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uestion of the Day Perfect for spending time with friends family or even co workers uestion of the Day is designed to help people explore a variety of topics that challenge them to think be brutally honest and form perhaps previously unstated opinions Using these uestions is fun enlightening surprising and revealing—ideal as an ice breaker among willing acuaintances or as a source of deeper conversation among old friends It’s fun but also challenging and the subtitle is meant to reflect that uestions are ranked on a scale from “light” to “heavy” indicating the introspection honesty and even deep thinking reuired by the individuals the uestion is posed to The uestions can incite funny answers embarrassment—even an unwillingness to answer But every reaction to a uestion reveals to the group insights into the beliefs of the people answeringuestion of the Day reads and plays like a game The result is a much stimulating version of The Book of uestions” Glenn Taverna general manager Border Books and Music Westbury NY

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