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A Pirate's Primer Despised by his family for his lame legs Adam Chandler has given up on happiness When a chance encounter with a legendary pirate lands him aboard the Grey Lady a ghost ship in the service of the sea goddess he doesn't expect much But the ship's captain the handsome Jaden Fox makes Adam a most intriguing offer teach the pirates to read and write and Jaden will teach Adam the ways of pleasure Adam is an eager student finding Jaden's powerful caresses and playful passion give him reason to cherish his new life Desire soon gives way to love and Adam finally dares to believe he can be happy Then the first crewman disappears and it's a race against time to find the killer and save the rest of the crew Is it another mythical creature or will shadows from Adam's past separate the two lovers forever Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices

About the Author: Jill Knowles

Jill is a former archaeologist turned full time writer In her spare time she makes fine silver jewelry and is learning glass blowing She lives in Tucson Arizona and is owned by far too many cats

10 thoughts on “A Pirate's Primer

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    Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean only gay The inspiration is pretty obvious Oh not that I complain mind you it's a pretty sweet book if thin on the plot what there is of the plot is pretty interesting and I actually felt a bit sorry that the author didn't focus on that that she didn't thicken it instead of going down the easy road and peppering the book with gratuitous sex scenes pretty hot sex scenes though So yeah a good book and even though it's nothing outstanding I'll probably read #2 in the series

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    This was nice but it read a lot like the outline of a novel than a complete story What was there was good but it needed

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    Adam is a crippled man son of an evil man who betrays the sacred oath that pirates make to the Goddess of Sea And now the Goddess has sent her man Captain Fox to take hand of the matter And Adam wants to help Jaden cause he has read about him and his ghostly ship And Jaden makes a pact with Adam he will teach to the crew how to write and read and Jaden will teach to Adam how to loveWell the story is pretty simple and without much surprise Jaden is not an handsome evil like some pirates I have read instead he has an aurea of childness in him He is gentle and friendly he takes care of Adam And Adam is so open and eager of love he put no reserve when he choose to give himself to a ghost and to love a man something he declares never has done and never has imagined was possibleActually it's an enjoyable reading but maybe Jill Knowles has put not enough meat in the paranormalhorror dish even if I'm not fond of the horror itself; and then I like a lot my pirate a little too rough and a lot forceful Not much historical details I really can understand in what period it was setting maybe after the Napoleonic War? they speak of an eight years war and Jaden is 250 years old and he was a pirate But if you want some hot love in a bunk it's your novelhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom17

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    This book was hands down amazing I loved the characters loved their relationship and loved the world building For such a short story there is an amazing depth both to the world and the characters themselves And it's not just the MC's either but the side characters as wellHonestly I can't say much without giving things away All I can say is I loved every minute of it and I really want to read in this verse I was so excited when I finished it that I looked to see if there were books Sadly the next one is not about Jaden and Adam although I suspect they would be in it and the blurb didn't really give me anything that I'm interested in Still I'll keep my fingers crossed for in this verse and hopefully even with Jaden and Adam

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    I really liked this book It's a great short story with the right amount of smexin' to go with the plot and it is very well written After the last few books I've read some I really enjoyed and a couple not so much I really appreciate someone who gets almost all the rules right and doesn't have tons of typos or incorrect wordsI really liked Adam though I was eerily well not so much as overwhelmingly reminded of a certain Disney Pirate in Jared It would have been nice to see a bit of Adam's purpose on the ship being fulfilled but it is a short story that doesn't seem to span too long a time frame so whacha gonna do?

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    I read this story second time now and I really enjoyed it again The plot is developed with interesting characters who made this story alive Jaden and Adam were hot together with nice touch of romance sweetness and love The story is enjoyable and highly recommended on

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    I wasn't always able to follow the plot but I was enjoying the characters so much even the minor ones that I didn't care Who wants a heavy souffle? Sexy pirates a sentient ghost ship and lots of action in and out of the captain's cabin—works for me

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    275 stars

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    Species Mythical creatures

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    I mean this was alright Nothing too amazing or stand out but it was sweet and sexy And I liked the chemistry between Adam and Jaden

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