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Faster Road Racing Pretty detailed coverage of the theory and the plans have helped me reach some PRs over the past year uite a bit The plans are good if you want relatively high mileage plans and have experience eg the 5k plan goes as high as 60 70 mpw This book is intended for runners and I picked it up with a goal to really start on running so maybe not the book for me But it does contain lots of useful information like exercises and food reuirements for runners that anyone can use and the people depicted in the photos for the exercises look like real runners not just posing for the bookIt also includes info about runners old and youngfamous and the not so famous that inspires totallyThank you to Edelweiss for a digital arc of the book Renowned running authority coach and best selling author Pete Pfitzinger teams with Philip Latter senior writer for Running Times in this must have training guide for the most popular race distances including the 5K 10K and half marathon Faster Road Racing 5K to Half Marathon presents easy to follow programs proven to give you an edge in your next race You'll discover detailed plans for race specific distances as well as expert advice on balancing training and recovery cross training nutrition tapering and training over age 40 And for serious runners who compete in numerous races throughout the year Pfitzinger's multi race multi distance training plans are invaluable Faster Road Racing is your all inclusive resource on running your fastest at distances of 5K 8K to 10K 15K to 10 miles and the half marathon I loved Advanced Marathon running and this one is just as good Updated and for the other distances I would recommend it over Jack Daniels's book if you were only going to buy one Comprehensive is probably the best way to describe this I've ready lots of books about running but never one on running theory itself My own knowledge has come from various sources mostly experimentation and speaking to other people so as I'd seen this recommended in various places I thought I'd check it outThe first half covers everything you need to train for a running event up to a half marathon with practical actionable advice as well as delving into the science behind it all As well as different types of runs when to do them and why it also looks at other areas such as nutrition rest and recovery The second half is actual training plans for 5k 10k and half marathon at a beginner intermediate and advanced level The second half is written in such a way that you can jump straight to the specific training plan without reading the rest of the book It does mean there is a little bit of repetition but it also gives the reader who has read the whole thing fair warning of this It does mean the book is useful for a variety of purposes In terms of my own experience it looks like i've been doing some things right purely by accident but there are plenty of areas to improve on Recovery runs in particular I'll find out how well the advice actually works over the coming months Very informative I would say that it's slightly better than Daniel's Running Formula Both books have very similar information but Faster Road Racing often references Daniel's book which is greatBoth books are worth a read but if you only had to choose one it would be Faster Road Facing I really liked the break down of motivationpurpose for each type of run or in general why he put what workout in which week Another thing I really liked was the hill specific workouts LT hills VOmax hills which I haven't come across in other training plans Fantastic book to both teach the principles of many standard running training plans and to have practical application through the plans themselves I’m looking forward to starting 2020’s running season Faster Road Running is a very informative exhaustive guide to short and mid distance road training 5K to the Half As such its strengths and its weaknesses are inevitably entangled On the one hand it is a great guide to training with great details on physiology nutrition recovery or specific training The first chapter Elements of trainings highlights the physiological demands of running and how to build basic trainings around these needs On the other hand it is a highly detailed book with sections that you will want to skip because 1 they are either too obvious for the public it addresses eg Supplementary training and 2 they may not be very relevant for everyone eg Considerations for master runners Needless to say that this book is not suited for amateur runners though some may gain very valuable advices from the two first chaptersI find this balance between great technical details and exhaustivity manageable in the sense that the authors and very concise and straight to the point The training plans are generally very well designed and worth considering adopting with some personal tweaks It's a book that you will want to own design your training plans with and return to in case of injury overtraining or other unforeseen issues A very comprehensible book on updating and optimizing training schedules toward 5k HM races It is well written and contains several options of training plans along with enough background on the workouts to allow the reader to adjust the plans as wishedFRR includes both the scientific background for several relevant points training nutrition etc and enough personality to be both credible and interesting