Hearts Before Diamonds ePUB ☆ Hearts Before eBook

Hearts Before Diamonds A fun short storyBryan Fields has written a fun short story set in an alternate World were the British Raj never fell and magic exists The main character is a fixer hired to undo an arranged marriage so that true lovers can escape together SweetYou will never see it coming but this story is short sweet and with multiple unexpected outcomes Worth the read Hope to find from this author In a world of Dragons clockwork wonders and steam powered magic Edward Wallace solves problems for people from prides of flying tigers to domestic concerns A boy named Timir seeks out Wallace's services when his beloved is forced into an arranged marriage to a Diamond Prince from the fabled land of Sheba Rescuing the reluctant bride is easy but when the Diamond Prince discovers his bride missing no corner of the world will be far enough for Timir and his love to run

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