romance here mainly because Grace wasn’t really in the right state for that She was lost and she felt a little crazy even Anyway I really think Alexei will be her love interest in this series even though he just sort of appeared here really randomly I ship it Their relationship is somewhat forbidden though because Alexei’s Russian and they’re nations aren’t really strong allies At first I thought there's a love triangle but there's none so yaayThe Setting I loved the setting of this one Embassy Row was literally like a lot of embassies next to each other each representing a different country Technically if you went to another side and you didn’t have permission you can start a war between nations I think Ally Carter can really expand this There’s a lot of potential there can be a lot of surprise villains and conspiracies and whatnots I’m definitely looking forward to where she will bring this storyAs a reader of works by Ally Carter before I can definitely say that the first book is the somewhat the weakest in her series Say for example Gallagher Academy But I also know that her books improve as the series goes on so I have no doubt that I will love the preceding installments even than this ARC provided by Netgalley in exchanged of an honest review

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    I am pleased I admit I was dubious at the beginning The first 100 pages didn't grab melike not at all In fact I was seriously wondering if this book would plummet into an untouchable basket BUT THEN IT WOWED ME with a gob smacking ending and some seriously wicked twists I have a few uibbles but overall I'm impressedIt's not about spies Or espionage I guess it's unfair to assume it will be but Ally Carter has written two series about spies and crime sooo I guess it was my first assumption this would follow IT DID NOT It's set in a made up ? country I'm guess this is like Genova from The Princess Diaries right?? where there's an entire street of embassy houses So Israel Brazil Russia USA etc are all door to door Technically when you visit a house you're in Russia or whatnot I'm still confused if it's an actual place or made up though The story is about Grace who's got PTSD after witnessing her mother's death She's convinced her was murdered by a scarred man Basically she spends the entire book getting into raucous trouble making bad decisions snarking left right and centre and chasing after an elusive killer that no one but her believes is guiltyI enjoyed Gracebut she also ticked me off I felt bad for herI mean she went through SO MUCH But she really was a brat She was a brat to everyone But isn't that a coping mechanism?? So I feel bad judging her character butugh the rudenss did great on meThere are several secondary characters and it's all very diverse of course considering this is a row of Embassy houses Like Noah who is half Israeli and half BrazilianHe elects himself Grace's Best Friend It's adorable HE'S HILARIOUS Alexei He's Russian and was Grace's older brother's friend in the pastand now kind of presents himself as the overbearing surrogate brother and Grace really gets ticked off by him fair enough too Alexei was rather awful He feigned caring but he called her Gracie when she specifically said not to and he was very domineering Megan She's like a computer genius Rosie She's a really smart 12 year old who knows everything apparently and is like a ninja when she sneaks after peopleI don't really think it has a love triangle It has the potential but I think there was basically ZERO romance Which I'm glad about Grace was definitely not in a position mentally to be having a romance I loved Noah's very enthusiastic charismatic friendship with her Stuff AlexeiThe writing was fast and lighteasy to read I kind of wish the author had aged the characters down though because the tone and content felt like 12 friendly The characters could've been 14 Seriously They didn't seem excessively mature either And the book has literally no swearingSo what are my uibbles? Ergh Unfortunately I have a fair few But some are spoilers soooo I will wrap spoiler tags as needed How rude and dismissive of everyone Grace was She irritated me A lot That Noah and Grace have a falling out' over the STUPIDEST THING EVER And it's so cliche view spoiler The whole ooh you lied to me and now I hate you thing just drives me crazy I thought Noah was better than that hide spoiler

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    Actual Rating 355So I did really really enjoy this book I wasn't sure what I was expecting going into this but this was not what I was expecting at all in a good wayI am really interested in YA Political Thrillers right now so I picked this book up because of that It is extremely easy to get through and it's fairly short The reason I knocked off a star and a half is really simplePlotStory CharactersI really liked this storyline and the mystery of it had me uestioning everything Plus our main character Grace is an unreliable narrator and I LOVED that it even got me thinking and wondering if I was right or wrong Now with that being said that was the only part of Grace's character I found complex Her character as a whole was kind of frustrating? I felt like she was 2 D 12 not uite as complex as I wanted her to be and not as well rounded I actually found this with the majority of the characters in this book We never got a real sense of who they were and what they were about And not in a ooo this is the mystery of it all way but of a these characters are unfinished kind of way Not to mention Alexei who is Russian and by default I must love him was very disappointing as a chracterI will be continuing with the series because I love the plotline that is going and based on the ending I can see this opening wide up However I'm not sure if my feelings on the characters will change based on the fact that I think this is just how they are written

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