The Cowboy Meets His Match PDF/EPUB É The Cowboy PDF

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Cowboy Meets His Match
  • Roxann Delaney
  • 10 January 2016
  • 9780373755332

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    I didn't like this book It's dumbROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern RomanceSecond Chance RomanceNon Virgin Heroine Secret BabyHe's a Rancher; She's a Barrel Racer and Ranch HandTakes Place in Oklahoma USANAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerErin f 34Firewind – horseLuke mDylan mDean mJake m 36Kate fDusty mTrish fCarl mDavid mAnn fMorgan mErnie mAggie fKrista fHayley fGlory fSolomon – dog Lord MacDuff – horse Bobby Ray mGary mKelly mDarla fPatrick mJonah mTom mAda fEd mJimmy mDesiree fBowie mBrayden mJanelle fScott mChristine f nn ChrisHettie fGeorge mShelly fSteve mGrayson mBella – horse Twilight – horse Beth f hide spoiler

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    Very emotional story Erin is back home while she trains a new horse and tries to earn enough money to go back on the rodeo circuit She's surprised and not very happy to see Jake He had left Desperation seventeen years earlier swearing he'd never be back and breaking her heart She never told him that she was pregnant She's surprised when he offers her a job on his ranch but she needs the work so she takes itJake still feels bad about the way he ended things all those years ago but he'd had his reasons His attraction to her is as strong as ever and he'd like to see if they can pick back up again He loves having her working with him on the ranch She gets along really well with the other hands and she's taken over training his newest hire Jonah Jonah is very inexperienced but determined to learn everything he can about ranchingI loved seeing the way that Jake and Erin came back together The chemistry is still there as though they'd never been apart They had a lot of great shared memories since Jake had been at his uncle's ranch every summer since he was nine until he left at eighteen I really enjoyed their back and forth as neither had any trouble speaking their mind There was a new closeness developing between them that took a severe hit when Jonah revealed who he was Jake was angry that he hadn't been told and had some harsh words for Erin who had some right back at him They had to work hard to overcome those feelings if they were going to get back to where they had been There is also a fair amount of stubbornness on both their parts when it comes to their futures Erin is still focused on going back to the rodeo and refusing to think about a future with Jake Meanwhile Jake hates that Erin is going to leave but refuses to stand in the way of her dreams I enjoyed the way that Jake opened up to Erin and they finally confronted their issuesI loved the character of Jonah I enjoy seeing the older children in stories like this because they can have a complicated storyline I loved his determination to discover the truth but also to pursue his desire to work on a ranch His enthusiasm was fun to watch I was impressed by the way he found out where to go to find Erin He also seemed pretty mature and I loved seeing him interact with Jake and Erin both before and after the great reveal One of the things I enjoyed most about this book was getting some of his point of view Also loved his clear sight when it came to Jake and Erin's relationship and what he said to them toward the end It was fun seeing the epilogue through his eyes

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    In The Cowboy Meets His Match by Roxann Delaney Erin Walker is back home broke and in need of money to return to the rodeo circuit She needs to train her new horse but she also needs money to get away as soon as possible So when Jake Canfield offers her a job she wants to refuse but she needs the job Jake left Desperation seventeen years before swearing that he would not return and broke Erin’s heart in the process But he had his reasons back then about why he did things the way he did even if they weren’t the best way Now that Erin is back in town he want to get close to her again and the best way to do that is to have her working on his ranch with him Read More

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    Miniseries Fatherhood

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    I enjoyed this tale of second chance at love

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    My first read from author and loved this storylinechildhood friends second chance at love with a secret from the pastwill definitely read the other books in the series

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The Cowboy Meets His Match One Big SecretBroke and in need of a job barrel racer Erin Walker has returned home after years of traveling the rodeo circuit But the only job available is working for the man who broke her heart and left her pregnant and alone Not a day goes by that she doesn't wonder about the son she and Jake had whether he's happy with his adoptive parents or what her life would have been like if the three of them had become a familyJake Canfield just wants to get close to Erin again and perhaps rekindle what they once had But is that possible It depends on the sudden appearance of the one person who could bring them closer together