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Wicked Nights This book was a pleasant surprise I hadn't read anything by Anne Marsh before so I wasn't sure what to expect It's actually the second book in the series but the characters from the first one are mentioned peripherally I don't think it's necessary to read the first book in order to understand or enjoy this one I'm always a sucker for friends to lovers storylines but this is different in that Cal and Piper are frenemies at the start They first met as kids Now as adults they find themselves competing against each other for an important diving contract Both highly competitive by nature they're each determined to win In the midst of their business competition Piper and Cal find an increasing chemistry developing between them So Piper raises the stakes by making a bet with Cal the winner gets not only the diving contract but the upper hand with the other person in bed Cal's response? Challenge accepted I really loved the competitive spirit between Piper and Cal It's believable because it's passionate without tipping into mean spiritedness Also it creates so much sexual tension Good grief Marsh is excellent at writing sexual tension My only small complaint about the book is that there's so much delicious tension leading up to the first sex scene that when it finally happens it almost seems like it's over too uickly Also personally I would've liked fewer diving scenes and sex scenes but I'm greedy that way Something that took me by surprise is the depth of the characters' back stories Piper and Cal both have traumatic events that they need to overcome I loved how willing Piper is to do whatever she can to help Cal navigate his issues He's a tough guy he is a former Navy SEAL after all; but Piper a former champion diver is no shrinking violet either She's determined and committed which makes her pretty much the perfect match for Cal There's also a fun scene with Cal's family that I really enjoyed His mom and siblings are interesting supporting characters who probably merit their own separate stories Lastly I liked the minute details in the diving scenes I'm not a swimmer or a diver but as a lay person I found the diving scenes credible and well researched Marsh also did an excellent job at establishing the atmosphere of Discovery Island She writes the locations and scenery in such a way that I felt like I could visualize the locations clearly I've already bought the first book in the series since I liked this one so much and will be reading the third one when it's released I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review Book Info Paperback 224 pagesExpected publication September 16th 2014 by HarleuinISBN 0373798199 ISBN13 9780373798193other editions 1SourceNetgalley EARC Book Buy Links BN BOOK SYNOPSIS Winner takes it alloff Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately if she doesn't land this lucrative contract her diving business will fail Worse still it will be at the hands of her childhood nemesis Cal Brennan six feet of hard rugged former Navy SEAL So Piper proposes a wager whoever loses the diving contract must take orders from the winnerin bed Cal needs this contract for his own reasons A former rescue swimmer he may be having a few issues with diving since his last mission ended but Piper doesn't need to know that Something about her impulsive nature makes Cal rise to the bait and there's nothing he'd like than to show Piper exactly what rules are good for All bets are on And someone's about to start playing dirty My Thoughts When read the description for this story it sounded like a light summertime book that had an enjoyable locale as well as characters that would be fairly easy to relate toPiper Clark is a young woman who from the time they met when she was six has had a competitive streak where Cal Brennan is concerned now 26 to his 30 their relationship is still full of playful banter but at some point it became edged with unexpected heat that has caused them both to rethink where they stand with each otherCal Brennan the former Navy SEAL rescue swimmer is Piper’s main stumbling block to winning a contract that will allow her to fulfill her dreams with her dive business He and two of his fellow SEAL’s also have a dive business and like Piper wish to expand so they can add on to their team of divers as well as a second base of operationsPiper had to let go of her long held dream of competitive platform diving when a devastating injury to her knee cost her the ability to perform at a professional diving level her life has since moved in a different direction and the joyful freedom of underwater diving has replaced what she lost However without winning the bid to provide diving services for the Fiesta Cruise Line she will also lose the ability to buy out her business partner to someone else’s offerNever one to back down from a challenge Piper issues a bet to Cal that the loser owes the winner a night in bed a night that will be spent fulfilling the other’s demandsCal accepts the dare and when the pair are forced to work together as part of the stipulations by the board for the Cruise Line he finds that spending time with Piper is not the hardship he was afraid it would turn into rather the time in her company the he finds himself drawn to the spirited beautiful woman she has becomeThe combustible relationship that develops between Cal and Piper soon proves to both that no matter what their past encounters were like growing up they are now fully compatible in so many ways than just in bed however