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The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook We are makers of The Wild Unknown Tarot Animal Spirit Decks, Spirit Cloth, children s books, and other wondersThe Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and GuidebookNow, for the first time, Kim s The Wild Unknown tarot deck and tarot guidebook are available together in one beautiful, high quality keepsake box set Newly designed by Kim herself, and including never before published material, this boxed set retains the mystery, glamour, and allure that made her original deck a cult sensation, while introducing a whole new audience to its magic The Wild Unknown Tarot deck de Kim Krans Avis et Review The Wild Unknown Tarot deck de Kim Krans Le crateur Kim Krans n est pas seulement une avant gardiste du nouveau mouvement du tarot, mais la personne qui la redfinit pour le XXIe sicle Traduction The Wild Unknown Tarot EdenFlow Voil un jeu sublime qui m attirait depuis sa sortie, The Wild Unknown Tarot de Kim Krans Ce jeu est en lien troit avec la nature et les animaux, un ct chamanique qui me parle vraiment Les illustrations sont absolument sublimes en plus Bref je ne voulais pas en faire une prsentation complte aujourd hui, le propos est ailleurs Printed Prayers THE WILD UNKNOWN Give a prayer, get a prayer Prayers gain power with repetition With this in mind, we re offering a series of poster size printed prayers prayers for vision, surrender, tenderness, and direction destined for walls around the world When you purchase a print, you can send the same print to a friend at no additional cost The wild unknown YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Meanings Carrie As the deck s box states, there are no rights or wrongs these are simply my personal interpretations I m not affiliated with the Wild Unknown, this series is a purely unofficial labor of love If you have additional thoughts on the card meanings and images, please do leave a comment Begin or deepen your tarot studies with The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Destined to become a treasured keepsake, The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook is an exquisitely designed work of art that embodies the mystery, glamour, and allure that made Krans s previous work collectible sensations, while introducing a whole new realm of magic and depth to The Wild Unknown ReadRead less

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    This deck is gorgeous but if you don't have a background in tarot you may be a little lost. The booklet is a bit bare-bones. I love books that allow the artist to express their intent and maybe give you a little history on the deck with some sketches and such like they did with The Fey Tarot. This one doesn't really do that and I wouldn't recommend it as a starter deck or a gift for a newbie. Grab yourself a Rider-Waite deck, a good tarot beginners book and then let your intuition guide you with a beautiful deck like this one.

    If have purchased this deck and are having a struggle, reader Carrie Mallon provides her own in-depth interpretation of each card. You can see all of her posts here.

    Deck: 5 stars
    Guide: 2.5 stars
    Rounding up to 4

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    The cards are fantastic, but the book itself is a bit light on content. It's an attractive, if small, book. The meanings are kind of stripped down in a way that is useful, but I also feel like the meanings here are a bit watered down. Almost like she's trying to make it slightly too user friendly. Anyway, like I said, the cards are lovely, and they feel great in my hands. I guess all I would say is that I understand why the book costs $20, but in my mind it's probably worth about half of that.

    Which reminds me, I love that the combination bar code/Made in China stickers are so easy to remove. I think it's unfortunate when people put copyright lines on tarot cards, and she's done that here, but at least these stickers come off and there's no bar code left. I guess the whole reason I prefer to buy self-published tarot decks is that I like them to feel less like a commodity and more like a labor of love, which this ultimately does.

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    I've always wanted this book and the card deck. I now own both. I couldn't be happier. Lovely!

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    I love the deck. The illustrations are so beautiful. The cards themselves are durable and made out of quality card stock. I would give the deck 5 stars. However, the book that comes with it is next to useless. It gives vague, sugarcoated fluff about the meanings of the cards. Each description for the cards are about less than half a page. This is very disappointing because the book itself is beautifully made with quality materials. I wish the artist had explained why she chose to use the imagery that she did, expanded on each meaning of the card, and went into reversals. I would recommend this deck for people who already have some knowledge of tarot. For beginners, I would still recommend the deck, but I would also recommend they gather other tarot books and sources to use along side this.

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    Like any Tarot guidebook, and any Tarot deck, the big takeaway here is a different perspective on the cards and their meanings. Some of the definitions here are not so different from what I'm used to, while others are quite startling and have me either thinking deeply or scratching my head. Particularly surprising were those definitions that went along with the this card represents a X person with X hair and complexion type meanings, something I've always eschewed, and they seemed out of place in describing a deck that doesn't even have any human figures in its art.
    The book itself is designed and printed in a way that makes it look like handwritten personal notes. Whether it was the creator's intention or not, this gives me the feeling I'm reading first impressions of the deck, with the implication that there will be further nuanced meanings to come with practice and greater familiarity with the cards.
    The deck itself is beautiful, with art that is deceptively simple. The style conveys a feeling of primal energy, almost as if the cards were a sort of proto-Tarot developed before ideas of royalty and pageantry seeped into the general consciousness. This idea made the renaming of the Court cards into Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father easier to grasp for me.
    Overall, the deck and its guidebook feel exactly like the name: wild and unknown. I feel like I'm getting back to nature, not far away from the cave. I don't know what I'm getting into, but I relish in exploring the unknown.

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    A helpful intro to get me started! I'll definitely want to read more to get a wider view of tarot but this was very aesthetically pleasing, answered a lot of my initial questions, and will be helpful to reference until I've found my footing. My only criticism is that it is very specific to this particular tarot deck and reflects the way the author hopes new readers will interact with the deck even where it is clear there are other interpretations not being explained (eg reverse cards are noted, the author says they're not necessary to readings, and moves on without explaining what these are or why others find them useful).

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    This deck called to me and i am in love

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    Honestly this is one of my favorite decks of all time, with that said I think the book was poorly written. I don’t recommend it for a beginner in any type of capacity. It’s just too simplistic of a guidebook. I wish she would expand more on the definitions because she only writes a paragraph or two for each card and I don’t think it’s anywhere near enough. Stunning artwork though and I use it on a regular basis with my clients.

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    The deck is, of course, beyond lovely. 5 billion stars for the deck, but that's not what I'm rating here.

    The guidebook is middle of the road for me. It's very stripped down; plenty of room to make your own meanings, for sure, and the cards are so amazing that it's easy to supply those meanings. It doesn't provide a lot of discussion, though, and I'm not a fan of the somewhat advising tone; I find tarot useful for exploration beyond advice, so it's jarring to look at this guidebook with that sort of spread. Generally, though, I like the book.

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    I love this deck as an art deck, but as a functional tarot deck, the images do not speak to me. No meanings intuitively present themselves. I wind up comparing Kim Krans’ images with the traditional Rider Waite images in my head, and then I try to reconcile those images with the ones I see in front of me in this deck. That’s no way to develop a relationship with a deck. That said, I can enjoy readings with the book in hand. But I cannot do a reading using this deck without the book to explain the imagery. It just doesn’t click with me, other than how beautiful it is as art for art’s sake, and a truly personal, original take on the Tarot system. I highly recommend this deck to anyone as a wonderful addition to your collection. I also have a dear friend who uses this as her main deck, because the imagery really does speak to her on a deep, intuitive level. I will likely buy anything Kim Krans publishes because her voice in the text and her visual sensibilities on the cards are so completely unique and entrancing. She is a rare tarot artist and author who goes her own way, without toeing the traditional Rider-Waite, Marseilles, Visconti-Sforza, or Thoth lines. She invented her own boundaries with this ground-breaking deck. Though I don’t read clients with it, I will never tire of looking at this deck, or looking up her meanings to explain the imagery she uses. It is an approach that is wholly her own.

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