Evidence of Passion Shadow Agents Guts and Glory #7 Kindle

Evidence of Passion Shadow Agents Guts and Glory #7 Friends become endangered lovers in New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden's Shadow Agents Guts and Glory miniseriesTrusting the wrong man had almost cost EOD agent Rachel Mancini her life Now years later the killer's back to make the hit he missed But he won't succeed while Rachel's gorgeous partner Dylan Foxx is on the case He's been the sexy ex lawyer's friend for years and will do anything to keep her safe And though it could prove fatal he wants her in his armsand his bedBut first he has to stop the madman obsessed with Rachel Ex SEAL Dylan has the skills and determination to meet every danger the twisted assassin can unleash A relationship has never had a place in his lifeuntil he senses Rachel wants him as badly as he wants her It was all going well until than halfway into the book view spoiler a dead ex lover popped out of nowhere hide spoiler Friends and co workers ex Marine Rachel Mancini and ex SEAL Dylan Foxx have a spark one Rachel has refused to act on having been severely burnt by the last man she opened herself up to and Dylan well he yearns for Rachel and is fierce in his need to protect her but is willing to just be her friend – at least he was The two definitely complement each other both as work colleagues and personallyRachel used to be a lawyer but after trusting the wrong man and almost dying she joined the EOD Now the killer a smart assassin is back for Rachel and this time he won’t let anything or anyone stop him from his purpose Once Dylan realises the killer from her past his back his protective instincts intensify for him Rachel is important than the agency and anyone else Rachel is an ex marine and yet after a while she started to make some super dumb decisions decisions that benefit the killer – which didn’t fit the woman the author depicted at the onset of the book Luckily those decisions were overall not too painfulfrustrating maybe due to my mellow mood at the time – thank you chocolate That being said I liked how resilient and strong she was She’s a survivor independent and than ready to protect the man she so strongly cares for If you know the work of Eden the way things go will be clear to you however that doesn’t mean this won’t be an enjoyable read I liked it That being said one thing that annoyed me was the fact that Dylan is another alpha hero of Eden’s who screws up and yet is forgiven relatively easily I felt he needed to do to redeem himself Perfection Finally Rachel and Dylan's story I was losing hope here The villain was brilliant he was unpredictable psychotic menacing and devious I love it when books have clever villains who are actually a threat and not same lame wannabe who mimics doctor evil and actually thinks it could pass for serious Rachel and Dylan both surprised me as characters in this book We've seen them a couple of times before but their story seemed pretty straight forward and I honestly had my doubts regarding their book since I'm not into the whole love secretly for years thing but just wow I should have known that Cynthia Eden would manage to do it with style Overall I effin loved it and now it's time for the dragon wiggles eyebrows Favorite couple in this series

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Evidence of Passion Shadow Agents Guts and Glory #7
  • Cynthia Eden
  • 22 January 2016
  • 9780373748310

About the Author: Cynthia Eden

Award winning author Cynthia Eden writes sexy tales of contemporary romance romantic suspense and paranormal romance She is a New York Times USA Today Digital Book World and IndieReader best seller Since she began writing full time in 2005 Cynthia has written over one hundred novels and novellasCynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast She loves romance novels horror movies and chocol

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