ó Ellery ueen's Mystery Magazine May 1958 Vol 31 No 7

Ellery ueen's Mystery Magazine May 1958 Vol 31 No 7 CONTENTS You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life Stanley Ellin; Demon Scientist Strikes Again Kem Bennett; The 2000000 Defense Harold Masur; The Devil Dog Jack London; The Murder of the Month Club Morris Lee Green; The Course of Truelove Dick Ashbaugh; You Gotta Be Tough George Harmon Coxe; The Li'l Sharpsnooper Edwin A Gross; A uestion of Honor Ellery ueen; The Red Headed Murderess Robert Branson; The Income Tax Mystery Michael Gilbert

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    I wasn't reading EMM in 1958 but somehow I did come across this issue and really enjoyed it I have no idea who the Paul Summers that Goodreads lists this as being by is or was; he doesn't seem to be anyone with an actual connection to this issueI often don't like short stories with Ellery ueen as a character but A uestion of Honor avoids any of the dying messageobscure information stuff that hurts so many of theseThe Li'l Sharpsnooper by Edwin A Gross is a comic story about a man being driven mad by the detecting of his ten year old girl neighbor Kem Bennett's Demon Scientist Strikes Again is also a comic story involving a young detective but the British schoolboy in this one actually solves the caseThe Course of Truelove by Dick Ashbaugh is another light story about a family all of whom are almost swindled in different ways This feels to me like it should be part of a series but evidently it isn'tMorris Lee Green's The Murder of the Month Club is a very short story with a bite in the ending EMM had a lot of reprinted stories in the earlier days of the magazine There are three in this issue all very good One is Jack London's very powerful The Devil Dog from 1904 It is a story of a man and his dog but it is nothing like The Call of the WildThe Red Headed Murderess by Robert Branson originally published in 1948 concerns a possible murder among missionaries in ChinaThe last reprint is George Harmon Coxe's You Gotta Be Tough This was originally published in the magazine Black Mask in 1936 It is an action filled story typical of Black Mask and of Coxe as wellThe remaining three stories are all by authors well known in the field of mysteries Harold Masur's The 2000000 Defense is a very clever cynical trial story It was adapted as an episode of Alfred Hitchcock PresentsThe Income Tax Mystery is eually cynical but in a much sedate manner This is by Michael Gilbert and is as good as anything of his that I have ever read which is saying a lotStanley Ellin's You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life is another story by an excellent writer at the top of his form This was also adapted for Alfred Hitchcock PresentsAll of these stories are good and those by Masur London Branson Gilbert and Ellin are really fine

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