that in no way hinders either one from giving it all to prove their diving business is the best one for the job with Fiesta Cruise Smooth easy fun and totally friends to lovers contemporary romance that is a perfect summer reading experience as it flows so well from chapter to chapter you forget that the story is about fictional characters Cal and Piper instead of old friends you have known for 20 years or EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review Piper and Cal are like oil and water but you know what they say about opposites right? I had a little bit of a hard time with Piper She's very cocky Its not that strong female thing that she's got going on even though she is a strong female It took awhile to warm up to her As I said she's kind of pushyCal and Piper have been sort of friends for a long time but I'm not sure friends is the right word for them They egg each other on I guess they are frenemies but I hate that word and truth be told you know they like one another from the startI love the chemistry between the two That's another thing you get from the very start Cal is hot for her and its nice to see the heroes feelings first Piper is the one that feels like she's in control and she's the one that instigates the bet that lands them between the sheetsCal's character has depth His back story and the reason he is not able dive really let you see the type of man he is and really his strength I wish Piper had that depth though I was please at the caring she showed when she realized Cal's fear of the diveNow for the sex Anne builds a lot of tension between the two and when they final get into bed she makes it worth your while There's no gratuitous sex here and it took uite awhile for them to do the deed but trust me the sparks are flying all through the bookIf you like a good spicy read you won't want to miss this oneHighly recommended and if you haven't read it yet check out Wicked Sexy too What a super hot and sexy frenemies to lovers storyI loved the bickering betting and competitive nature between Piper and Cal and the sexual tension was radiating from the page full force However I eually loved the way they looked out for each other with Cal still worrying about Piper's knee and Piper attempting to help him through his fear of drowning Their backstories are a great counterpoint to the generally fun and flirty banter and I loved how Piper especially accepted that her dream of winning diving gold was no longer a reality and managed to move on rather than sinking into a deep hole of self pityAn added bonus is that the author really made you feel immersed in the island life and undergoing the diving experience with Piper I want to swim with sea lions dammitThis book was a perfect weekend read a whole lot of fun and zero angstFull review with pictures Love's A State Of Mind Winner takes it alloff Former diving champion Piper Clark never loses Unfortunately if she doesn't land this lucrative contract her diving business will fail Worse still it will be at the hands of her childhood nemesis Cal Brennan—six feet of hard rugged former Navy SEAL So Piper proposes a wager whoever loses the diving contract must take orders from the winnerin bed Cal needs this contract for his own reasons A former rescue swimmer he may be having a few issues with diving since his last mission ended but Piper doesn't need to know that Something about her impulsive nature makes Cal rise to the bait and there's nothing he'd like than to show Piper exactly what rules are good for All bets are on And someone's about to start playing dirty Some friendly and not always friendly banter and competition form the basis for this story Piper and Cal are cleverly drawn both with their own issues and things to prove They had met one another as children and now years later they are renewing their friendship as adults but it still carries that boys vs girls tension that is familiar from elementary school playgrounds Now all grown up they have both started to build their lives and careers Cal after his hitch with the Navy and Piper’s making a success of her dive business after success in the competition venue These two are delightful and cleverly drawn Piper’s determination and drive to be the best she can and move past her surprisingly well detailed and developed issues Piper is a ‘heal yourself by helping others’ sort of woman and her determination and willingness to open herself to those emotions and feelings if they will help someone else is a wonderful trait that shows how burdens shared are burdens lightened Cal is the ultimate man’s man a former SEAL and close mouthed and a very competition driven goal driven man The contest with Piper to get both the contract and the ‘director’s chair’ in their sexual antics are the perfect impetus to help him work through his own issues What he doesn’t realize is that Piper’s commitment determination and skill are the perfect foil for his own take no prisoner’s approach and the hesitancy that he hides behind that mask of bravado soon develops cracks with Piper’s presence These two have an incredible chemistry and banter and their scenes together are palpably laden with tension both sexual and competitive and Marsh manages to include moments and situations that feel familiar and give a real sense of the characters Their interactions were delicious and fun and their pairing felt successful and real My only complaint was a large portion of the plot was consumed with information about diving and while interesting it did seem to disrupt the trajectory of their relationship