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Forget Me Not Forgotten Fairytales #2 “I’ve never been to a ball or followed the yellow brick road and I sure as hell never imagined myself living in a world of fairytale characters Most of which want me dead So when they come because they will I need to be ready”“And you think you could kill someone”“I know I could”When the academy in Nottingham burns down sending in a new slew of fairytale classmates Norah Hart comes face to face with new challenges enemies and friendships But the longer she is in this world the she realizes there is no getting out leaving her with only one option be preparedFORGET ME NOT is the second book in the Forgotten Fairytale series Star Rating This book picks up a few months after the end of the 1st instalment Norah is training for an exam which she currently sucks at but other than that life has been better since Cinderella is behind bars Her and Wolf have been doing really great but that's all going to change when the academy in Nottingham burns down and a flurry of new students descend and upset the calm that everyone has been enjoying This book really rocked There was a lot character building and development to the back story in this novel which was really good for the series as a lot about Norah is explained and how she has ended up in this fairytale world There are also some new hot characters introduced that play a really important role in not only this book but I imagine the future books of the series as well All in all I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next when it is released This book definitely didn't feel like a 'filler' book like some 2nd series books do so I really kept the pages turning and kept up with the fast pace A perfect 4 stars Natty Bee 5 Cranky Stars The evil fairy godmother is gone Cinderella is locked up in prison and awaiting trial for her bad deeds the boarding school’s caste system had broken allowing heroes to mingle with villains and sidekicks April is thriving in her new school and Wolf is still madly in love with NorahLife couldn’t be better for this unwilling part princess part hero character I had fallen in love with in Forgotten Fairytales It seemed that everything had finally settled down in favour of Norah’s HEA One of her teachers was even encouraging her to train and develop her skills Even her circle of friends is growing and she found a true friend in KateAnd WolfsighThen new students started arriving after a fire destroyed another magical school forcing them to send their students to other neighbouring schools Two students stood out in particular to Norah One is the sea witch called Venessa who was making a play for Wolf’s affections and the other was Jaxson aka Robinhood who was assigned to help Norah master archeryTo complicate matters even Norah started getting weird dreams from about a girl who was her doppelganger and was sending her cryptic messagesTrouble in paradise came in full force Lies and secrets created a wedge between Wolf and Norah while feelings started blossoming for Jaxson Kate was in trouble and needed Norah’s support even While Norah’s dad finally crumbled under the power of the councilBook 2 did not disappointIf I thought book 1 was good Forget Me Not is even better Drama action suspense and romance all crammed in this little book Like before I connected with Norah straight away I felt I was there with her all the way through the sweet times adrenaline rush nerve wracking moments as well as the heartache Like Norah I clung to my love and hoped it would survive But the times were bleak and sacrifices needed to be doneMy heart brokeI’m not a fan of love stories that jump into a new love interest without even letting the dust settle down Thankfully that wasn’t the case in Forget Me Not Yes a new love interest presented itself but Norah didn’t jump from one pair of arms to another Still I clung to the hope that my heart would be mended only to find it shattering to millions of tiny pieces in the endThank you Ms Parkhurst for these beautiful tales I’ll be waiting for next instalment and continue my journey with Norah Heartbroken right nowTHIS BOOK KILLED MEDevastated by this book Can’t say much else because it will ruin the books and your life ha haBut Wolf was back in all his drool worthy glory Aaaaaand we welcome another swoonful fella to the stage But as the photo above suggest TEAM WOLF all the wayThis book is just as fun filled and easy to read as the first I loved it The loveable and not so loveable characters were back for so teen angst drama filled days I read this book in 2 sittings would have been 1 but apparently I have to adult and go to work Again like the first book The Forgotten Fairytales I also love this book We dive into the book with Norah trying to use a bow and pass her exam She is trying to dive back into school and just move on from the train wreck that was Danielle aka Cinder bitch She and Wolf seem to be doing fine until a bunch of students from Nottingham roll into town and make drama for the school I mean you can't have a good story without some drama right There are some new things you learn about her family in this book and things come to light about who Norah really is April who I seriously wanted to throat punch all throughout book 1 still grates on my nerves and she's really not mentioned to much in the book but what is written about her makes me what to drag her out by her hair and tell her not to treat her sister like such a bitch I mean she's the only sister you have why are you such a bitch Anyway she's always got Kate who is her BFF and they would stand together through thick and thin I love love love Kate I feel like Parkhurst wrote the part of Norah and Kate thinking of me and my BFF ; The girls have such a special bond like sisters rather than friends You get to meet some of the new students from Nottingham I can tell you some of them are merry some not so much You come to find out why they are there and what happened to get them there Norah makes friends out of some of them while there are others who just need to go far far awayIn this book we finally are getting to the fairytale trial of Danielle vs Norah Although it's not like a normal trial you will see what goes on and things that will unfold during this time Forget Me Not is full of suspense love betrayal forming friendships and plenty of drama I couldn't stop reading this book I just kept wanting to see what was going to happen next The end will leave you breathless and you will be anticipating the release of book 3 When it does be ready to dive right into it because you are going to want to know what happens to all of the characters that you have come to love or hate All in all this book gets 5 stars from this girl I loved every minute of it I'm super excited for book 3 so I can find out aboutSERIOUSLY GO READ THIS BOOK

  • Kindle Edition
  • 337 pages
  • Forget Me Not Forgotten Fairytales #2
  • Angela Parkhurst
  • English
  • 09 March 2016
  • 9781500170912

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