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Katie the Thief Gets Caught Katie’s a thief It’s not really about making a living so much as getting a thrill She’s done it for ten years and she’s never been caught That’s about to change because no amount of planning can account for the owner of a house breaking routine and coming home early When Adam sees the beautiful young woman just about to climb out of the window her perfect record comes crashing down That’s not all that happens either because Adam doesn’t need the police to make sure that Katie gets punished With his BDSM experience and the ropes in his house he has everything he needs Warning This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a BDSM sex encounter It includes bondage pinching rough deep throat and rough sex It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults Here is a preview “So you broke in to steal a rock from me” he asked folding his arms “That doesn't make any sense Are you in a gang or something They make you break in here and take something to prove you did it” Katie shook her head “No I just” How the hell was she supposed to explain “You just what You wanted the thrill or something” That was close enough to the truth so she nodded Adam snorted and looked her over “That's kind of fucked up you know I should call the police and let them deal with you but I think I might have a better idea” “Let me go” Katie asked looking hopeful “I'm going to let you go alright but first I think I'm going to have a little thrill of my own See I know what it's like to need to get a rush from something Mine doesn't involve me breaking into people's houses of course but I know how it feels” “Waitwhat are you talking about” “Oh you'll see” Adam replied with a somewhat feral grin “But it's your choice I won't be accused of forcing myself on you I can call the cops instead and you can see if you can out run then I bet that would be a thrill in itself” Sex He wanted sex Katie frowned The man was handsome enough probably not much older than she was with curly brown hair and gray eyes and he didn't seem like a murdering madman Getting laid and not getting sent to jail sounded like a good deal to her “Fine” she mumbled “Let's just get this over with” Adam snatched the geode from her and went to put it back where it belonged “Go into the kitchen” he ordered Katie and with a sigh she obeyed

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    This is probably of a 3 12 star story but we lack 12 stars here The action far fetched in it's way was interesting enough An this time I got distracted and pulled out of the story by my own fault I got distracted by something this story contained that a prior story I had just read by this author lacked Actually caused me to write a review for that one about it not having safe words and all that kind of stuff Because of the setup up and the long term relationship and all that and how that blah blah blah I turn to this one involving a thief caught bound up used And almost immediately the idea of safe words popped up hmms Wonder if I missed that in the other story So hmm don't let yourself get distracted when you read stories?

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    Katie the Thief Gets Caught is a sex scene with the homeowner including bondage

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