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After School With Mr Obnoxious What happens when the school's most unpopular girl suddenly steals a kiss from the school's most popular guy After their groundbreaking lip lock which Aaron found unjust and extremely humiliating on his part he swore to make Samantha's life miserable But when an unlikely circumstance has pulled them both to suffer a same ordeal together they soon discovered within themselves what it really means to uncover each others pain mistakes and beauty layer after layer OKAY FIRST OF THIS REVIEW IS GOING TO BE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED THAT THIS IS GETTING PUBLISHEDSO BASICALLY WHEN I FIRST JOINED WATTPAD IN LIKE 2013 THIS WAS FEATURED OR SOMETHING IDK BUT I ADDED IT TO MY LIBRARY SO I READ IT AND FELL IN LOVE WITH SAM I'M A GUY AND I REALLY ADMIRED THE WRITING STYLE THAT THE AUTHOR USED SAM WAS STRONG INDEPENDENT AND SHE HAD A CLEAR VOICE AARON STARTED OFF AS A TYPICAL BAD BOY BUT OH DAMN DID HE EVOLVE THE CHARACTERS WERE HUMAN AND THAT WAS THE BEST THINGTHE STORY WAS SOMETHING I HADN'T READ BEFORE BUT LATER ON WHEN I READ MORE AND MORE STORIES I REALIZED THAT THE STORYLINE WAS COMMON BUT HELL DID THE AUTHOR MAKE IT UNIUE IT WAS FANTASTIC FROM START TO END NOW HERE IS ME BEING OVERLY EXCITED BECAUSE I LEGIT HAD NO IDEA THAT THE AUTHOR WAS A FILIPINA AND OH MAN SHE LIVES IN CEBU CITY WHICH IS SO NEAR FROM WHERE I'M LIVING I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE IN LIKE TWO YEARS SINCE I'VE READ THE STORY I HAD NO IDEA THAT SHE WAS A FILIPINO LIKE ME I'M LEGIT SO HAPPY FOR HER YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW FAM BUT STILL I WISH IT WAS PUBLISHED UNDER POP FICTION BUT IDC I'M JUST HAPPY FOR HER THAT IT'S GETTING PUBLISHED LIKE OML FAM I'M SWEATING CONGRATULATIONS MS AUTHOR YOU TOTES DESERVE THIS at first i liked it and i was going to give it four stars but after the first 15 chapter i begin to get bored i felt it became dramatic and i wanted to find what will happen so i kept reading it but it was boring and drama but i liked the total story I finished the book in a day as I just cant stop reading after I started reading chapter 6 There were a lot of dramas that had me say OMG and chapters that would had me laughing out loud that my kids would ask what's wrong ma? Overall 5 stars I am a sucker for love stories and this had my heart beat and had me wanting to finish it right away to know how it will end with Banks and Lanter Several gramatical errors in fact a good majority of the book and the story i found was all over the place i ended up wanting to skim forward so i could see how it finished i felt like i gave it way to much of my time

  • After School With Mr Obnoxious
  • Leigh Frankie
  • English
  • 21 September 2016

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