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A Soldier's Promise This time the teacher's learning the lessonin love Brenna Sullivan has a strict policy about not getting emotionally involved with her students Yet there's something about the new student Carrie and her father that has Brenna breaking all her rules Mike Langston's parenting methods may be than a little outdated but Brenna is struck by the brave and honorable man he is and despite her better judgment she's falling deeper and deeper for him But how can she cross the line when their feelings start to grow

About the Author: Cynthia Thomason

I was born in Indiana and raised in a small town in Ohio I guess that explains why most of my romance books have small town settings When I'm not writing I love to travel My husband and I just bought a travel trailer so we could take our Silky Terrier Mix Sparky on trips with us I have one son who is also a writer a movie critic My stepdaughter is a horse trainer and supplies me with all

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    This book is slow out of the gate but by the middle of the book I really liked it It was the end of the book that got to me to 5 stars I recommend reading this book Don't judge a book by how it starts out or its cover because you don't know how it'll end and make you feel All in All a great book to readI liked the fact that the book starts out about a teacher who makes a promise to her self but then breaks it many times over It's also about a soldier his daughter and his wife who died This is a book that teaches many lessons to children teens and adults about choices made alcohol driving and parent and much There is a little bit of romance included in this book Who learns the lesson in this book? Is it the soldier the teacher the children the teenagers the parents or all the above? To find out read the book and write a review to let me know what you think

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    Decent uick read with a alright story line Was a bit lukewarm and not necessarily a re read but will keep it on my personal bookshelf on the average shelf

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    I confess I was interesting in the heroine's parents and the hero's daughter than the actual romance which is somewhat good Because this was longer there was time to really get to know them I liked the end too with the hero introducing her to a misconception of the past Nice job Cynthia

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    a teacher story

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