Overall this story was uniue and fun to read with characters that I enjoyed and wanted to see happy I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh may be the second in a series for Harleuin Blaze but it is a stand alone I had no problems or confusion while reading this oneThis is a frenemies to love story and that is one of my favorite tropes in romancePiper is so independent strong and snarky She's been a competitor her whole life and even when her first goal a gold medal in the summer olympics was suashed due to an injury she moved onto a new goalCal is an alpha male a former SEAL rescue swimmer with a newly developed fear of drowning because of a rescue He is tough and controlling but he is determined to do what he can for himself and his friends to develop their dive businessPiper and Cal's chemistry is off the charts Their bantering was often humorous and their competitiveness just kept me turning the pages I had to see what they were going to do next Even through their competitive natures though they always seemed to be there to help each otherAnne did a wonderful job of developing Discovery Island and the secondary characters were so necessary to this story The island sceneslocations were well describe so that I could picture them in my mind I also felt like that about the diving scenes as well The secondary characters really helped me to know Piper and Cal so much better as the story progressed Anne also took the time to show us both Piper and Cal's backstories which I find very satisfying This was a very smooth flowing and easy to read story I am now going to read the first book in this series so that I will be all caught up when her third book comes out 45 Sexy StarsThis is a uick and sexy read that was awesome This book is about two closed off people who start out as friendsenemies and turn into so much as they spend time together This book had all the elements for a spicy read with enough detail to make you want This book has me hanging on to every word until the last pageSexual tension? Check LoveHate relationship? CheckOne friendly competition? CheckWinner takes all? DOUBLE checkThis is Piper and Cal's story When a bet is formed and competition is to be had you get one explosive story where there can only be one winner or can there be two? Both Cal and Piper are damaged from past experiences Being closed off if what they know But when you find the right one life has a funny way of making you change Piper and Cal will make you laugh swoon smile frown and want to smack them around Their road to a happy ending is bumpy but totally worth it I loved Cal and Piper together and as individuals Piper was strong assertive take charge and no holding back kind of girl I love a strong heroine And Cal bossy protective sweet kind alpha male who can make you swoon a have your panties melt I loved them together Their chemistry was amazing hot and sexy These two had smoke sizzling when they were togetherI recommend this bookBook Tour This book was an enjoyable read I am a fan of Anne Marsh and previously read her first book in the series Wicked Sexy and while it isn’t necessary to do so I would recommend it anyways In this book we have Cal Brennan and Piper Clark who have been frenemies since childhood with a competitive streak that hasn’t ever gone away Both are after a local dive shop contract that each feel will help them in life Along the way of their battle they continue to try and beat out the other building the sexual tension until Piper decides to lay it on the line and propose a bet winner gets not only the diving contract but also the upper hand in bed Way to build the sexual tension Marsh Little by little these two become close and feelings start to develop Piper still won’t let her bum knee stop her and Cal can’t help but worry about it while on the other hand Cal is having issues getting over his near drowning experience Both however closed off can’t seem to help their attraction to one another; each being something the other one needs After reading this I really wanted to go diving I give Marsh points for making the diving scenes credible Also I would love to swimwith sea lions Over all I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next one A gifted copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review by Vanessa Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh This story tells the tale of Cal and Piper two childhood friends that antagonize each other constantly Now as adults while competing for a business contract they find a sexual chemistry brewing Piper is an extremely independent and daring woman I have to say at first I didn't think I would care for her While I like my heroines to be strong I don't always care for them to be alpha which to me Piper is However Piper is funny and caring and emotionally strong She has overcome a lot with a determination to succeed and she never backs down from a dare Certainly someone to be admired Cal is an ex Navy SEAL so of course he is sexy and alpha to the core He cares for Piper despite their bickering Despite the fact they don't like each other they complement each other she's carefree and he's a bit serious Since they are both divers there are many dive scenes These were well written and beautifully described Discovery Island is a place anyone would love to visit or live I enjoyed this book it was a fairly uick read and light There was humor and adventure and powerful love shown among the characters secondary included Received copy for honest review

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