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Rodeo Rebel Texas Rodeo Barons #05 The Barons six tight knit siblings loud daring and loyal are about to discover that love can be as rough as the rodeo Bestselling author Donna Alward introduces the exciting Texas Rodeo Barons series with her charming preuel novella Rodeo Rebel Back in the ring As the first female bull rider in her circuit Megan Robertson needs to focus But all she can think about is her ex Pax Lantry Megan knew their paths would cross again she just wasn't prepared for the effect it would have on her More surprising than the old heartache is the jolt of pure attraction she still feels for himEven after five years Pax has never gotten over Megan All it takes is seeing her just once for him to know that their connection is as strong as ever But he's committed to his family's ranch and Meg has her own demanding career It seems as if Pax and Megan have moved on so why can't they let each other go Don't miss the first heartwarming novel in the Texas Rodeo Barons series The Texan's Baby

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    Rodeo Rebel by Donna Alward is a 2014 Harleuin American Romance publication The short story has the distinction of featuring a female bull rider something that as forward thinking as I would like to believe I am I don't think I would aspire to Naturally Megan takes a lot of heat from the men on the rodeo circuit for daring to ride bulls but it wasn't the disrespect of the men or the bull riding competition that has Megan distracted It was running into her old boyfriend Pax that has her struggling to maintain her focus Pax broke Megan's heart and never fully explained why He felt like under the circumstances the kindest thing to do for the woman he loved was to let her go He would only hold her back from her goals and dreams But it never occurred to him that Megan would take the break up so hard that she would still be nursing a broken heart or that his feelings for her were as strong as ever But the same problems they faced years ago are still staring them in the face But is love enough for the relationship to work?This super short story is enjoyable enough a nice afternoon diversion or lunch break read However there wasn't anything here that hasn't been done a hundred times over It was really similar to book I just finished a week or so ago in fact So while I did like the statement made that nothing is off limits for women even the male dominated sport of bull riding the story itself was just OK 3 stars

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    If you want a short novella interesting and fun with cowboys and riding bull girls then this is for you Beyond the misunderstandings of what ifs and words unsaid love will find its way no matter the years passingPleasant and fast it introduces a very intriguing Texan seriesdon't you just love a good cowboy story? It's all about those beautifulhorses

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    RODEO REBEL by Donna Alward is a short sweet and enjoyable prelude to her Texas Rodeo Barons series It convinced me to look for by her as an author especially anything Contemporary Western a sub genre of romance I crave second to Historical WesternsSee the review in full color at TheZestuestcomWhy is this book in Dorine’s TBR? I collect freebies and I believe this is one of the digital books I downloaded for free from I haven’t tried Donna Alward’s books before but I heard about them through reading friends so she had been on my list to try Plus I’ve missed reading the American Romance line from Harleuin so that appealed to meFirst I must say that I have missed being a part of the TBR Challenge I was determined to find something to fit this month’s theme of “family ties” because I needed to get back on a schedule But even that didn’t matter as much as I wanted something short and entertaining that I could gobble up in a couple hours This book fitThat also means that my review will be short and sweet because I have so many I need to write Anyone else struggling with reading and writing reviews during this “thing that shall not be named”? I have experienced reading and writing ruts before but this current state of world affairs pushed my creative side into a hole I’m happy to say that this book and several others have cured me of my reading frustrationsIf I’ve learned anything I’ve realized that my reviews have been too long for me to sustain during this time So short and to the point is hopefully where I’ll go for a while to catch up Fair warningWhat did I like about this book? It was super short – only 69 pages per Goodreads It had likable lead characters I could easily care about Even though this could be considered a great misunderstanding theme the author handled it well and convinced me it was worth finding out how it all worked outI always enjoy a story about a couple who reconnect later in life and give their relationship a second try This one is easy to believe because it’s perfectly understandable how much they’ve grown as people in their careers and emotions Most of all it took me away into a stress free world for two hours of comfort readingAs far as the “family ties” category for the challenge this one is a stretch I think it’s best to say that family kept them apart then helped bring them back together We don’t get to know the family that much except through each character’s thoughts but it’s evident that family is a big part of who they areOn a personal note – I hope you find this review helpful and that you and your family are doing well during this time I miss chatting with all of youEasy to read in one sitting RODEO REBEL by Donna Alward is the perfect book for some sweet romance a little rodeo fun and a happy for now resolution The best part? The female lead is the rodeo starReview by Dorine courtesy of TheZestuestcom A digital copy was provided by for free in a previous promotion Thanks in advance for following links and sharing this review on social media

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    A short sweet reconciliation between Megan and Pax Pax and Megan had been in love when they were 20 and 22 But fate dealt Pax a bad hand and he in turn dealt badly with it when he dumped Megan without an explanation Several years pass and Megan has become a vet and also rides the rodeo They meet at the rodeo where Pax is checking on his animals I really enjoyed the push and pull between the characters Megan is missing a lot of the facts and Pax is still thinking that he can make all the decisions for the good of everyone Don't worry Megan doesn't let him get away with it ; It's a short story but there's a lot packed into it It's a pretty safe read No OW or OM Both were sexually active while apart but not forming lasting attachments or being sluts Basically they never got over each other as evidenced when they first meet again

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    Western contemporary second chances romance with a female bull rider and certified Vet Miss Megan Robertson gets a second chance with her childhood first love rancher Pax Lantry So much miscommunication that I had to stop reading for a while and then just forced myself to finish itCute fluff piece with the usual HEA but very developed well it is a short story after all62 pages and kindle freebie2 stars

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    This story was way too short to provide the characters with enough space to develop and change so the ending could workAlso if a guy dumped you 5 years ago after a single summer and it took you YEARS to get over it you have some serious issues

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    I just could not like the heroine much and the Hero did a stupid thing in letting her go the way he did He does his groveling though “For God’s sake it was years ago Are you saying we can’t even have a friendly conversation after all this time?” He followed her past the end of the stalls until they were in a private spot—in front of the heavy euipment dealer “Friendly?” she whispered harshly She faced him looked up into his eyes “I don’t know how to be friendly with you Pax You broke my heart And you did it like it was nothing” She snapped her fingers in the air “Don’t say that”“So you broke my heart” Tears stung the backs of her eyes He tugged on her hand “I did and I’m so so sorry I’m telling you what happened But there’s something you need to know” “More?”He blew out a breath “This is the hard part I don’t like to admit that I was wrong but I was Totally Because we were in love It was a completely flawed plan I never stopped loving you When I saw you at the rodeo I wondered if it was all in my head that maybe it was the thought of you I was still in love with But it wasn’t It’s you All it took was one dance One kiss Nothing’s changed for me Megan You still have the power to break me And the power to make me into the man I want to become Someone you can count on Someone you can love forever” He looked away inhaled deeply then turned back again “I don’t deserve a second chance Megan but I’m standing here asking for one anyway”i

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    A nice new read for me from a great author Pax comes back into Megan's life after letting her go and breaking her heart 5 years ago When she is thrown off a bull in a rodeo she gets rushed to the hospital as she is uncoinsious Pax stays with her night and day for a few days as they try and work things out Can Meg risk her heat being broken again?

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    If only we could only fall in love this uickly

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    This is the first in several stories of Texas Rodeo Barons This is about Megan and Pax who had a past friendship She is a bull rider who has loved Pax for so long but he married someone else He is now a widower with four holy terrors for sons She has been able to help when she is in town Now she is injured and he steps into help her heal I have enjoyed many stories by Donna Alward and will be looking forward to the rest of this series

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