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Recycling Day This book is filled with recycling facts and helpful tips Miller does an amazing job of blending fiction and nonfiction The children in the story are working together to clean up a vacant lot and although the story is fiction it could easily spark personal narrative writing ideas Don’t forget to “read” the illustrations The facial expression on the insects and rats make their personalities come to life They are also beneficial when teaching students to infer feelingsFinally this is a perfect book to read on Earth Day and the message that children working together can make a difference is ideal for young children I really like this book It would be great for individual reading at a middle elementary level It's not best suited for a read aloud because it features some diagrams which explain the recycling process which simply doesn't translate well when read aloud Global Recycling Day to focus on recycling Global Recycling Day was created to celebrate the importance that recycling plays in preserving the earth’s primary resources including water air coal oil natural gas and minerals Aiming to bring people together and champion ways to put the planet first Global Recycling Day highlights the need to consider recyclable materials as resources rather than waste Launched in Global Global Recycling Day Home | Facebook Global Recycling Day likes talking about this March people around the world will come together for second annual Global Recycling Day to unite the world’s approach to recycling International Recycling Day Save Our Green International Recycling Day In many countries around the world celebrates on May th the International Day for Recycling Although some organizations or Groupsrelated with reduce reuse recycle activities around the world celebrates on May th the International Day for Recycling Recycling can be defined as the change of waste materials into new products to prevent wastage of potentially World Recycling Day Here's the five best recycling To mark World Recycling Day Thomas Parker takes a look at the five best recycling countries in the world and what makes these so successful Image PET bottles Photo courtesy of Plastics Recyclers Europe From handing over waste management responsibility to packaging firms to re using materials for their initial purpose the world’s best recycling countries are coming up with innovative International E Waste Day | WEEE Forum All of these were promoted locally on and around the International E waste Day Consumers are key to e waste recycling and we have high aspirations that this campaign can have a huge impact on their habits In only % of global e waste was collected and properly recycled which means that million metric tonnes of e waste valued at US billion was either placed in landfill Global Recycling Day Welt Recycling Tag Der Mrz liefert seit einen weiteren Aktionstag aus der Kategorie Umweltschutz Denn dieses Datum hat das Bureau of International Recycling BIR zum jhrlichen Global Recycling Day dtWelt Recycling Tag erklrtGrund genug diesen Anlass fortan auch im Jahreskalender der kuriosen Feiertage aus aller Welt zu fhren und seine Geschichte mit den folgenden Zeilen etwas nher zu City Recycling Day | Fishers IN Official Website Fall City Recycling Day Saturday October | AM PM Billericay Park About Recycling Day The City of Fishers hosts bi annual free City Recycling Days in the spring and fall at Billericay Park where residents can recycle electronics and household electronic or metal items such as mowers treadmills bikes grills batteries metals etc and household hazardous wastes such as Recycle Days AHSWD Upcoming HHW Recycle Shredding Dates Recycling Shred Days Hocking County FALL Recycling Shred Days October Recycle Days– Hocking County Sutton Road Recycling Center Hocking County RecyclingDay Fall October Shred Days– Sutton Rd Recycle Center Hocking Co Shred Day Fall Athens County Trash recycling collection day | philagov Trash recycling collection day; When is trash and recycling scheduled to be picked up for this address? Search by address Trash recycling Collections are on schedule Service can be impacted by increased tonnage severe weather and staff attendance Check the daily trash and recycling update blog post to see the current status of trash and recycling collections Need information Recycling Miami Dade County Curbside recycling services are also provided to the following cities that have inter local agreements with Miami Dade County El Portal Florida City Medley Miami Beach Miami Springs North Bay Village South Miami Virginia Gardens and West Miami Waste collection is provided twice each week and recycling every other week Customers can It's such a great children's book that gives a fictional story a great lesson I like how the book starts off it can easily grab the child's attention and throughout the story the child learns how important it is to recycle I read this for my development of children's literacy class and I'm glad I did Even as an adult I have learned a few things about recycling I didn't know Children recycle the trash in a vacant lot and create a new home for a group of bugs The bugs were enjoying living in the trash until people added so much litter that mean rats decided to move in and take over the lot Local children hold a recycling day to turn the lot in to a community garden The bugs help and learn all about recycling along the way The bugs ask uestions about recycling different types of materials The story features educational information regarding glass paper metal and plastic recycling Yellow octagons stand out on several pages and offer safety tips for children when recycling Recyclingmaterial life cycles are featured for each new material in a green rectangle “Think Green” tip boxes are also featured for each material An additional two page “Think Green” informational section is included at the end of the book The two page spread includes information on other things kids can recycle and a note on dumps and littering This 32 page book would be a great addition to a picture book collection at a school or public library This book is full of information about recycling and how it works It shows how each type of material is recycled the effects on the environment what not to recycle and much The story is told in a way children can understand and I think it would be a good way to promote recycling in a way that makes sense Recycling Day is about volunteers coming together to help clean out an old empty lot in their neighborhood and is told through the perspective of a group of bugs that are bullied by some not so nice rats I really liked the layout out of this book First off I noticed that this book could be used for a few age groups The story is told in simple easy to read sentences with colorful and diverse accompanying pictures On the other hand once the volunteers get into the recycling there are boxes that further explain that process of recycling and some statistical data And to top it off at the end there was a page explaining what else could be recycled that wasn't mentioned in the story Overall I really enjoyed this book The only thing that kept me from giving it a full 5 star rating was the fact that I wished the author had included some additional references to research for kids Since some of the boxes are geared toward an older audience I was hoping there would be a page with maybe some books or websites for how kids could get involved in thinking green themselves This is a great little book combining a cute fiction story with fact boxes about recycling and the resources the habit can save A fly grasshopper ant family and a worm live in a vacant lot The lot gradually fills up with trash and then the rats come and take over The original owners are thrilled when people come to clean up and trash and that is when the recycling lessons come in The ant family lives in a bottle so we learn about glass recycling The grasshopper lives in a cardboard box so we learn about paper recycling The fly lives in a soda can so we learn about metal recycling The worm helps us learn about composting There are even boxes that tell what not to recycle I love the flexibility of this book I would use it with all ages due to the differing types of text An empty lot slowly becomes a dump in this picture book examination of recycling leading to a crew of rats moving in and bullying the local insects Just when the bugs are at the end of their rope something exciting happens the local humans announce a recycling day On the big day the children clean up all the trash and sort it into various categories to be recycled answering the bugs' uestions about the process in the meantime When it is finally clean a community garden is planted and the insects have a beautiful new homeBoth fiction and non fiction authorillustrator Edward Miller's Recycling Day pairs an entertaining tale about insects rats and humans with informational sidebars giving details about the creation and recycling process of various categories of trash glass metal plastic paper and compost Additional sidebars give facts and figures about energy savings that might result from recycling various items as well as the rate that Americans and other peoples consume those items Recommended to anyone looking for picture books about recycling and composting in particular and environmental stewardship in general Teaching recycling is a challenge It's not that the subject isn't interesting it's that books about it tend to be dry as dust This book however is an exception and teachers will rejoice in the difference A vacant lot has gathered litter which is not too bad for the worms and ants and grasshoppers When the litter turns into bigger and bigger piles of junk however rats move in and everyone is in danger A neighborhood clean up project recycles the recyclable and throws away what's left leaving a better home for the insects and sending the rats on their way to the dump As the gently humorous story unfolds fact boxes provide information about plastic glass and paper recycling Additional Think Green boxes introduce valuable information Safety tips and bright digital illustrations round out the package This is exactly what primary teachers are looking for in introducing an important topic