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Running Blind ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Had expected ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ The second book in the Havoc series centers around undercover ATF agent Bram ‘Monk’ 32 and the the president of Havoc Samuel ‘Sweet’ Sweeting how old Sweet we met in book one same with Bram's younger brother who has now gone missing Bran however is a new character Broken and uite ready to accept that death is right around the corner he's willing to do everything it takes to find his brother even entering a MC club This is where he meet Sweet who is also looking for Bram's brother but for different reasons Overall I was uite disappointed For some reason I though the ATF again we were gonna have a the main character were Jethro Holmes who we met in book one Wouldn't that had been interesting Anyways this book had a case of insta love and too much sex and too little depth Sweet came a second later somehow still managing to half hold Bram up against himGod how long had it been Months and months of his own hand he realized as he tried to get his breathing under control Because prospects in the Heathens fucked women—no bisexuals or gays allowed So he’d turned himself into a goddamned monk—hence the nickname—and pretended he’d been wounded in battle so he didn’t have to fuck indiscriminatelyAlthough he loved women he mostly missed the goddamned weight the pressure and brute strength of a man on him Sweet had given him everything he’d asked for OTHER CHARACTERS→ Linc the brother missing and their sister Linnea→ Parisi Bram's ATF bossthe one who approached him about becoming a Heathen MC member in order to take parts of their operation down from the inside And view spoilerthe one who's betraying Bram by selling him out to the Heathens MC hide spoiler This was unsurprisingly a good book Strong characters engaging story adrenaline spiking adventuredanger and kinky sex Looking forward to the next one Really great dark gritty and intense Bram is on the run after being beaten and left for dead by the MC he was undercover in After being sold out on the run Bram looks for his missing brother and ends up at another MC Bravado aside Bram has a melt down and catches the eye of the Pres Sweet The connection begins and the story unfolds Loved it SE Jakes is back and hot as ever I reread Running Wild right before this and it was good but didn’t really hit all the right notes for me Sweet and Bram were everything I love about Jake’s books It reminded me a little of some of the Men of Honor series which are all time favorites of mine Adding the whole MC background and atmosphere throttled it right up The characters are nearly always tough broken men who deal with life and death and dark situations; bad boys with their own code of honor These kind of books are my crack Sweet and Bram are hot as fire in bed with a shared love of kink but little trust when the safety of their brothers is at stake I loved the volatility of their connection and the rapid pace of the action putting them in opposition only to find they were really on the same side It could have become annoying with so much pushing and pulling but because it was each trying to protect the other the connection and love showed through Their chemistry was awesome The shifting scenarios of the plot were complex and satisfying I don’t know what kept the author out of the scene for so long but I’m just thrilled she’s taken to the keyboard once again I don't know what happened to my review so there isn't one I'll have to page through this again to remember what I thought 3 5 stars rounded down to 3 because still no 12 stars here on GR Running on running on empty Running on running blind When I saw the title of this book I have to admit one of my first thoughts was I wonder if the author was a tiny bit motivated by the 1977 Jackson Brown song'Running on Empty' when she picked the title for this book I don't know about the rest of you but I graduated from high school that year Anyways it was just a random thought that floated through my brain when I saw the book title The story not to confuse anyone is set in the presentWhen Bram tries to leave 'The Heathens' Motorcycle Clue he learns the hard way that if getting in was painful getting out will damned near kill him Bram's not really a biker but if 'The Heathens' find out that he's actually an undecover ATF agent what he will be is a dead man So after a somewhat failed attempt to leave that nearly cost him his life and finding out that his brother Linc is missing he does the only logical thing he canhe heads to Shades Run the last place where his brother was known to be and in less than a day he captures the attention of 'Sweet' who's not just any Havoc membernope turns out he's the president of the Havoc MC and as much as he wants to stay off of any Motorcycle Club's radar finding himself on Havoc's also offers him a level of protection that like it or not he's going to need if he hopes to survive much less make progress in his search for his brotherAs Bram and Sweet work together to try and find Linc while each man tries to keep his secrets hidden both men find that they may be able to hide their secrets but they're not so good at guarding their heartBram and Sweet's relationship is often times a case of come here come here get away get away as both men keep trying to throw up obstacles to why they shouldn't be togetherto be fair Bram does this often than Sweet but Sweet manages to throw his obstacles in there as well all the time never letting them got in the way when he thinks Bram needs saving or protectionAnd I have to admit that once again I found the Havoc MC to be an oxymoron all on it's own They're bad assed bikers who will mess you up in a heartbeat if you mess with them or break their code and all while helping you if you're in trouble and they feel your cause is justin a sentence 'they are unlike any biker club I've ever heard of' but again it's fiction and the fun thing about that is the story can go pretty much where ever the author wants to take it