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Gemini Rising Werewolf Bloodlines Book 1 Clans of werewolves have been with us for thousands of years but it all began on the banks of the Tiber River in 771 BC A Lonely shepherd found twin baby boys suckling at the teat of a she wolf He brought them home and raised them as his own On the boys 16th birthday they discovered the horrible truth about themselves What they are One loves the rush of power and wants to create an army the other wants to stop him This is the tale of Romulus and Remus A story of awareness revenge love and violence Good versus evil A historical drama that spans the ages and gives us the story of the birth of Rome written in the crimson reds of royal blood on the ghostly sands of time

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    GEMINI RISING is an excellent novel with all the filled in details of the who what how and where in regards to the evolution of werewolves Two brothers Remus and Romulus many people know that part but how did they come to be and grow up? That's what this book tells us I enjoyed all the historical details mythos and familial elements It was obvious this author did a lot of research No spoilers but the ending had a twist I absolutely did not expect and said wow to I look forward to reading of what will most likely be a series Well done and highly recommended especially for werewolf fans

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    Gemini Rising is a terrific piece of fiction and one of the best werewolf novels I’ve ever read I love how the author used the mythic story of Romulus and Remus and the creation of Rome in order to tell an origin werewolf story Like most of the other aspects of this novel the premise was very clever and well doneThe novel starts in the pre Roman era A wolf god impregnates a woman and dies when his two offspring are born They are originally taken in by a wolf before being adopted by a man and woman who can’t have their own children The story fast forwards to Romulus and Remus in their early teens and the wolves within them begin to manifest Romulus fully embraces this aspect of himself Remus on the other hand rejects being a werewolf which sets the brothers at odds Romulus has a grand plan to raise an army of werewolves and overthrow the king but Remus won’t have any of itI loved how the author retold this mythical almost exactly the way it happened according to legend yet still incorporated the brothers being werewolves The characterization in this novel was very strong as was the plot I like the struggle between the brothers and how there wasn’t one who was obviously right or obviously wrong Each one of them had elements that I could agree with or disagree with The buildup and the climax were strong There was little that I found to uibble about and mostly just enjoyed the ride This is a must read novelCarl Alves author of Conjesero

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    I have not read many werewolf books not in comparison to those about ghosts or vampires and this book makes me want to change that Gemini Rising is a dark bloody and interesting read about the origin of werewolves which takes the reader back to the beginning of Rome with Remus and Romulus the first werewolves McCarty beautifully describes ancient Greece the people the markets the politics lending a wonderful contrast to the grittiness of the twins trying to understand what happens to them as they begin to change into wolf like creatures during certain lunar phasesThe story is also framed by a WWII era werewolf story The author says in introduction that that is how the book started and I wondered while reading about Greece how the WWII story would fit in or if it was just stuck on the front because the author didn't want to part with his initial story I'm very pleased that the WWII conclusion framed the entire story nicely While this is book 1 in the Werewolf Bloodlines series it is a fully contained story and leaves the reader wanting Not necessarily about Remus and Romulus specifically but the conclusion has opened a world of possibility where the author can take his werewolves to almost any place or time I look forward to the next book

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    Just finished this book this morning I could not put it down once I picked it up Mike spins a tale that draws you in from the beginning and doesn't let you go I love alternate histories and this takes the exploration of the founding of Rome to a whole new level The story is amazing the characters are loveable and hateable and the werewolf transformations are impeccable Mike's years of experience in the makeupeffects field shine in the descriptions and you can see every joint pop happening in your mind's eye to awesome cringing successI cannot recommend this book enough

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    A historical journey with werewolves; I cannot wait for the next book This book has everything I like history mixed in with good storytelling and family saga what you would expect if Ken Follett had written a book about werewolves And I was pleasantly surprised by the creativity used in the lore lots of thought obviously went into the story itself I am expecting HBO to jump on this for its next series bravo

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    A great different take the Werewolf genre The only reason it's getting a four star about 34 of the way through if felt a bit long Cut out 50 to 75 pages the book would have been perfect imo I can't wait for the next book in the series

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