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Cruel to be Kind Dear AuthorI would like a TPE tale I’d like the characters to have some depth and this lovely boy looks to be a bit melancholy about something I LOVE angst There isn’t much on the BDSM spectrum that I don’t enjoy I’m not picky about the setting dystopian paranormal contemporary tentacles whateverBlow my mind please Photo Description A naked man lies on the floor in a dark space He has a muscular build and several tattoos A light shines down on him from above He appears to be deep in thought and is holding one hand up so the light shines through his fingersThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love’s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings

About the Author: Kim Dare

Kim is a thirty three year old bisexual submissive from Wales UK First published in 2008 she has since released almost 100 BDSM erotic romance titles ranging from short stories to full length novels Having worked with a host of fantastic e publishers she has just moved into self publishingWhile she has occasionally ventured towards other pairings Kim's first love is still and probably alw

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    I've hit the lottery with my promptI asked for TPE and Kim Dare pulled out all the stops I can't even tell you how many times I happily sighed and said 'ohh my gawd' out loud at so so many lines This was exactly what I wanted Xander has only ever wanted to belong to Malone For years they've been friends For years he's submitted to him in every way except the one that will bind them together inexorablyOnce Xander works up the courage to ask for what he wants Malone does everything he can think of to dissuade him from becoming a vampire's pet because sometimes you've go to be cruel to be kind right? Xander has 24 hrs to try to convince him otherwise and if he can then he will have won the lottery Put your hands behind your back I don’t want you touching it yet just look” Malone smiled “If you go through with this this is the last time you’ll ever look at your cock and know it belongs to you” growlsKim I can't thank you enough for bringing my prompt to life hugsYou even included the pic air kisses across the Atlantic Xander was naked He lay in the middle of the feeding room floor directly under the skylight As Malone watched Xander lifted one hand and let the last rays of the sun caress his fingers Best day ever

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    Me This is me waiting to read this story because it's on my list of awaited promptsCruel to be Kind is the cupcake Delicious from the first lick Yum Then hooked me with“You’re not just playing with fire Xander You’re playing with a vampire And you’re risking far than a few burns Whatever you think it will be like to submit to me you’re wrong”laser focus eyes Game the hell onHuman Xander has been aching to submit to his vampire friend and business partner Malone for years In a last attempt to finally get Malone to admit he wants to own Xander in every way possible Xander offers himself to be a pet to a club of vampires Of course dominant Malone is not going to stand for that shitLoved every minute of itThere's a lot of hot uotes that made me wiggle in pleasure In fact if I put all of my uotesyou'd have practically the entire storyThere were faint red marks around his wrists where the cuffs had cut in He stared at them wondering if those kinds of marks were going to become a regular feature in his life He could only pray that they wouldgrunts“From this moment on you can forget whatever you think you know about yourself” Malone said “Everything you think you are is irrelevant You’re mine For the next twenty four hours the only thing that matters is what you can do to please me You’re not a person You’re a toy A snack”uelted I uelted hardWill this story work for everyone? Probably not If you don't like the Ds aspect of BDSM or BDSM I wouldn't suggest It's not heavy in the kink The toy play is minimal cuffs and a paddle put to very good use But the Total Power Exchange believable among the two men and just yummilicious to read HOT LITTLE NUMBERPlus vampires definitely are in my 'favorites' column Loved the paranormal twist I think it added a heightened aspect to the TPE“You need to realise that this isn’t what you want and you need to tell me that because once I’ve got you Xan I won’t be able to let you go”The fuck you say? Baby's thereMuscles and tattoos dripsThe total domination dropsThe only thing that made me pout is one teeny tiny itsy bitsy thing which made me take off05 that's right I'm rating this bad boy 495 stars was that this story was not longerI could have read this story all day Malone and Xander definitely pushed all of my fuckhot buttonsTwiceThis author owned this prompt and showed me who is masterThank you to the author and the wonderful team

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    It's Kim Dare Vampires Bondage Hot guys fcking What the hell are you waiting for? Henry out Mike drop

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    Sweet sweet Ds loving Hot and sultry friends to lovers story that feels so good Gorgeous sexy play and devotion Winning short Favorite uote “If you had any idea what kind of man you’re dealing with you wouldn’t have put that image in my head before handing yourself over to me”

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    Holy shit leave it to Kim Dare to write one hell of an awesome Love's Landscapes short story featuring a friends to lovers BDSM Ds vampire relationship That's a whole lot of story in less than 40 pages Highly recommended

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    Kim Dare writes consistently one of the best insights into the submissive mind that I know I always end up feeling a bit like

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    This story made me so happy The writing was exuisite each word carefully chosen to perfectly convey the spirit of Xander's submission to Malone and Malone's need to dominate him The tension the emotions all perfectly shown My only complaintI need This was a delicious start but I want to see them further on in their relationship too Please oh please oh pleaseThank you Kim for participating in this event and sharing your story

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    325 starsA bit of sexy with a bite; Xander has always wanted to submit to Malone his friend and business partner who's also a vampire Malone tries to dissuade Xander but it will take than a paddle for Xander to change his mind so Malone decides to be cruel in order to be kind This short story provides a 24 hour glimpse a scene Enough hints about Xander and Malone's friendship are provided that we believe in Xander's need to submit to Malone The naughty stuff didn't get going until three fourths into the book and by then the story was about over I liked the dark edges here and the writing was tight

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    That was great I love Dare's vampire stories A fab addition to the Love's Landscapes event

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    Malone and Xanderto be honest Kim Dare had me at their names OMG these two are hot hot hot What could you ask for than a gorgeous pissed off Vampire Dom and a determinedly beautiful tattoed wanna be sub Vamp Mal has no chance against Xanders determination to get his boss and friend of five years to see him as his source of food lover and submissive but trying to resist him is getting harder and harder so using the cruel to be kind approach Mal agrees to Xanders blackmail based suggestion that he'll give himself to Malone for a 24 hour period the usual deal and length of time in which a vampire can do anything he wants to a human who offers himself He's convinced that if he pushes Xander to his absolute limits he'll finally back off but this sub knows exactly what he wants He wants Malone and he'll submit to anything to get himI absolutely LOVED this short story The tempestuous relationship and chemistry between these two gorgeous characters had me entranced This isn't a long read but it packs a real punch The sex is delicious and kinky and the tension between Xander and Malone is so tangible you can cut it with a knife Or should I say cut it with the flick of a whip Definitely a favourite up to now And once again lets not forget these are all FREE

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