In spite of the fact that this may seem a little unlikely for me it's also reflective of the fact that in the real world things are often not always how they appear to be Overall I found that I enjoyed this story a bit than 'Running Wild' however I don't think I would have if I hadn't listened to that audio book first since a lot of the characters from 'Running Wild' play a role in this book some so than otherssuch as sweet who was secondary character in 'Running Wild' but who's a main character here and while Bram is essentially new to the story Linc is a good friend to Noah and Sean who is also known as 'Rush' and there are a some others but I'll leave them for readers to discover when they are enjoying the storyNow about the narratorI'm one of those people who usually like the consistency of the same narrator from story to story in a seriesunlessthat's right unless the MCs are different from story to storyof course having said that should a future story have Ryker and Sean as the MCs than I admit it I would be happiest having their voices reprised by Dorian Bane rather than another narratorthat's just how I roll Now back to this book and this narratorMark Larchmont is not only a new to me narrator but it would appear that he's new to the world of audio book narrating in general 'Running Blind' is currently the only audio book he has to his credit on audible however when I had a peek at his site it tells me that he's currently working on another audio book for SE Jakes and there was a sound clip for a mf bookthat I was unable to find a title for I found all this because I was honestly hoping that there were other books of his that I could check out I really enjoyed this one and while I liked Dorian Bane's performance during 'Running Wild' I have to admit I think for me I enjoyed the audio on this one just a tiny bit hence the 35 stars and I'm definitely going to be looking out for bu this narratorAn audio book of 'Running Blind' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review An ATF agent who lives for danger finds what he craves from an outlaw bikerIt’s impossible for a one percenter motorcycle club member to simply walk away—and no one knows that better than undercover agent Bram who’s almost killed for trying His cover isn’t blown—yet—but it’s only a matter of time The Heathens won’t be satisfied until he’s dead so he decides to lay low and healBut when his younger brother’s disappearance throws a wrench into his plan Bram ends up in Shades Run a town ruled by the notorious Havoc MC In less than twenty four hours Bram finds himself at the mercy of Sweet Havoc’s president as he throws himself into the undercover role of a lifetime himself A man who’s never belonged anywhere and who will do anything to protect his younger brother When finding Linc seems impossible Bram is torn between Sweet Linc and revealing his true identities and there appears to be no way out Once again he risks it all trying to save it all Only this time he’s got no backup to save him if he falls oh my god this book is out Not my fave SE Jakes it has to be said and it's my fault for trying to get into this series when I normally have issues with Motor Cycle club readsWill definitely be looking out for Tommy and Proph but stick a fork in me I'm done with this one at 45% Audio Edition reviewHe's a dead man One MC thinks he's a traitor and he's hiding what he really is to yet another All while trying to help his brother Talk about an adrenaline rush I craved this one so much and it didn't stint on the gut clenching thrills and hot and dirty style romance in the biker worldRunning Blind is book two in the Havoc series In a pinch it could be read out of order but I thought it had a natural build on the book before it which has ties to the author's other series set in the MC worldRunning Blind picks up time wise after the events of Running Wild but shifts to two new characters and all new conflicts involving the Havoc MC Linc the best friend of the hero in book one goes missing and his brother Bram in spite of his own troubles comes running He's an ATF agent who was embedded in a hellish world of an outlaw biker club for two years Sweet knows that Bram is their way to Linc and that Bram is all kinds of trouble He can't help himself From the very beginning this wild guy with death in his eyes and a nothing left to lose attitude is the first one to move him in years He has given everything for Havoc and it has his full loyalty and duty but for once he wants this for himself though he knows he should keep his distance from BramThis author is the ueen of tough gritty hard spot situation romantic suspense Her heroes are rough and wild and unapologetic They are broken men who live on the edge but they have a sense of honor I've enjoyed several of her books in this world and her other romantic suspense worlds There's pulse pumping sizzling hot loving and edge of your seat action I like the pinch of suspense but also that these are not easy and light The characters are flawed and they challenge each other and never make it easyThe clash between biker clubs and the setting of the Havoc world was well done as was the way the characters interacted with each other The camaraderie of the Havoc brothers but also with a few other peripheral characters was greatThe narration for the series shifted to a new narrator Mark Larchmont I've not listened to any of his work before but my wariness of starting with a new narrator was laid to rest pretty uickly I enjoyed the way he voiced Bram and Sweet He got some rough ualities into his voice and he was able to get the tone and pace right for this series world of outlaw bikersAll in all this fast paced rush of a story pulled me in and left my pulse pounding I can't wait for the next book in the series Those who like firecracker hot and gritty mm biker romantic suspense should give this bookseries a tryMy thanks to Riptide Publishing for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review

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  • 06 May 2016

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