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Vampyr Legion A gripping virtual reality thriller the second title in The Legendeer trilogyWhat if there are places where our nightmares live and wait for usPhoenix has found one and it's alive Armies of bloodsucking vampyrs and terrifying werewolves the creatures of our darkest dreams are poised to invade our world After his battle with the evil Gamesmaster in SHADOW OF THE MINOTAUR Phoenix knows this is for real As he prepares to enter the second deadly computer game in The Legendeer series he knows he must win or never come backThe Legendeer is than just a game Play it if you dare In this story the second book in the 'Legendeer Trilogy' Book 1 'The Shadow Of The Minotaur sees the protagonist of the story teaming up with Van Helsing's descendants and battling the undead in the myth world of Transylvania But is it just a myth or is it a gateway for the yet disembodied Gamesmaster to gain access to the real world when masses of unsuspecting teens begin playing a new computer game that is real than virtual One boy against the hordes of hell who will prevail? This book does not do much than be the bridge between Book 1 and Book 3 not much flesh here pun intended but to be fair I am not all that fond of reading about werewolves vampires zombies or other 'creatures' of the night Vampyr Legion by Alan Gibbons is the second book in the Legendeer series Pheonix Graves a young teenager has a daring job to do He must stop Vampyrs and Werewolves poised to take over his world The evil Gamemaster is creating these minions and is about to invade Pheonix' world Pheonix has to find someway to stop the Gamemaster in this amazing science fiction novel This book was extremely interesting to me because around every turn there was some kind of danger awaiting Pheonix The description of the werewolves and vampyrs made these monsters somehow seem realistic It is a great example of how humans are no longer the dominant predators Instead the Vampyrs and werewolfs are There was lots of action and fighting in this book as the humans have to do everything in their powere to stop the monsters from destroying them Almost all of the nights inside of the book were filled with action and fighting leading to a very dramatic ending I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a good action book or a good science fiction book This is extremely intense and in my opinion is 5 stars out of 5 stars This book didn't disappointed me but it didn't blow my mind either I can see the story developing around Phoenix's connection to the game I was a little sad that it didn't include old characters from the previous book However the new legend kept me intrigue and provided a fresh setting I really like the idea that there are many worlds out there besides the Greek myth world and our world I am just curious why the Game master is so interested in our world view spoiler PS I like how Phoenix's and Laura's relationship is developing And I like Laura's aptitude She is scared of the game world but she doesn't want to be left behind by Phoenix because he thinks he needs to protect her Also Adams became a new kind of evil in this book It seems like a very drastic change but I guess that's what happens when you are the apprentice of the evil game master hide spoiler Not as good as the first yet very enjoyable reading Darker and complex than the first though Vampyr Legion The Legendeer Trilogy book 2 by Alan Gibbons interesting story continuation I found the Cha rafters that were part of the game endearing and hard to not become attached to but with vampires and werewolves running around it was hard to not distance myself with the expectation that they'd all be killed by the end of the book Very interesting story Looking forward to the conclusion O noua lume un nou mit vampiri Phoenix isi urmeaza destinul I a lipsit acel mister pe care prima carte l a avut a doua fiind mai mult o lupta cu timpul fiecare noapte avand posibilitatea de a fi ultima Ar putea fi si din cauza ca vampirii sunt un concept mult prea folosit Totusi nu m a dezamagit

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