Bite of Darkness A New Adult Dark Vampire Romance PDF/EPUB

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Bite of Darkness A New Adult Dark Vampire Romance Does anyone know where I can read it again?? Its not on literotica or anywhere really Abducted Abused Tossed into a cellar with a starving vampire It never should have happened Anna shouldn't have woken broken beaten and bleeding in the dark and damp cellar but that's where she was Gagged and bound she knew she'd been left to die alone or so she thought The ancient vampire the powerful ruling vampire of North America had been deceived by his kind After nearly three thousand years of life he was on the verge of starving to death until the small young woman was tossed into the dark with him He could smell her blood and his mouth watered The monster inside of him wanted to feel her blood thick in his mouth and leave her an empty husk on the cold floor He wanted to taste her He needed to feed With the tones of the access code swirling as a nocturne in her mind Anna held the key to their escape if the vampire could resist the call of her blood This is a dark and erotic vampire romance part one of the Darkness Falls series Not recommended for readers under 18 Loved this book I've read so many vampire romance novels that it has become difficult to grab my attention This story not only kept my attention but also kept me awake all night as I couldn't out the book down It does end on a cliff hanger at least it better be lol and will continue with the second half titled Unbroken Hopefully it will come out soon as I'm dying to see the main characters get their HEA I really enjoyed this book I'm not too big on cliffhangers so I was irritated when I finished the book only to realize it's been 2 years with no seuel Ummm hello? According to the end of the Kindle version the 2nd book is called Unbroken BUT we have no idea of a release date or anything for that matter Bummer Revised 5 Fight Back StarsI must admit I was pleasantly surprised with this one when my initial intentions were lets say not so honorable What do you mean you ask? Well it started off with me PMSing so of course I wanted something dark and dirty with abit of blood play to uench my grizzly horny self I accidentally stumbled upon this one I'm usually critical when it comes to vampire human romances yes Stephenie Meyer turned me like half of the female population on the world Anyway I wanted some brutal dark shit happening to the Heroine preferably by the Vampire Hero A abused Heroine thrown into a prison containing a hungry vampire? I was like Meet Cael aka Alexander Over 25 centuries old and one of the rarest oldest vampires alive His Kingdom America He is known as the 'Ancient One' and has some classy super powers You are mine Little One he growled into her ear with a deadly voice in a language long forgotten I am going to fuck you until your only thought is my body in yours I'm going to make you scream my name in exstacy Meet Elianna aka Anna A simple girl getting caught in events being at the wrong place at the wrong time Life takes you from lusting for stories to making meaning on your own; making your own story And a beautiful story it wasI'm will not go into details on this book cos I went in blind so you suckers have to do the sameevil laughHowever I have alotta feels for this book I was like and then Iand then I'm and oh and a lota in betweenand them BAM the end got me goingI then found out that there is no information about publication of the seuel to this since this was released somewhere around 2014 There is no website to contact the author and she's not on Facebook and I don't know if I'll ever get to know what happens to Anna Cael How could I go on NOT knowing about two characters that I had come to love within one and a half days?? I loved the author's writing style and appreciated her attention to detail through out the story I loved Cael and Elianna's connection and how their romance came through The characters had good depth and even though Anna had some idiotic female moments I liked her as a heroine considering the traumatic events she had to face she probably had a reason to freak out the way she did The I think about her the I admire her for her courage The books ends in a major cliff hanger I cannot express how devastated I am again that I maymay not know what happens to this particular couple I've come to likeMs Noir If your reading this please please please release the seuel?? Really sad to see that Elianna was banned from literotica This was one of my favourite stories