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Slade The Protectors #6 Highly trained VC Warrior Dr Slade Buchanan’s role between lifesaver and lifetaker has been a constant battle but nothing prepared him for half breed VC Warrior trainee Jill Nichols Slade realizes his struggles from the past were nothing compared to the difficulty of resisting the woman who could never belong to a man like himBeing the only female VC Warrior recruit Jill Nichols has an uphill battle Falling for the sexy doctor Slade Buchanan has not made the battle any easier especially when he constantly reminds her and others there will never be anything between them Working harder than any male recruit obstacles are thrown in her path and with each challenge it becomes clear that the two things she wants most may never be

  • ebook
  • 299 pages
  • Slade The Protectors #6
  • Teresa Gabelman
  • 20 October 2016

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    Waiting on pins and needles

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    I was incredibly honored to beta read this book As a lover of this series I can honestly say this is my favorite All the amazing characters are here along with twists and turns and a whole lot of ass kicking If you love the Protector series you do not want to miss this one Slade will rock your world

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    Slade is probably my second favorite hero apart from Damon Slade was so funny throwing people through walls He was broody and grumpy I loved that part His ongoing denial of feelings for Jill got old uick though But Jill was too young and immature and insecure for him I totally did not get them one bitThis one had great plot progressions the romance was ok better than some

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    Revisited with the audiobook version Jeffrey Kafer did a great job readingThis was another fun read by this author I kinda wish Slade had grovelled for hurting Jill's feelings and being an asshat to her But it was still sweet to finally read about them getting together Like the last couple books in this series I felt like the focus of the story was too splintered between the MC love interests and the beginnings of love interest of the next couple up view spoilerThe stripper pole practice scene was kinda lame imho and so unrealistic I did a lot of eye rolling hide spoiler

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    imageimagewell know I have high hopes for SLOAN I wanna see him suffer from all the loving and denying he is gonna go throughwell I have high hopes for this redheadimageI wonder about Steve and JAx and Caroline I really wonder

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    Awesome ReadThis has to be the best of the series The story is fast paced and I love that there is than one story line The romance is developed instead of dumped on you Although if you haven't read the rest of the series it may seem uick It's a fast read that left me craving

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    5sSlade is my favourite He's brooding and dominant and sounds delicious lol I like a big man who is protective over his woman and he is that and Slade and Jill make a great couple she seems to be the only one that get him to smile so you know it's love ;

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    Slade The Protectors #6 by Teresa GabelmanSlade JillALL ABOARD THE SLADE TRAINI've been waiting for this one Been waiting drooling and panting for Dr McHottie's book to come out Ever since Slade was introduced into this series I've been lingering on the edge of madness to get a piece of him All that fingernail biting ended on the day Slade got delivered to my kindle Mmmm Slade Lemme tell you people it was worth the wait and the crusty nubs left of my fingers This books is so much than I thought it would be It's got your hot VC Warriors the eually hot and sexy women and so much humor that I as well as my hubs found myself laughing out loud times than I can countWell I'd like to tell you that Slade melted my heart buuuuut just kidding he did just that and so much With every story Teresa writes that Slade is in my love grew and with every written word about him He's mysterious he's bossy he's outrageously brawny and he's oh so damn sexy One thing that kept me from throwing my arms around him and claiming him for my own was the fact that he was still denying his feelings for Jill I hate that made my heart hurt God this man drove me crazy I've wanted you against my will from the first moment I saw you You have haunted me but I'm warning you Jillian once you are mine it will be body and soul Do you understand me? SladeJill on the other hand This is a girl with a purpose A need to show everyone and anyone who she is and how hard hitting she can be From where she came from and where she's going to her story is one that almost broke me Even with a few minor set backs and derogatory comments this girl never loses her sense of humor She runs with the boys she's better than the boys and she's not afraid to show it My kinda girl That flashing yellow light part OMG Well if my boob is supposed to pop out as well as my ass cheeks then this should do just fine JillGreat supporting character cast Sid is his same funny bunny self Always throwing out zingers at everyone Adam and Steve have wormed their way into my heart with their over protective nature where Jill is concerned Love those two All the girls Pam Lana Caroline Tessa Nicole and Angelina boy if I had all those bitches in my corner I'd be grinning from ear to ear That stripper pole tutorial was the best Of course Teresa's villains are outstanding and make this story that much richer even though I want to set their faces on fire and put it out with a fork Especially that evil Alice Wow never thought I'd actually hate a character that muchTo sum this one up it's superb in its storyline and keeps you glued to its pages with its compelling story and powerful characters The dialogue is just right amusing and persuasive It flowed with grace and beauty It was effortless to read and the pacing is perfect I never thought I'd say this but I'm totally looking forward to reading about Sloan He kind of pissed me off a bit and I wasn't sure about him but now all I can think about is the woman who will bring him to his knees It's 299 kindle version pages long and just right for this reader5 STARS

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    check out this review and others at wwwTwinsietalkcomwwwfacebookcomTwinsietalktwinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest opinionAHHHHHHHHHHHHH runs around the room I love this woman I cannot get enough of her books They are full of passion humor come on Sid is funny whit twisting plots and soooo much One thing I really love is that her storyline is always moving forward We never have the same stale plot line or a recycling of boy meets girl love story Each and every Warrior and their mate has had their own issues and drama to fact while dealing with whatever new bad guy they are trying to track down I also love that with each book we still see a lot and keep up with the other Warriors and their matesCuz serioulsy I needs me some Jared timelicks lipsOk so Slade aka Vampire Dr Hottie Mc Hot Stuff has been lusting over our little half breed Jilly Bean since he walked on to the set of the series I mean HELLO IF I didnt love Jared like I douhm yeah I would be a Slade girl ANYWAY our girl Jill has been through the gamet of emotion She got booted for being turned she is the only female recuit in the Warrior program and she isnt really well liked by anyone outside of the Warriors compound She sees and works with Slade but figures he would soooo not be interested in her when he can have awful but beautiful Alice We see them fighting against everything to be togethereach fighting this pull while EVERYONe else is about to kick their butts OMG the bet scene when everyone pays up about the SladeJill will theywont they relationship betI was in stiches When they FINALLY get to relating to each other I was so happy buuuuut Slade shakes finger was an EPIC DB and made me and Jill cryGROWL Warrior NOT COOLSlade and Jill have to deal with alot this book but the show down between Alice and Jill is EVERYTHING you wanted and then Trust me I totally re read that scene I loved Jill from the start but each book she has proven to be such an amazing member of the team and I along with Slade were so proud of herThis book was a great set up for the next book I am really excited about everything I wanna yell at Teresa though because I was crying at the last 20% of the book She cannot ever do something like that to me again It is a good thing I dont have her phone number or she would have gotten a snot sobbing call from me saying WHY

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    Absolutely loved it I have been waiting for this book and it certainly didn't disappoint Teresa write amazing stories of her Warriors and with their detailed uirky personalities wrapped up in a full blown action packed story i found myself laughing our loud then once as I read this storySo finally the Inevitable happens Jill and Slade woo what a couple but of course the path of true love and lust doesn't go smoothly with Jill only days away from her Initiation tests to confirm her place as a VC Warrior Slade is still off limits as her Mentor but a girl can only wait so long before the depth of their feelings are forced to the surface as the Warriors and their Ladies have a very Trying weekThis was a very powerful emotional struggle of will's as these 2 characters fight their love and protectiveness to work as Warriors and help bring down some of their enemies as the War on Half Breed's like Gill are trying to destroy them through fearIgnorance and just plain Evil and revenge from a former Blood DonerLoved it loved it I really loved the whole team of Warriors and their Ladies and thought it was a great story where Slade was brought to his knee's by his Love for Gill then once and of course the other Warrior's took advantage as only they could with their teasing hehe amazing action packed non stop drama's and threats causing this book to be a non stop read Gill i felt grew up in herself and became a real women as her love for her family Slade and her passion for her job as a Warrior all rolled into one brought her out of her shell and into a kick ass take no prisoner's bad ass Warrior making everyone especially Slade very proud of her She finally realizes her love for Slade is something neither of them can ignore and as they fight together with the other Warrior's she stands proud as truly one of the Great VC WarriorsThe romance and wooing is great and simple Slade always being there for support whether big or small and when they finally come together prepare for some mind blowing hot sexiness as their passions and desparate need's over take causing highly sexually charged encounters Cant wait for next in the series and a absolute must read series x

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